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Monday, June 11, 2007


I love Ned Jr. Mini Marks - the font is so versatile!

O I love the minimarks!! I only have one: the accent book 2, but I really love them!
It's so easy that you can use just 1 rubon and don't have to fight with the rest ;)

I would have to say that the Accent Book 1 is my favorite. Elegant, colorful and totally fun!

um, you mean i have to pick?

I couldn't pick a fave...
but I can tell you that right now I'm loving the ricky sidekicks.

so glad you have a blog, cant wait to see what you show us
and for me the fav would to be AC miniMARKS Rub-on Alphabet Ned Jr in black, i lurveeeeeeeeee this font but i also have a few others on my wishlist......fingers crossed

I love all the mini-marks but I especially love anything in WHITE 'cause it's hard to find good white alpha rub-ons!! I'm an equal-opportunity font user!

love them all and it's really hard to pick - but accents one is very versatile and I reach for that one often.

ooh. choose one?! I love them all. I choose anything white. love the mini marks.

Ginger font - red - is my fave! (but I love 'em all)

I really love them all, but Ginger is my fav!

They're all great, but Ginger is my favorite!

darling brown ginger- definitely!

I like them all but I love MiniMarks Accents Book 4!! great blog!!!

kate in black.
there is just something so chic about them.

You want me to CHOOSE??!! Nope - can't do that!!

So glad to be part of this blog and the DT :)

*LOVE* Ginger mini marks:)

ginger ginger ginger :-))

Love my mini marks! They always go on so well. I like 'Fred'. And Accents Two.

I love the Ned Jr ones!

My favorite is the Ned. Jr. Sidekicks. I am a big card person, and they just work perfectly on pretty much any card!!

I am so in love with Ned jr.. It is such a classic design and the type goes with everything!!!

My next favorite are mini marks 2! I wish though you made some black rub-ons because I use black more than I do brown. Other than that I love them all!

I am so addicted to all of the Mini-Marks. But if I had to choose it would be the Colored Accents Book 1 & 2. It's unbelievable how much use I have gotten out of them !

Norma (localocairis)

jack jr.

Hmmmm...picking a fav is about impossible! I think I have them all, but my fav are the Accents Book 2, as well as the new BROWN accents!!! I was SO excited to find those! I use so much more brown than I do black, so I was a happy girl the day I bought those! :)

Oh I hate having to choose! I would go with the Accents, just so versatile.

mmm... love all of the rubons, but Ned and the graphic accents are my favorites :)

I love the red Ginger minimarks-too cute!

Got you on my Blog now at:

I love....
Mini Marks Frank Side Kicks(in Black)and of course all the rest!

Love the site!!!

Now that's like asking me which child I love the best! (but I am partial to Accents Book Two.) Your company is one of the few that I am consistently wow-ed by. I love each new set produced!

OH, both accent books are BEAUTIFUL!!!
You guys all rock!!!

I can't pick just one! I love 'em all!

Love the new Ginger!!!
Just ordered all five colors :0)

I have the accent book 1 and I love it :)

I just got Accents Book 1 and I have used so much of it already! Love it :)

I've started a "What's your favourite rub-on?" thread in a couple of forums now, and most of us agree that the Trademarks/Minimarks are THE best in terms of fonts and packaging. By far. If I had to choose just one, I'd have to go with Ned... what a fun, versatile font that is! Gotta say Fred's a close second with the classic, black-tie look to it.

DEFINITELY the 'Fred' font in that perfect shade of green...it's about time someone brought out this color!! (now, if you only offered it in several more fonts, lol)

My fave are 'Fred' - I have them in black, white and green, and LOVE them. :)

i like these rub on books. i like jack (brown one. so glad you came out with those, brown is hard to find!) and jack jr... but i am totally in love with the kate font, in white. i also like the dotted ones. i forgot the name, but those are so fun.

I love the Ned Jr. and Jack rub ons...such classic fonts.

Brown Ginger is my favorite---but, I love them all so much--it is really hard to choose! I also love Ned Jr., Jack, and also the Accents Book 1!

I love Fred in green - because I love green and it's so cool that there's a whole alphabet in it!

I love them all but if i had to pick one it's the mini marks accents 2..lol


Hard to pick just 1 favorite -- but guess I'd have to go with Ginger!

Aside from loving all the alphas I would say that I find myself grabbing Accents 2 alot. Its very versitle for pages and cards.

Ok... I am in LOVE with the minimarks... .Along WITH the Trademarks.... and I really don't want to pick just one... they are all WONDERFUL.... love the subtle fonts, the EASE of use and the design of the books... AWESOME!

They ROCK!! I can't get enough of them!!

