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Amber Rogers

Amber Rogers

Name: Amber Rogers

Short bio: I was born and raised in Reno, NV where I am the youngest of four. In Reno my family makes dice for gambling, but I've never gambled in my life. I received my BFA in Graphic Design from Brigham Young University, where I also met my husband on a blind date (they really work). I have always enjoyed being creative and making things. I love working at American Crafts because I get to do just that, it's a job that is hardly work.

Favorite product to design: paper

Favorite AC product: adhesive runner, cut-up, & cutting mat

5 fun facts:
1) I wanted to be a neurologist when I was in high school
2) I cant stand gum
3) I love yoga
4) I always have an extra pocket for dessert after a big meal
5) I collect shoes