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Friday, December 07, 2007


Oh my word. I love the sneek peak you guys! I see GLITTER! Yay! ;) My American Crafts gift that I would want under my Christmas tree is a notarized letter saying that I am a lifelong member of your DT. ;) Think you can swing that? Pretty please? I've been good. Well, mostly good. :) Happy Holidays to you all!

P.S. Love the new banner! ;)

I wish for more chipboard fonts...can't get enough of the chipboard!

How about AC stamps?! I would LOVE that :) The glitter on your sneak peek is also making me happy!



more thickers

Made out of every material imaginable. Maybe even chocolate. Yeah, I'd buy chocolate Thickers...

Oh I'd have to say Thickers, in every color imaginable! And every texture! Or even blinged would be nice, a girl always like ice for Christmas! I never seem to have enough Thickers, and they are not easy to come by w/a drive to a LSS! Hopefully Santa will be good to me!!

Paper lines: christmas-love the trad. christmas colors!, Baby, and celebration. Glitter markers and thickers-I only have one sheet in white and pink and I love them, want one in every color. Ok who is going to tell my husband this now? LOL. Love the sneak peek, can't wait to see it all. Happy Holidays

Thickers Thickers & More Thickers, please!

Absolutely LOVE them - can never get enough!!! And so excited to see the glitter. :)

I am totally a thickers nut!! love, love it and maybe with some bling!!

I am totally a thickers nut!! love, love it and maybe with some bling!!

Thickers....and then ummmm... thickers..... followed by thickers!!!!!

I would like some American Craft flowers...maybe a chipboard line or just regular flowers that coordinate with the papers.

I am going to be cliche and say World Peace. Call me Sandra!

I love your flowers, minimark rubons and anything glitter..

OMG, glitter thickers? Super! Those are definitely the ones for me. All the colours please.. :)Happy Holidays, guys. Hope your holidays full of glitters too.

oooh...glitter thickers would rock!
Also I'd love to see thickers packs of just vowels. No matter how many packs I buy, I just never have enough vowels. So that would be fabulous!!

Love the glitter thickers, and the new fonts. I would have to say a line of organic/nature inspired paper (dandelions, seed pods, trees, birds etc), rub-ons and maybe wooden thickers made with wood veneer. Also wood grain paper.

PS you could call it "Log Cabin"

a kraft paper line with kraft outlined thickers to match.

Making my own chipboard stickers so I can coordinate with pattern/solid paper from AC! Or a mix/match selection in a box ready for me to use [or to buy from as if I were buying in bulk!]

stamps would be cool and you know I love thickers :)
Also the life-long DT membership is a dream of mine too.


Do I see glitter Thickers??? If not it would be soooooo amazing if you could make..

More thickers!! Make some glittery ones, pretty please? I've been glittering mine up myself until now and it looks awesome!
I'd love thickers in different sizes too - then it'd be possible to mix and match between sizes of the same font. I'd love that! :D

to scrap like your design team


My wish is that HL would carry more Thickers than just black and white! It is the only store around here that has them and the selection leaves a lot to be desired! I guess you can't do anything about that so... how about more mini albums and sheets of journaling spots?

Glitter!! Very cool.

I'm with Marie on the Christmas wish....bring on that DT job!! ;)

I LOVE the glitter!!! :)

loving the peek!! aahhh! so exciting !!
my wish: even more thickers, stamps and flocked/textured paper :)

It's all about the THICKERS for me baby!! In all colors and textures possible! more felt, fuzzy, glittery!!!!, and woodgrain sounds cool! they're all good! always make the page, --gotta agree with the other poster who never has enough vowels, just need packs of those to use up all the extra consonants.
Keep up the good work, such an exciting peek!!

Yummy yummy. Is that bling bling I see, Thickers style? Woohoo!

I would love some thickers that are a similar font to the Kate Rub-ons. And Jack. And Eddie. Pretty much all of them!

love the idea of extra vowel/most commonly used letter packs. I would also love to be able to buy your papers in collection packs rather than all just in single sheets.
can't wait to see what you're coming out with!