I love most of the minimarks. My current favorite and ones which I am looking for right now are the ricky ones. They are so cute... Lori

I do like the minimarks. I like the various colors to choose from.

You know I just received the Ricky mini-marks as a RAK today - and they're so cute... I'm picking them!

At the moment, Ginger is my favorite. I love how I can join up all the letters to make them look like cursive handwriting. :D

At the moment, Ginger is my favorite. I love how I can join up all the letters to make them look like cursive handwriting. :D

i love kate. sooo cute and versatile!!

I love Ginger right now but before that I had a Ned Jr. phase too. They are both great!

Gosh...can't pick just one. But..Ginger is used a lot.

Jack Jr is my fav mini-mark. I like it because it's the most like my printing....sort of fat and "grade-schoolish" LOL!

I am totally in love with Fred in green!!! Yummo.

LOVE the minimarks! My current favorite is Ginger in red - yummy!

Another Brown Ginger fan here--but I love them all!!! Lisa

I will never have enough kate or ginger!!

Hmm.. hard to pick just one. Right now my fav is the accents book 3.

you cannot make me pick. i will not do it.

Another vote for Ginger here...but they are all awesome and SO easy to use! I keep myself well-stocked at all times!

any of the minimarks that come in lime green! ;)

Ginger is definitely my favorite, in any color, I have them all. :)

It's hard to choose but I seem to use ginger a lot.

I absolutely love Ginger too.
I've been looking everywhere for it locally but unfortunately haven't snagged it yet.

Great to see you have a blog now!

I love them all but my fav is Ned Jr Sidekicks ;-)

would own them all if I could! But Ginger is the one I proably reach for the most!

LOVE them all but if I have to choose just one it would be accents book 2! Can't use it enough!

I love all the minimarks!! I think my favorite are the accents books...don't think I could narrow it down more than that!! :D

all of them??

Love the mini's- especially the accents- thanks for inventing these!

I like Fred in brown and green.

Thanks for that blog, it's great ! I love all your products and especially minimarks Jack Jr.

Claire, from Belgium

My favourite minimark must be "ginger" ;-)

I love the minimarks!! Your blog is great!!! Ginger is my favourite ;-)

Melissa from Belgium

I love all of them ! But my favorite is the accent book #2 and kate alphabet !

Caro from France

Those Minimarks are very nice. I already have three of them "Accents Book one, Ginger and Kate Sidekicks". It is a real pleasure to use them on my pages and I delighted to see the new collection this summer.

Muriel from Switzerland

I love mini-marks but i can't choose one of them.
I can say that that i would add in my basket would be accent book 2, 3 and 4 for these splendide forms,in second Kate and Kate sidekicks for its softness, in third Girger for its female side, Fred and Jack for the bright colors.
Finally I would validate my order for this month because my banker will have made a heart attack!

I love GINGER and KATE white minimark !!!!

My main problem is chosing between them - I love the fonts don't make me choice a favourite though ( honestly though it is like making a choice on who is your favourite child !! ) And the aceents are gorgeous although I am always drawn towards colours - either way my bank balance is lighter when I see them :D

Well it's hard to choose just one...for me it will be Accents book 4 in black ;-))

I absolutely love them all, but I keep grabbing for the jack jr or ned jr fonts and sidekicks. These are so versatile.

TBH, i haven't used any mini-marks..I've only seen them once and it was when the budget didn't allow it!

Would love a chance to try them though :)

They are all too cute but I like the ricky accent book and accent book #3!

WIsh I could pick one, but my lss hasn't got any so I hadn't seen any until now. Man -- i would love to give them a try though!!!!! =)

i love love love the white and brown rubons. pretty much any of them. but if i have to choose, i choose jack jr. :)

LOVE your Mini marks !.... these alpha and numerals are so cute !...And all of these products are BEAUTIFUL !

Very cool fonts!

Are you kidding? Pick a favorite?! It's impossible! I just love the minimarks (and the Trademarks for that matter)! Ned's pretty darn fun though

Love the lot...you have a great product.

Good grief, I can't pick just one! I love, love Accent 1,2,3, and Ginger is just so versatile.

my fave mini marks are kate in both black & white...they are great for journaling, tags, writing on photos...i use those the most!

When asked what are my favourite rub-ons, I always say Trademarks and minimarks by AC!!!

I've loved them since they first entered the market, can't say enough about them, sell them to my friends all the time, and I have a good collection now.

Love love love em :) Very satisfied customer!

I love all the font sets...they are just so easy to use and I do use them everywhere. :)

I love them all ;-)

congrats on your blog!! i love the mini marks!! :))

I love all of them! I think accents 1 is my fav!

A girl can never have enough alpha rubons and I love all the yummy colors!!

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