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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I have an app. with the uroloigst. not very romantic

Big plans here: I'm covering duty/on-call for all of my colleagues that are in relationships. Womp womp... :)

We usually don't go out for Valentine's Day ... maybe we'll order takeout. I do plan on going to play BINGO on the 14th.

I am planning to cook for my loved ones. Also bake a cake and make cards for them telling them how much they mean to me.

Valentine's Day... we don't go out for dinner, but I'll cook something special at home and make a fun red and pink dessert (probably cupcakes).

Tina M
My hubby works evenings so.....I am gonna have a midnight picnic ready when he gets home and pamper him because he is so very deserving! He is a wonderful man! This weekend gonna make cards with my 9 year old grandson for his party at school.

Hopefully hire a babysitter to watch my 2 and 1 year olds. So I can have a quiet dinner with my hubby. Sounds heavenly!

Well I hope that I get to have a super nice dinner at home and play the Wii. So romantic I know!!

Now that is a whole lot of love!!! I take my husband out to dinner on Valentine's Day, each year we try a new restaurant, because I buy the gift!!!!

Just spending time with my husband is enough for me!!! Thanks so much for a chance to win! This is a darling collection!

Movie and M&Ms at home, just me and the tv, not an ideal date but not so bad as a blind date either. ;)

Just a delicious dinner with my husband and our children... ;-))))

For valentines day, we are going to make a special dinner and yummy dessert. Just me, hubby and the kids!

I'll have the best Valentine's Day because I will be taking care of my Grandsons while their parents enjoy some alone time!

Valentines is my very favorite holiday. I love to spoil my kids and hubby with special treats and these also would be great things to use in wedding albums and I will be making 3 of those this year!!

My valentines plans are going to take place a day early ... dinner out with my sweetie!!

Because Valentine's Day is on a Monday we will have a nice evening at home! Thanks for the chance to win!

We're going to have have dinner wherever the kids want to go and exchange handmade Valentine's with them.

My son's high school band is playing in the Electric Light Parade that weekend. They are returning on the 14th so I will be picking him up from the airport and enjoying the day with him!

We'll be celebrating, so the actual day of, I imagine I'll be packing since we're moving at the end of the month. :)

Looks like I'll be heading out to Los Angeles for a work trip, hope to celebrate a little early though, possibly over the weekend!

We will watch a romantic movie on DVD. Nice Giveaway!

No special plans this year, but will be sure to pick up some bargain flowers and chocs to enjoy myself at home!

dinner at home with my husband and kids.

my husband & i are going out for a romantic dinner - i am really excited for this. in the past, we have not done very much to celebrate on valentine's day so this is a fun change.

I have a doctors appt, woo hoo, lol but I think the hubby and I will go out for a nice dinner that evening.
Thanks for the chance!

My SO is across the country for school :( But we're going to have a phone-date and watch a movie and cook the same thing!

The only plans I have thus far are to help in my daughter's kindergarten class.

I'm teaching a lecture on the chromatography of petroleum products :) to masters level students in chemistry, valentines is a work day, and my partner lives and works in a different city so we'll enjoy a nice meal on the 12th instead.

Planning a quiet dinner with my honey.

We haven't any plans for Valentine's Day :( but it's my birthday on the 17th and we're going out to a party with friends on the 18th to celebrate. It'll be only the second time we've been out without the baby since our son was born last May!

We are going out to eat at my FAVORITE restaurant and I'm wearing a new dress and I'm hoping for a movie after...and I never get to go out, seriously...so this is soooo exciting! Thanks so much!

A group of me and my single girl friends are sticking together with dinner and a play and I'm sure a few laughs :)

My husband and I are celebrating early with a long weekend in Tahoe this coming weekend! Probably a nice dinner on V proper but I am really looking forward to our getaway!!

No plans as of yet but I'm game for anything involving chocolate!

I am a florist so I make no plans for Valentine's Day, just work. My husband will have a nice dinner for me though.

This is a very special day for my hubby and I as it is the anniversary of our first date 6 years ago ;) It is also 6 days away from my bday. I will probably spend the day making as many heart shaped things I can think of and giving love to everyone I see. Did I mention chocolate??

a homecooked meal with my husband and two darling daughters. Can't wait

I'm gonna bake some cupcakes!! Probably with frosting and such. Hoping that the decoration will look better than it tastes, if it does come down to that. lol...

The kids are preparing Valentine's for each other. We'll open mailboxes and eat a heart pizza.

A nicer dinner for all of us! Maybe a few sweet treats for the kiddos! Love everything about this collection!

I have a pretty special anniversary coming up on the 11th so it'll pretty much be a Valentine's weekend for me. We're planning to go and visit my mother - but we're staying in a nice hotel and mostly spending time together - with just a couple stops at my Mom's house. Should be fun - I love a good get-a-way weekend!

My husband and I haven't been on a date in so long. I'm going to surprise him with a babysitter for the kids and a night out on the town!

Our tradition is to eat at home. We grill steaks and make baked brie! Yum!

Just love the colors and need some for a wedding scrapping. So much fun with this line

I'll be just back from a long business trip, so we're going to have a intimate family Valentine's dinner and share some chocolates!

My husband cooks steak and lobster for Valentine's Day dinner! Thanks for the chance to win the Love line collection!! It looks awesome!

unfortunately i am working valentine's day PM shift but my husband's birthday is february also so we decided we'll just have a nice dinner on his birthday and that will be our Valentine's and his birthday celebration. thanks for the chance to win. love this collection!

If all goes to plan, I'll be taking hubby to see wicked and out to dinner and a night away.

No big plans here. We have no babysitter so it's probably takeout with the kids!

I am making a special "heart shaped" breakfast, special lunche, dinner and treats. Also we have decorated mailboxes with our names on them and we will get some treats in those, too. :)

My hubby will be away so will be spending V-day with my family.