My biggest Chrismtas wish is to see and and ALL of those fabulous Thickers under my tree! I love your fonts, and textiles, and colors. So cool. I would also flip over AC FABRIC! I think so many of your papers would transfer so nicely to fabric papers or just fabric rolls. Stamps would be cool too... I just love what AC does already so more of the same amazing stuff would rock!

More flowers or wedding stuff in the brown motif!!

My wish would be for Thickers because I love alpha stuff and ribbon. Lots of AC ribbon!

Oh, this is an easy one!! THICKERS in any colour, shape or form! I love love love love love them!!! Can't get enough!

yummy yummy, that glitter is the BOMB!

fabric thickers would be really cool!

or acrylic thickers would be really cool, too!!!

more and more THICKERS!!! i am completely addicted. seriously. i see people have suggest fabric? YES! acrylic? YES! more fonts? YES! more frequently used letters too please...i have had to borrow a lot of "y's" from people.

it would be cool to have matching thickers to some of the paper too. ooo would i love that.

i mean with pp prints ON the thickers by the way...so patterned thickers.

We have to pick? Well if I can't have it all, I'd have to go with the
entire Playhouse collection in felt,plastic, and chipboard!

Thickers, thickers and thickers!!! Any shape any style... but thickers!!

more thickers in every imaginable color and font.

Looking good! I would wish for lots and lots of Thickers...and some more beautiful papers...literally cannot wait to see full reveals of the new CHA stuff!

Bling Baby! I would love any type of sparkle. Thickers are another fave....more fonts/colors.

More paper too...one can never have enough American crafts patterned paper!

well, since you asked:)

I agree with the log cabin idea, that was a good one! And I would love to see more colors for thickers, tiny thickers and STAMPS!!! And maybe more multi color rubons.

Paper Die Cuts: like journaling panels...and shaped papers...those would be fun too!!

I am a big fan of foam thickers, I like those and I like the fuzzy thickers. I am excited to see glitter thickers.

You guys always come up with great ideas, I am excited to see whats coming!!!!!!!


ummm....American Crafts in digital!? LOL!

I just picked up some velvet thickers yesterday, yay! loving it! I love all things american crafts!

I'd love to see stamps...love the glitter in that yummy looking sneak peek :)

My wish is for a set of 12x12 D-ring Modern albums. I bought one 2 weeks ago and I LOVE IT! I want to switch over all my albums to these. I'd need like 8 to switch over. But I'd be happy with 1 :)

OMGosh!!!!! Glitter thickers!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!

OMG! I'm LOVIN what I'm seein there! I can't wait to get my hands on everything :) YAY!! sparkles!!!

Glitter and more glitter!!!!!!!!

THICKERS here too, I LOVE AC Thickers and love it when new ones come out!

I'm loving it all...but the glitter is calling my name!!!

I'm really liking the papers I've seen here, wow, and the LO are awesome too!

My AC Christmas wish would be lots of glitter on the fabulous Thickers and also some patterned Thickers. An it would be the icing on the cake to have the fabulous AC patterned papers to match!!

glitter on everything! I'm so excited to see what comes next!

Thickers in different fonts and tons of colors to choose from.

Do I spy glittery Thickers??? And, those new fonts are YUM! Thickers are ALWAYS a welcome guest under my Christmas tree! :0) I love me some American Crafts!

Ooo! Sparklies! :) I'm not a huge fan of stickers, but those are quite nice. My AC Christmas wish would be a big box of AC ribbon!


oooo glitters and thickers in the same sentence is very nice!
wow, great new stuff....
would love anything and everything american crafts under the tree.... and a design team position is a dream gift too!


I would love to see mutiple colors of thickers in one package, like a package of three alphas, same font, different colors..mega packs?? YES!

I love your ribbon, but I concur with some of the other posters on the thickers! Some smaller fonts would be nice to work larger words onto cards.

I love the thickers and paper! Oh and those chipboard shapes!

i need thickers under my lil tree...please Santa

Doesn't matter as long as they are rub-on-able :) As for papaer: I ADORE the elegant line!
Well, you'll never know what Santa is up to!

Merry Christmas from the Netherlands!

thickers! .. and PP .. your PP rox!

