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Friday, March 20, 2009


Oooh Doris, I love this page! SO cute. :)

I love my thickers, but I'm working away from home now so I'm nowhere near them :(

I was hoping to ask though, is there any chance of mini thickers? Thickers maybe half the size of most of the current ones? I love all of my big thickers (and trust me I must have at least 50 packs, but I often find I want a smaller thick sticker :)

hi KP and crew -
fun challenge! I have a question for you - what font did you use for the "thickers week challenge"? It's fabulous. So are your thickers!

Hi there, Fifi-T!
We had the same question about smaller Thickers yesterday on Twitter as well :) We will likely do more small Thickers or even smaller ones in the future.

In the meantime, have you seen the new Rockabye Thickers? They are smaller than other sets and perfect for spelling out those extra long titles :)

Hello, Elise!

The font used is called Metroscript and can be purchased at Veer.com

Would be a nice script for addressing your upcoming wedding invitations, right? ;)

this page is fantastic!
What an awesome idea for a challenge!
Can't wait to see what everyone creates :)

Such a cool challenge for my thousands of thickers!

Here's a layout I created:

Doris, such a cute page. I'm loving those little faces!

Great stuff this week, ladies! I've loved all the Thickers projects. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for the challenge, I'll definitely be checking out the pages!

Hmmm...I just got in from Hobby Lobby where I bought 8 packages of Thickers! This may be a good time to accept a challenge since I've never participated in one before.

I just love Thickers!

Here is a layout I did of my daughter and her boyfriend that dated last year and are back together again this year - exactly one year apart and now they've been going out for 5 months this time.


Here is mine...
Super fun... can't wait to see all of them!

what a fun challenge!
but being a 'newbie' to scrapbooking, i've only got 2 styles of Thickers so far!


Hi:) So funny with that layout, look what I made a couple of weeks ago:
In english, the title is "Crouching rabbit, hidden dragon" :) Just uses two types of thickers, so I know tis layout is not qualifying for the contest, but thought I should share it with you :)

Will try to make something for the contest as well.

And by the way, thank you so much for the Thickers storage solutions. I'm a total Thickers addicts, and would love to cover a whole wall with them (heyyyy, maybe I should :D ).

great layout, doris!
can't wait to see what everyone comes up with...

We never have enough thickers ;) thanks for the inspirational page and here's my LO for the challenge


love them! =)

LOVE LOVE LOVE Thickers!!! Here's Mine...
Also on my BLOG...

Sorry ....LOL!!! I guess I can't read instructions...I only used one set of thickers....May try another one....

This was SO much fun, but I must admit that I didn't realize the enormity of my Thickers stash until today when I made this page. Here is my layout which uses 19 different kinds of Thickers. http://onescrappinmama.blogspot.com/2009/03/ac-thickers-challenge-layoutrainboots.html

Thanks for a fun challenge! I can't wait to see what everyone else does.

Thanks for the super fun challenge, here's mine!!


I made one tonight!

fun challenge!

I just got hooked on Thickers, what a great excuse to use more than one pack on a layout!


The Poolside Thickers set was my inspiration for the topic of this page. I love that set!

Ooh I love the layout Doris made!!

This is mine:

These were my first Thickers, and OMGoodness, they are amazing!


close up

I can't seem to get mine to post??
Trying again

These are my first thickers and they are just amazing!


Close up

I am so in love with Thickers!!! So this was a great thing for me to play around with this morning!

Here is my layout


Great challenge! Here's mine...


TFL & thanks for the inspo! :-)

Here's my layout http://www.scrapinstyletv.com/portfolio/view_layout.php?layout_id=162851&user_id=1249 "sweet little pup"

I love Thickers and this was really fun to mix 'em up!

Ummm something happened with my link and it's not linking you to my actual layout... going to post it on my blog and re-link you :) LOL!


LOL this should work! :)

I love using Thickers - just the perfect size, style and variety! Here's my layout using them . . . http://www.scrappygal.typepad.com/

totally loved this

thanks for the fab challenge.

you can see my layout here

or stop over to my blog


Thanks again

Here's a link to my layout
Cheers, Lis.

{hands over eyes} Here's my first attempt at a challenge. I'm fairly new to scrapping...be kind :)


thanks for a great challenge, lots of fun!

here's mine


Bernie x

Thanks for the great push to use more than my usual 1 Thicker title!
I have every Thicker known to man...if I could eat them I would because they are so yummy ;)
Here's my LO:

Or you can visit my blog:

Here is my submission! What a fun challenge!


Also, here is my blog link since I posted it on there as well: http://amberschmitt.blogspot.com/2009/03/american-crafts-blog-challenge.html

I am a thicker whore!!!!! I do this a lot actually,(if you browse through my gallery you can see several LOs that fit this description).... but I made a new page just for this challenge!

Here it is:

Cool challenge, I never knew I had so many Thickers. Here is my take.


Good luck to everyone!
BTW, awesome layouts ladies.

Lovin' these layouts and I LOVE thickers! Here is my layout. I used American Crafts Daiquiri in pink and green foam, red foam Smoothie, and Sprinkles Thickers in blue vinyl.


I used 4 different Thickers, so I'm not sure it counts, but here it is anyway!


I've played too :)
xx Leo

Love the new look and the great posts! (And of course, Craft Fair!)

Here's my page: ttp://amberscurlock.blogspot.com/2009/03/american-crafts-love.html

Oops, didn't copy the whole link!



