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Paige Evans

Paige Evans

Name: Paige Evans
Location: Grafenwoehr, Germany
Instagram: @paigetaylorevans
Twitter: @paigetevans

Short bio: I've been scrapping for 12 years now, ever since I was 16 years old and got my very first job at a scrapbooking store in Redmond, WA called Yesterdays. They didn't even have an application, just took my name and phone number. I wonder what my life would be like now had I not walked into that store that fateful day because so much of my life has revolved around scrapbooking since then! I work from home for Northridge Publishing (the makers of Scrapbook Trends, CARDS, the Create idea book series, Cricut Magazine, Cricut Idea Books, and the Signature Series), manage the American Crafts blog and design team, and am a Garden Girl for Basically, I LOVE scrapbooking! I've been married to my better half Chris for six years and we have a 3-year-old son named Fox and an 18-month-old daughter named Jane. Currently we're living on an Army base in Grafenwoehr, Germany. My husband is a dentist in the Army and we're loving our adventures here!

Favorite thing to scrap: I love scrapping about my son and daughter. They're my inspiration!

Favorite American Crafts product: Hands down, patterned paper!

5 fun facts:
1. I gave birth to my daughter Jane naturally but NOT by choice! Had LA traffic been any worse and she would have been born in the car!
2. My favorite show (well, one of many!) is X-Files and we have a son named Fox because of the character Fox Mulder.
3. We used a have a LOT of animals (chinchillas, finches, a parrot, fish, rabbit, dog, cat) but slowly our menagerie is being replaced with children.
4. I know Morse Code.
5. I've calculated that I've eaten over 18,000 bowls of cereal in my life. Yup, I love cereal.