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Friday, November 30, 2007


Oh, if only! ;) Good luck with the search!

If only I lived in Utah...what a dream job...good luck in the search, cant wait to see the results!

I would totally move from Canada just for a job like that.

OMG why oh why! this is a dreamjob for sure, but I live an ocean away, snif... good luck with your search i am sure there will be one lucky girl who will get her dreamjob.


Ooooh! Now THERE'S a reason for moving to the States, if ever I saw one! :D

WOW, a totally awesome job!

How awesome!

I wish I could apply but I'm a little too far for the commute ;)

Wauw, totally awsome, to bad I don't live in the States. Good luck with the search. You are going to make someone really happy!

wow! too bad im from the other side of the world... but i really love your products!!! As in!!!

i want to work in your amazing office!!!!!! :)
can my husband get a job too?

Just like everyone else... an AC In House Job would be so amazng and a real dream job! Too bad my hubby wants NYC not Utah! Good luck with the search!

Woah...I'd love to do that. But live in the UK :(

yeah. this is my new christmas wish. *sigh* to live in utah. how about a commuter from oklahoma?!?!?

ohh WISH I lived in Utah and not Oregon right now!!! ;)

good luck!

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