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Thursday, July 03, 2008


Love these!!! So super cute. Can't wait for them to come out.

I'm hoping to spend lots of time at the beach this summer now that I live closer. Want to do a lot more scrapbooking this summer and a lot more time in the sun.

Those are AWESOME!!

My plans are to snap a LOT of photos, and spend time with the people I love - plus to get our tiny garden into blossoming shape. :)

These rock, seriously!!

My plans for summer are simple - I am sticking around town this year and spending time with friends and family! Summer sports, pool parties, the works!

My summer plans include the same old everyday stuff plus getting married and honeymooning!

Loving the flair!

My summer plans consist of just hanging out with my family and spending some good quality time together!

OMG...i am completely addicted to Facebook Flair and these might just come a close second once i get my hands on them!!!! :)
i'll be working a lot this summer, but i'm always looking forward to my saturday nights at the racetrack and the inevitable family picnics that pop-up here and there! my best friend is getting married, too!! woohoo!!

These really are so fantastic Sare! I just love them!

Love the flair! How fun!

I plan to just relax this summer and stick close to home. I would like to get out and explore some places locally though...and take lots of pictures and scrapbook!

I'm in love. Seriously. :-D

Unfortunately my summer plans aren't very exciting... I am just working as normal. I am enjoying the weather though, and my 5-year class reunion is this summer so that should be fun!

summer plans? relax and go to Disney world. that's about it!

I am hanging out at the pool, the lake and at home with my sweet little children. We are just having a relaxed carefree summer this year. We're also having a major surprise party for a family member that's going to be a blast!

Love the flair! Can't wait to get some!

This summer I will love and nurture my garden so that it provides bounteous produce that I can store up in case of a food shortage. And if that doesn't work, I'll buy lots of canned fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. One of those two things.

Holy Moly, these are fantastic! Can't wait to get my hands on some! =)

I love this fantastic new line! We are spending he summer relaxing by the pool and watching baseball games! Thanks to Lauri at Scrapattackscrapbooking.com I saw this fantastic new "Flair" line from AC!

LOVE THESE!!! I am going to Europe with my hubby with our 3rd anniversary in two weeks!! Can't wait!! And can't wait till the new AC release are in my hands~!!

OMG! These are TO DIE FOR! I would totally work at TGI Fridays or "Shooters" just to wear my flair!

Oh and my summer plans are simple... relax and maybe have a weekend getaway to Vegas.

Those are so frickin' cute-LOVE THEM!

My summer plans are camping for a week at the beach and maybe a road trip to AZ.

oh my- these are just the cutest things- hope I win but will definately be purchasing some!!

I am lovin' all this Flair!! Soooo cool!! We are having a baby this summer, August 7!! That's about all we are doing, other than spending a couple days at Letchworth State Park mid-July!!

oh my- these are just the cutest things- hope I win but will definately be purchasing some!!

This summer we are hanging around home and going "cottaging"

oh man...i love those...can you make them pin style as well?

my summer plans...work...work.

i already went to hawaii though - so that should count.

have a great day!

L O V E them and hope I win!

Summer... I am traveling 2200 kilometers in van with a 3 year old... wish me luck! :)

Love the Flair! I am off from work all summer--so lots of hanging in the backyard with my kids!

OH how fun!! Love it on the flip flops.
My summer plans just playing with my kids, going to the park, and playing under the sprinkler.

oh my cuteness!!!
well I am going to Chicago for a vaca. We are also going to take the kiddos to the beach a few times..

Hooray for flair - would add just the right touch to many-a projects :)

Going to Disney at the end of July! Can't wait! These are so adorable!

After returning from a year studying abroad in Heidelberg, Germany, I plan on going with my family to Oregon for three weeks and then on to San Diego for some beach time for about two weeks. A few short weeks later I'll be starting school again!

LOVE that flair!!

i love me some flair!

let's see...this summer is going to be spent trying to keep my 3 kids from being bored.
i need some major creative suggestions!

Oh my gosh! Those are SO cool! Love them! I'll be spending lots of time in the backyard with the kids this summer and going on a couple of weekend trips.

No summer plans for us. Hubby is a loan officer, so no money for a trip right now Plus, we are on a modified year-round school schedule here at the kids start school July 28th!
The flair is such a cute idea! Can't wait to be able to demand that the LSS order some :)

I love the Flair!

Summer plans are to just enjoy ourselves. No big plans until family visits in August.

Flair is so fun!

Our summer plans are to keep it simple and stick to the home ranges. New babies tend to have that effect, I think. We've been looking at pools too, so perhaps that is in my sun soaked future. :)


Wow, these are awesome, I have been trying to get these things with pins on my pages, because I just adore the fun clips!!

