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Tim Praetzel

Tim Praetzel

Name: Tim Praetzel

Shot bio: I am the most recently hired member of the American Crafts design team. I grew up on the rough streets of Lakeside, Montana then moved to Missoula, MT to pursue a degree in athletic training, which changed to a business degree after day 1 of an anatomy class. I have been designing for 4 years and graduated from The University of Montana in December with a degree in marketing and design. I am a major type nerd so my first day at AC was mostly spent drooling over all the new fonts I get to use. I moved to Salt Lake City a week ago and could not be more excited to begin my professional life with the awesome people here at AC!

Favorite product to design: Paper Pad... mostly because that is the only thing I have designed so far

Favorite AC product: Anything Christmas themed

5 fun facts:
1) I have been to all 50 states
2) I have designed and sold my own font
3) I can juggle
4) I play the drums
5) I am the only currently single member of the AC design team... ladies