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Jill De Haan

Jill De Haan

Name: Jill De Haan

Short bio: Love the mountains, climbing trees, having a good laugh, drawing letters, and hangin' out with my sweet dude.

Favorite product to design: Ephemera

Favorite AC product: Metallic and Galaxy Markers! (The medium sizes)

5 fun facts:
1) I was a successful vegan for 6 months... haha. But seriously, I loved it!
2) My family once owned a red-tailed hawk named "Sting". My dad built a giant birdhouse for him in our backyard.
3) I was a nanny for 10 months on the border of France and Switzerland.
4) Got the opportunity to have my designs painted onto two 1 million gallon water tanks in South Ogden.
5) My Grandmas lived to be 97 and 100... so that basically means that I'm going to live forever. Oh, and my picture was taken when I was in high school in the 70's.