Greetings from Belgium!!

Right summer plans, working all July and then some more in August!! But I'm also planning a week of fun in the Barcelonese sun!!

a little swimming, a little gardening, no road trips :( and practicing my camera skills while saving up for a big vacation in november!

Well my summer plan is sitting at home and scrap, recovering from my upcoming operation....a little Falir along the way would be nice :)

We're off to Jackson Hole for the summer, but only if I can fit a pack of these FLAIR into my suitcase!!!

A quick trip to Sacramento to see family is all we have planned for this summer. Lots of time spent in the little wading pool in our backyard will probably be on the bill!

Super cute stuff!

1st off, since i am ADDICTED to american crafts lately (seriously, like 6 months now) i have a feeling that these little guys will make it to my stash whether i win them or not.

as for summer plans, the biggest and brightest revolve around a family vacation to the ocean. not just any family vaca however, the first annual 4 family summer rental. we're trying to recreate the whole 'we come here every year and know everyone' feel ala 'dirty dancing' and the search is on for the perfect place!

Those are super cool.

Summer plans include traveling for 4 weeks - good thing I've gotten into digi scrapbooking because I wouldn't be able to handle no creative outlet for that long!

summer plans? im in two weddings in the fall so lots of prep work for those and working! throw some crabs and beer in there and i am happy! i will also be drooling over the newest AC!

what a great idea!!! I love them!! I can't wait til i can buy them all!!

Not much planned - just enjoying the sun!

Awesome! We are going to South Dakota to see "The Big Heads" in exactly 16 days! We can't wait!!

I'm a teacher, so I'm hanging out with my son and daughter this summer and we're taking a family road trip to the beach in North Carolina!

That is a fabulous collection. Our summer is very limited...I'll be working numerous hours as usual...but I will be taking a short 1 week trip back home to WI to go to a wedding! I'm very excited about doing that!

We're doing the family tour and taking our kids to Kansas from Texas to see everyone. After that we're going on a real vacation to Colorado - the kids don't know that part yet though, it's a surprise! We like to be sneaky!!! :-)

wow!! what a great idea.

i'm taking a trip up to cape cod this summer. never been - pretty excited about it! :)

These are cool!

Summer plans - chauffeuring the kids around to camp & playdates and a family trip to California, hopefully we'll visit the "Mouse House"

Those are SOO cool.

Summer plans: possibly visiting DH's extended family in Missouri, enrolling in graduate school, LOTS of scrapping and cardmaking, and otherwise, going to Busch Gardens (hopefully, and getting to feel out where I'm living as this is this is the first full summer that I'm here.

Oh gosh, I remember having lots of pinned badges on my jean jacket...yup, early 80s! I have no summer travel plans, we were going to drive to Alberta to visit my dear aunt but we're saving the money here instead. :-( So I plan to scrap my stash instead :-)

Over the past 2 years I've been away from home, out of state. Spending the entire summer with my family: sisters, parents, nieces and nephew and all my relatives. I can't wait to be free!

These are super cute & I can't wait to get my hands on them!
Summer plans: picnics and weekends with family and friends.

I have loved all the new stuff!! I am enojoying the summer with my girls but anxiously awaiting my husbands return from military duty.

Cute stuff. My summer plans are to hang out around the pool and maybe do a couple weekend getaways.

i would have an affair with the flair if i could. [and i probably will anyway.] ;)

my sweet family and i are packing all summer so we can move 5 days after our baby turns one. fun stuff...


Love those cuties!

Summer of 08: Going home to Finland (I live in Sweden) to spend time with my family - especially my brand new nephew Hugo, who is soooo adorable (4 weeks old on Sunday!) - and also going to my sister in law's wedding. Can't wait!

Wow! Those are adorable!

I plan on enjoying time with my family before I deploy to the desert next month!

Nothing fun !!! Iam starting a new job on Monday. I had hoped for the summer off, but hey a girl has to work!!!

oh my goodness, what will ac think of next? these are delightful! my summer plans include a lot of travel and in between trips we'll be at the pool.

OMGosh - I have to have them all, so pick me :)

We are stay-cationing all summer. We had to buy a new heating and air unit, so no money to travel & I refuse to use a CC. :(

We are sticking close to home all summer. Lucky for us we are 1 mile from the sandy shore of Lake Michigan! I take the kids down and bring a notebook for sketches and to jot down any ideas and inspiration and take tons of photos!

well, no summer here for my family - we're in the middle of winter but thankfully for us our winter is mild and we are enjoying a lovely day at home today playing in the toy room witht he boys. Shorts and tshirts for us today!
Leanne Stamatellos

These things look amazing! I love it and can't wait to see them in stores :)

This summer I'll be heading off to the Philippines for 3 weeks, and then 5 days in Taiwan. I'm really excited for the trip!

