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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


wishing I can be there ... quite a fly for me maybe next time.

Wish I could come! =) Sounds like FUN!

Dang, I so wish I could be there.... I wish you could have the sale online as well!!!! Boo....

I think there should definitely be an online warehouse sale... of mystery boxes with great value :).

I like the idea of an online sale as well!

A major disadvantage of living in Australia is missing stuff like this. The local craft store doesn't stock your papers anymore = (

might be worth a flight!! hmm...

Oh how I wish! I'm thinking my husband might not see the reasoning for a plane ticket all the way from Morocco. Bummer!! I liked Laura's idea, though! I'd buy a mystery box!

Hi! I am an italian girl, my name is Gloria. Your products are stupendous.
Is there a shop on line where I can buy them?
Kiss, gloria.

Now if this isn't a reason to move to Utah,
I don't know what is!

Your sale is so great! I am loving the bounce back coupon you give for us to come back, & I have told many people that have come as well! Thanks for your great product.

any chance you extended the sale? I missed it!

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