Here is the layout I did for this challenge. It is also on my blog. I title it "silly Me' because the photo show me being silly jumping up and down on one of those things at the mall.
"Silly Me"
Is a layout I did for the American Crafts- Thickers challenge. The supplies I used are as follow.
I used American Crafts' Travel Token Pattern paper for the background.
American Crafts' Chit Chat Tangerine Puffy Letter Stickers Thickers for the words "silly, me, and &".
American Crafts' Tinsel Foil Letter Stickers Thickers for the words "round and round".
American Crafts' Subway Foam Letter Stickers Thickers for the words "up and down".
I added yellow cardstock for background of the photos and I inked the edges of the cardstock with green ink. I added a circle chipboard which I painted with sunset orange Adirodack acrylic Paint. I then added arrows with black diamonds stickles to the orange circle.

I really love american Crafts' supplies and love those thickers a bunch. Here is the link for the layout.

This layout can be found on my blag at http://gojenlaw.blogspot.com/

thanks Jennifer (gojenlaw@comcast.net)

I don't know if I'm allowed a second shot at the contest, but I did this LO, too with 3 kinds of Thickers. It was too cute not to share!


Here's mine! That was a fun challenge!


What a fun challenge!

Mine is here...

I LOVED this! Here's mine:


I freakin' love Thickers!!

Super-fun challenge! I just did a page, and the mix-up Thickers title worked really well with the photo on my page. :)

I love Thickers, used Playroom Felt Thickers and here is my layout:

[URL=http://pecscrap.blogspot.com/2009/03/creativa.html]Upper Canada Village[/URL]


What a great challenge! I just love working with Thickers. Here's what I came up with when playing along.

Love XOXO Nicole

Sorry here's the easy link to my LO.

Love XOXO Nicole


I love using Thickers...they work with so well with everything I do.

Here is my take on the challenge...


This was so fun. I used smoothie,pajamas and poolside.
Here is my Lo.

TY for looking.

Fun challenge--thanks!


This is a DREAM challenge!!! I love my Thickers! Here is my layout with four different kinds!


Loved this challenge! Here's my page:


I just love Thickers, and I use them again, and again, and again...
And this line "Crafty Fair" from American Crafts is my favorite of all time!

I heart thickers! This is my layout: http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/pg.asp?cmd=display&layout_id=1470828

Thanks for the fun contest! I posted on my blog with all the deets.
I've checked out a lot of the layouts, great work ladies!!

Oops, sorry, my link needs to be cut and pasted...here's an easier one! :0)

Got mine done! :)

Here it is:

Fun challenge !
Here's mines........


I love Thickers! I have a bunch of them right now.
here's my take:

Here is my layout:)


Thanks for the fun challenge!

ooh, that was fun!!! I love me some thickers!! hehe

Here's mine:


this challenge is just perfect for me! i am obsessed by thickers!! here's what i've done : http://www.flickr.com/photos/karineimagine/3388134096/

Here is my entry on my blog:


I am super excited about this contest! I had tons of fun using 3 different kinds of thickers. Really made me step out of my box!

Here is my layout with more than three types of Thickers!


Thanks for looking! I love the all of your stuff (and I love that Hobby Lobby carries it!) especially Thickers!!

What a fun challenge! Thanks for the motivation to scrap again! :)
Here is mine: http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/pg.asp?cmd=display&layout_id=1471027

Thanks for the fun challenge!

Here's mine:
A rare double LO.
Great challenge!

I haven't scrapbooked in at least 3 months!!! Thanks for posting a Thickers Challenge! :)


Had a blast taking out a bunch of my Thickers collection. I use them all the time, but not usually different types like this and I love the result. Thanks for the inspiration. (Now will you come over to my house and help me put them all back in their baggies? ;) )


Couldn't pass up this opportunity...here's my layout w/4 different sets, yep 4, I'm an overachiever what can I say.


Finally got this posted! YAY!

So much fun, what an awesome challenge!


woohoo! here's one i just finished. i seriously LOVE thickers. i rarely use much else. i'm dying for lots of the new ones. come on, lss! ;)


be back hopefully with a second. thanks for the challenge!

Great challenge! I have a whole basket full of Thickers. This was a great way to dig into my stash.

I posted my layout here:

and here:

Had a blast with this challenge! I complete this with 2 of my scrap friends on a retreat (Hi Belly Wings)!


i LOVE me some THICKERS! i think i have about 80 sets, i'm actually scared to count! LOL!

i just finished 2 sets of Disney trip photos, and i think almost every page - if not EVERY page uses THICKERS!

i just posted the album on my blog - http://tamisanders.com/2009/03/21/disney-layouts/

and at 2Ps - http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/pg.asp?cmd=display&layout_id=1471186

i didn't break down what thickers i used - can i just check ALL! LOL! so i know i can't really play, but wanted to share anyway!

Love the new look of the blog and the challenge and ideas. Here's my LO for the Thickers challenge: http://famille1999.typepad.com/colle_papier_ciseaux/2009/03/a-challenge.html

I just love Thickers! =)

Love my Thickers so much! Here is a link to my Layout! Thanks for the challenge.

Oops, forgot the link.


This was a fantastic way to make me use up my Thickers instead of looking at their unopened beauty each day LOL!!! I have already done this but for some reason it did not go thru, so here it is again. You will find my page here...

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