My girls have that day off of school so I think we will make some kind of heart craft together, make a nice dinner and watch a movie together!

Not too sure, my kids are 11 & 12 and think love = loads of presents! LOL, not gonna happen, probably will bake some yummy cupcakes.

Hopefully something fun with the hubs!! Who knows what?!

My husband is in Baghdad this valentine's, so my children and I are sending him a package of lots of little love notes and a banner to hang in his room, something festive for him to look at. This line is perfect!

I'm going to have a girly day with a good friend of mine...we're going to watch the entire BBC Pride and Prejudice series and order some takeaway...can't wait!! :)

We have no plans except that my husband has a dentist appointment!

We'll be celebrating Valentine's Day the Saturday before, probably just a simple dinner and movie :)

I am going to bake some whoopie pies and and dye the filling pink.

My boyfriend and I have plans to order in from our favorite Italian restaurant and spending a nice, quiet evening together :)

We don't ever go out on Valentines Day. It's more of a family meal at home with all the ones I love. I always get treats for my girls.

No big plans--just staying home with my husband and two little boys. We'll probably have something deliciously chocolate for dessert, though.

Since I'll be on a very strict diet for medical reasons, no candy or special meals this year. :-(

I plan to make dh a nice card and sincerely let him know how much I appreciate him; something I don't do often enough.

However, I do plan to go out AFTER Valentine's day and pick up some discounted candy for when I can have it. ;-)

Thanks for the chance to win!

No plans - hoping to find some heart shaped doughnuts and maybe a heart shaped pizza for dinner, but that's it.

No special plans but I do want to take my daughter to the container store to pick herself out a Valentine gift. I've passed my freakish organization gene down to her, she loves that stuff!

My hubby will be out of town, so I will be lovin' it up with my kiddos. Thanks for the chance to win this line, it's one of my very faves!

Just a quiet evening at home with the husband.

I'm having surgery a few days before (was supposed to be tomorrow but got postponed b/c of the ice storm we are having).
Soooooo.. that means no candy, sweets, etc. Boo hoo.
But, I'd LOVE blog candy!!! ;)

On our first Valentine's Day as husband and wife, we are going to go out for pizza and then go indoor go-karting!! Non-traditional..but WAY fun

I love Valentine goodies.... the color combination of pink/white/red is a fave! Thanks for a chance to win!
For Valentine's Day we will go out to dinner. I am also making some mini boxes to hold some Valentine Hershey kisses. Sweet!

I plan on making some home made Valentines for the kids, grabbing a heart shaped pizza and renting a 'love' themed movie. I LOVE the 'Love' collection! -Alisa

My anniversary is 4 days before so I usually buy the kids special valentines treats and heart shaped pancakes for breakfast for the kids too!

I'm working on a night away for hubby and myself--may not be in time for the 14th, but we'll take whatever we can get! It's been over a year since we've been away just the 2 of us!

Working during the day and dinner at home. Valentine's Day is always low key for us. :)

my husband & i are going out for a romantic dinner,Thanks for the chance to win!

same as always - we spend it as a family together - all my loves!
Sandra ltb

My daughter starts drivers Ed next week, it runs the whole month of Feb. So I'll be spending Valentine's shuttling here back & forth to the class.

Cute papers in this line!

Not sure yet, but I bought some massage bars, so maybe they'll come in to play!

I am meeting my husband at lunch time and we are going to a Japanese fondue restaurant. It's a place halfway between our two offices. It's going to be a longer lunch hour. I can't wait!

My DH and another couple have a standing V-Day dinner. It's always a blast!

We usually don't do Valentine's Day per se. Hubby will bring flowers and candy for me and DD. But otherwise it's pretty quiet. I'd rather he remember my birthday anyway (more personal).

Well my birthday is the day after Valentine's Day, so hopefully we will have dinner and a movie to celebrate both occasions!! I'm turning the big 2-5 this year, and well it's a big deal :)
-Gabi from Savannah, TX

For Valentines we'll just be having dinner at home with the kids and maybe rent a red box movie..

5th grade Valentine's Day party!

This Valentine's day we will be moving to a new city! My husband has been transferred and our move date is February 14:)We might have to celebrate on the road this year!

I'll be making lots of sweets & goodies for all the little loves in my life and then come evening time I'll head to dinner with the hubby. I love Valentine's Day!!! <3

I'm making my husband dinner, with homemade creme brulee for dessert and we're going to watch a movie at home.

We usually do a big family dinner at home with our boys. :) Afterwards, hubby and I usually watch a movie.

we'll both be working, so hopefully we can squeeze in a nice, quick dinner out the night before. :) *

Nothing too exciting here. I'll probably just get lots of hugs and kisses from my husband and two sons. Happy Valentines Day! This is a great line and the embellishments are super cute!!!

No big plans here, going out to lunch on saturday because my sweetheart will be working on the actual day. I prefer to be home and snuggled in during the evening on a cold and blustery winter night.

I will be celebrating my daughter's birthday, eating noodles and cake :)

For the actual day, probably nothing but we leave the following Friday morning for a Weekend Getaway in Nashville!

I don't have any plans for Valentines Day as of yet. I do know that I will be making all of my kids Valentines this year. Wish me luck!

The colors of this line are so gorgeous together. I love the blue and red combo!

I am taking my 12 year old son to get braces! :) Happy Valentine's Day to Him!

My plans for Valentine's day are a surprise... at least I hope my husband is planning to surprise me somehow! Otherwise I guess we will just be staying home and hanging out with the kids.

A quiet dinner and evening with my hubby...

I teach preschool.... So after two valentine parties and 30+ bags stuffed with valentines, I plan to have dinner with my guy and relax with a movie :)

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