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Allysa Omana

Allysa Omana

Name: Allysa Omana

Short bio: I grew up skiing, waterskiing, and playing soccer in Salt Lake City. I attended college at Pacific University Oregon where I majored in Integrated Media and Sociology and played on the soccer team. After being away from the perfect Utah snow and my awesome family for far too long, I moved back and started working at American Crafts where I get to hang out and work with some of the most talented and fabulous designers in the area.

Favorite AC product: Galaxy Markers (any of our markers and pens, really)

5 fun facts:
1) My lucky number is 3.
2) I love anything that has to do with India.
3) I used to Irish dance.
4) Iranian food is my favorite.
5) I am a Utah Ute and Green Bay Packers fan.