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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Love, love, love the new line. My daughter and her sorority sisters are going to love this one.

This line is SO cute!!! Such fun colors and wonderful designs! I love it!

I am so HAPPY!!! I absolutely LOVE this line. :)


wowowowowowow, I want it for my pretty teen!!!!! hehehe is so fab!
Kisses from México! I have Metropolitan line hehehe and I post a new Lo in my blog and some cards in other!!! Kisses from México!

Oooooooooooooooo I think I just peed my pants! This line is soo soo sooooo fun! Can't wait to see it irl!

It's so cool!
You're too good!

SOOOOOOO cute line!!! This is a must have one!!! Congratulations!!!


Ooooh....its fantastic!

Ooooh....its fantastic!

i dont have a teen, but i will have to have this line! love the lips and crowns!!!

How cute is this line.

My DD is far from a teen - but she likes to think she is older than she is...lol.

I'm sure she'll want to get her hands on some of this...or too steal some of mine. *wink*


I love this!!!! Oh man, I really wish I made the DT call :( I love those wig stickers and all that delightful paper and ribbons!

Wow I love it. So, sweet of you.

My daughter will absolutely love it! Great Job!

WOW this is such a fun teen line. It's a must have.

Very cool and hip!

Beautiful items.
Beautiful layouts.
Love all of the products!

Lisa R.

WOW! Fantastic! I have two pre-teen girls, and this line is perfect! Way to go! I love the decorated locker! Just fantastic! Well done!!

This is a really great line. I'm thinking I now need to reprint some of those 80s and 90s photos and make some mini albums as gifts.
I LOVE these colors, so vibrant and fun!

oh wow! love every sheet of this can't wait to get my hands on some!

I love your new teen line...

Wow super cool!!! It reminds me of growing up.

LOVE the THICKERS of course! And the locker is so adorable!

The new line is fabulous!

Love the colors. I wish I had these when I was a teen!

Great line. This should be a hit!

What a fun, colorful line! I love it!!

LOVE this new line!

I don't have any kids or "teens" but I could sure use this product for tons of other purposes. Such yummy colors and totally digging the flair!

OHH those are all YUMMIEEEEEEE :)
hugs Ria

bright and funky collection! love them all!

Glitter mmmm...I heart glitter...I want it all...puhleeze...lol

this is so cute! but i think it's not just for teens...my 6 year old dd would love lots of LOs featuring her and her HSM obsession ;)

great stuff.

sweet!!! I love this line and cant wait to get my hands on it! perfect for the two teens in my house and the one who is almost there but thinks he already is! lol!

Great new line - love it. Love the pink! I'm such a pink girl!

Love it, Love it, Love it! My daughter isn't a teen yet but she will die when she sees this great stuff!

this line is absolutely fabulous. i just might ave to dig up some old HS photos and scrap them up! the flair buttons completely take me back to the 80's!

My wallet is aching - time to run to the LSS and pick up some of these goodies!

I cannot tell you how much. I have to go out and buy this stuff NOW! :)

What a fabulous line! Love it.

Phyllis @ Strickland.name

Great line of products! Just what I've been waiting for...teenage themed products. Can't wait till I see them in stores.

Yummy!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on some!

Love the colors and design.

As the mom of a teen... YAY!!!!! Awesome line.

Love this new line!

LOVE it all. Great job, AC! :)

Must have the BFF ribbon! My 3 yr old granddaughter calls her mother that...it is soooo cute.

Must have the BFF ribbon! My 3 yr old granddaughter calls her mother that...it is soooo cute.

Love this line. Mt granddaughter is only 8 but she thinks she's a teen! I'm sure she'll love it too.

I am so glad you made this new line. Thanks!

it's FABULOUS! and so fun. one of each please. hope it starts showing up soon.

Really like American Crafts papers. Thanks for the ideas.

Love these bright colors-they really pop!

Sensational! I love it all!

What a cool line!!! Can't wait to see it in person!

My niece is going to love this line. I know what I will be getting her for Christmas!

Fantastic bright colours, a really great teen line!

Oh my gosh, this line is so cool!!

I know my 12 year old daughter will absolutely love it!!!

What a great new line of products. Super cute and I am not even a teen. :)

The line is very nice if you have girls, but I don't think they thought about the male teen when they made it. IMHO

love the new line! it's a beauty!

those are super cool!

I really like this new line! Great colors and designs, my 16 yr old will love this for her and her friends!


Love all the new stuff. Always look forward to seeing all the American Crafts products.

FAB! So teen,fresh,fun and princessy!

how cute! my daughter will love them!

love the new line for teens. I'm sure to use it for my granddaughter who's a Hannah Montana fan.

Wow, I love all the bright colors of this line.

love it !

Oh all this is soooooooo yummy!

I love this new line. I can't wait to buy it for my daughter.

I love those bright colors, and the contrasting on black and white! You gals outdid yourself again! I love it!

My teen LOVES the colors and the hearts!


The new line is fabulous!

I love it. It's perfect for my little girl (she's 7 going on 13)

Love the new line. I've just recently tried Thickers and I'm hooked!

so cute!

Great line for the teens!

Wow. That's all I have to say. So cool!

WOW!!!!!!!!!! Perfect, just perfect!!!

What happen to the hero arts contest?

My favorite AC product is the thickers!! What great designs!!

they rock!!!!!!!!!

wow!i love this new line..it a must have..i hope our local store will have those soon..

You guys have always had the happiest paper around!

Drats, I had a "real serious" need for that glitter gold crown a couple of weeks ago, lol! Love it all especially the new glitter thickers, yummy!!!

Love this blog - found it through Jennifer McGuire. Thanks for the fun ideas.

I must HAVE this!! Can't wait to grab it at my LSS!!! :) Shelley

tooo cool!

Oh my I am totally loving these colors. Way cool!!!

Love these!!! Must have them!!!!

gorgeous - love those bright colours and the examples are brilliant! love that locker!!

great line...I know it will be perfect for my dd

cute ideas but im a teenager and i would say this isnt something i would buy. the problem with most scrapbooking teens is when there is a line of paper made for teens it may to "cutesy" or "baby-ish" i like the paper that is just colorful. but this line is too childish...

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