Thickers, rub ons, mini marks,and patterned paper-anything AC!

bling thickers.....Or glitter thicker..I LOVE YOUR PATTERN PAPER....

Your "Thickers" Rock!!! Just used them for the first time- I love the "Platform" line- they are so classy and really finish off a layout. Who has time to paint and finish chipboard? My wish would be for more colors and textures(glitter!!) in this style- and a sampling of all the other styles under my tree!! Love your papers too! Happy Holidays!

love the thickers. More thickers in shapes (punctuation/brackets, leaves, frames, etc) and how about something faux bois? I am loving woodgrained things right now.

i wish for something glittery... pps or chipboards or thickers!!! i really love american crafts... it one of my favorite brands. I have made layouts, clocks etc using your products... cant wait to see your new product...im sure its yummy as ever!

i wish for something glittery... pps or chipboards or thickers!!! i really love american crafts... it one of my favorite brands. I have made layouts, clocks etc using your products... cant wait to see your new product...im sure its yummy as ever!

I love and would wish for more D-ring albums maybe a d-ring album covered in velvet that would be fun for special occasion albums...
Seriously, I will never go back to post-bound albums!

I love your thickers, so I would say more variety in thickers

Merry Christmas

I love your thickers, so I would say more variety in thickers

Merry Christmas

i love chipboard, glitter and rub-ons. :)

lots of thickers please!

Happy Holidays

More of the vinyl thickers, or any thickers for that matter. Love them tons! I love all of your stuff and the sneak peek looks great. Wendy

I love the paperlines and the thickers.

Fran Heupel

I love D-ring albums, too, Beautiful ribbon, and thickers, of course.

I can't wait for this. Great job as usual.

can i just have a house full of thickers...no need to create anything new...i just want my thickers :)

oooohhhhh, glitter makes me happy! :-) frankly anything American Crafts makes me happy!!!

Thickers always make me happy.
It would be great if you would could come up with some transparant letters that are as thick as the foam ones. Now that would be awesome!


Can't wait for this to come out - Clear Thickers would be great

My wish would be for those new booklets of alphabet stickers. AC has the BEST fonts, and the best stickers. I also love the Metropolitan line, I even framed some to hang in my office they are so great. I'm excited to see the new lines!!!!!

Looking sooo fresh, can't wait to see it all!!! And uhm Santa...could you please pretty please make mini dacquerie thickers too? I love them so much that i would be the happiest girl on earth if dacquerie thickers came in several sizes...

Felt, velvet and canvas D Ring albums - those would be amazing. Also, it would be great if all stickiness on thickers were created equal... I have had some bad luck with the vinyl thickers... However, I still am obsessed with them. xoxo Merry Christmas!

My Christmas Wish would be to be a member of your contributing Design Team!

I would love if AC made some fuzzy rub-ons. I love how those look.

Oh that would be so cool. MINI thickers to add to the bigger thickers.

I am loving the raw chipboard thickers. I can make them match anything now. I would also love to see differnt designs in the felt. It just seems so hot right now and AC felt shapes are so easy to use.

Ok, that peek is a bit tooooo much for me...as I see glitter letters! Holy everything that is letter stickers! I can not WAIT to see these come out!

I would like the sticky issue to be solved also so that my vinyl and velvet thickers would stick! Of course I'd also like to see MORE different colors of thickers. I do like the pale colored ones just out but need more BOY colors! Hi... My name is Angela and I'm an American Crafts addict always looking for my fix of Thickers!

I love AC D-rings album and thickers sticker.. and also I love love papers!!!!! My wish I could I have lot stuff from you ..because my LSS dont carry this much..:(

Merry Christmas! xoxo!

Awesome!!! I love Thickers! My wish would be that I had a lot or all of your thickers but that will have to wait till I find a job again. But so awesome to see Glitter thickers!!!

More Thickers! I love them, I'd like a lot more of the smaller fonts, more colors, more fonts.
I'd like to see an equivalent of the felt borders, but in the Thickers material, I'd like a lot of shapes i Thickers foam.

Paper Paper Paper!
Love love love AC paper - can not wait to see the new Winter designs

and did I mention velvet thickers!!!! :)
Happy Holidays

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