It's winter here in Australia so I am trying to remember what summer felt like lol
Flair is looking VERY delish indeed!

I plan on spending lots of time with my family. Have a great day! :)

Those are so much fun! Lovin all the flair products!
This summer we are taking a trip to go see my folks in Las Vegas, and camping along the beach in Monterey bay and taking the kids to the aquarium.

going to the beach! =)

love the flair!

Hee heee...... I love Flair (and the movie Office Space was pretty awesome, too!).

Plans? Get ready to go back to school (for an associate's AFTER I've already got a bachelor's), and try to get DS ready for kindergarten. Big year for both of us!

after teaching my first year, i'm recharging my batteries this summer. soaking up the sun, reading, and being creative.

Yum! I want some pretty please!

Well we just got back from vacation in Europe a month ago so our plans for the summer will pretty much be to stick close to home.....except I'll be going to CHA in Chicago in a few weeks! Can't wait!!!!!

No big plans for this summer --- just hanging out with the family, soaking up as much sun as I can handle and savouring each moment!

These are SO CUTE!! I love them! Our plan this summer is to move into a larger house, right across the street so that each of our three girls can have her own room! :)

the beach & pool! love this flair!

These are too CUTE! Love them... gotta have them.

I'm getting back into scrapbooking after a 3 year break and I'm loving it more than ever.

Looking forward to a summer full of productive creating!

How cute are those? Love them!! Well we have already officially started summer with a cruise and trip to DisneyLand. So for the rest of the summer we have some family get-to-gathers and camping!

thank you.
thank you for making such amazing things. My summer plans include training to be a corrections officer, camping, a trip to seattle and one to Vancouver and alot of scrapbooking. with moda bella

I WILL be spending lots of time with family and friends celebrating the good things in life this summer.

I'm totally in love, those are fabulous!!!!! In two weeks I will be heading to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for some fun in the sun! Then to Detroit for a weekend, then who knows from there :)

OMG! Love it!!
This summer, I'll come across the Atlantic Ocean and will visit NYC, Boston, Philly and Washington! So cool! :-)

our family is going rafting/camping trip, and also we'll be going to the beach... and I will hopefully get to scrap a lot!

love these products, btw!

Our summer plans include spending lots of time at home relaxing by the pool.

Plans? What plans? It seems like our summer makes plans for us! we start the week with not too much going on, and by mid-week, we are full!

Fun times!

Im in love with it!!
My summer plans... enjoy the family and my kid!! In the beach!!

Wow!!! Those are awesome!! Too fun!

My summer plans are to relax and spend time with my boys. :)

LOVE the flair....I don't like to talk about my flair (gotta love Office Space)! My summer plans? I am taking 15 graduate credits so my entire summer (starting 2 weeks ag0) is class 8-5 + hours of homework...but it it so worth it!

Totally Cute! Thanks for the peek and a chance to win!

This summer we are staying home most of the time, enjoying being out of school. We've been working in the yard and garden a lot, watching the corn grow and keeping our fingers crossed that there are no cut worms this year!

I L*O*V*E them!
I think it is my new fav product of the new line!
So cool!
I can't wait to put my little hands on it!

I plan to spend a lot of time in our pool, going to the beach at our beach house and going on a cruise in the caribbean.

Oh those bring back memories!
For us, with school starting in just a month, our summer is almost over. We are saving the best for last though. We are heading to Florida for a week to spend time at the beach and also to take two of my sisters on their first trip to WDW. We can't wait!

Love the Flair!! I hope I win!
My summer consists of taking pictures and scrapbooking. I will also be playing in the pool and try to visit my family down south and in QC.

Those are super Cute. Never thought to put flair on a scrapbook page. We will be spedning time with family and freinds. Going to Minneosta and hanging out on a Lake and the beach.

FLAIR??!!?!! I love that...love the movie "The Office" and these look awesome! can't wait to get me some flair!!

FLAIR??!!?!! I love that...love the movie "The Office" and these look awesome! can't wait to get me some flair!!

i am just lovin' all your sneek peeks for the cha-s release!!! they are smokin' hot ;)

my plans this summer is to move into my new apartment, take some scrapbook classes, go to a couple of crops and hang out with family + friends!!!

wow!love these. :)no big plans , just going home to attend a friend's wedding. :)

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