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Richard Murdock

Richard Murdock

Name: Richard Murdock

Shot bio: Born in Caliente, Nevada. Grew up in Selah, Washington. Graduated from Brigham Young University with a BFA in Graphic Design. Married my one true love, Bre. Daddy to two sweet little girls - Adelaide and Gweneth. Going on 8th year with American Crafts.

Favorite product to design: Phrase Stickers and Patterned Paper.

Favorite AC product: In the past I've said Fla!r, but lately it has been our Bits decorative tags - there are so may creative uses for them.

5 fun facts:
1) I'm always in the mood for something sweet. I love cinnamon french toast for breakfast.
2) I like to do handy stuff around the house. I have a new project every weekend, or the same project every weekend until I have finished it.
3) My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, and Christmas is a very close second. Did I mention I love Christmas music?
4) My wife and I like to do crafts together. We love to decorate and throw themed parties.
5) If you eat a bar of chocolate every day for 36,500 days, you'll live to be 100 years old.