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Monday, August 15, 2011


Super Giveaway! My favorite summer vacation memory was driving from Northern Virginia to Disney world in my dad's old Toyota Van just my mom and us 4 kids!

My favorite summer memory from this year is taking my daughter to the Cape Cod National Seashore and watching her jump over and over in the huge waves. She was thrilled to be there!

Several years ago we took a family vacation including stops at Hoover dam and the Grand Canyon. We have a 27 and 23 year old and of the four of us only my 27 year old daughter is not afraid of heights. We were terrified most of the time at the dam and the canyon. It was just hysterical and we kept saying "whose brilliant idea was this". It was a wonderful trip!

disneyland! the happiest place in the world! i still have my mickey ears!

every summer my whole family would pile into a van and drive the thousand miles or so to disneyworld. as a kid disneyworld was amazing, but thinking back getting there was so much fun! the snacks, the bribes to keep us kids quiet, my uncle getting frustrated with who ever else wasy driving... good times.

favorite vacation memory is going to the beach. so relaxing to just sit with the sand in your toes and wind in your hair. Life just seems easier there...aaahhhh

favorite vacation memory: sledding on Hoosier Pass in Colorado! My Fav!

My favorite past summer memory would be,when my family and I went camping. We swam in the lake by day and roasted marshmallows by night. Mmmm.... those yummy s'mores! Then we slept the night away snuggled in our warm and toasty sleeping bags. Thank you for a chance to win!

It has to be the first time my kids saw Cinderella's castle in the Magic Kingdom at Disney. My seven year old gasped and said, "It's real?!" I think she shrieked at such a high pitch that Pluto's ears were damaged for weeks. I have to admit... I bawled like a baby!

Last summer our whole family, 13 of us, went to camp by a lake and everything that could go wrong, did...yet we still had a fabulous time and the grandkids still talk about it.

My favorite memory is going to the Great Smoky Mountains practically every year and going to all the old log cabins and my dad explaining all the history to me and me being so amazed by it.

My favorite summer memories are camping trips with several other families. Sometimes there would be 30-40 people! We cooked our dinners over the fire, sat around the campfire, explored the area together and had so much fun. We are starting the tradition again now that we have kids!

it was last month, we went to the beautiful Panglao Island , one of the 7,100 islands in the Philippines... went to a tour along the country side, my hubby took a pic holding a huge snake. i was stung by a bee. my son fell on the mud. on the way home we got cheap but really good foot massage.. ate ice cream.. had so much fun with my family! wanna do an album with it using these goodies. so I'm praying id win, because its my birthday on Thursday too. haha! love u AC!

so much AC goodness! thanks for a chance to win!

My favorite summer memory this year was our trip to Sequoia as a family we had a great time together! thanks for the chance to win!

i love to have stay-cations......spend time in my own city dipping my toes in the water, in the sand, cool grass and hot pavements!!!! love it!!!!
thanks for a fun giveaway!!!

I love summer! I love spending time with my son doing lots of fun things!! My favorite memories have to be when we go to the beach in CT!

Singing around the campfire. And s'mores. Yum!!

Favorite was summer at the lake when I was a kid. It was hot and we swam and had fun.

My favorite holiday was a camping trip we took when I was a child to Levenworth, Washington. Near a river and pretty hot, I remember lots of laughs, lots of fun & swimming and tons of campfood (which I LOVE!)

The trip to Washington DC in June 2001, just 3 months before 9/11. We were able to do the congressional tour and so many other things that for security reasons are no longer available. We almost didn't go because we were "so busy" - so glad we didnt' wait for the perfect timing - because many opportunities are lost when you wait for everything to be just right. PS God Bless American and the families who are remembering as the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches.

What an awesome prize!! My favorite Summer memory is from a couple of years ago when my hubby and I took our girls to the beach for the very first time. It was simply amazing and we had an unforgettable trip. :) Thanks for the chance to win!
- April W

my favorite summer vacation memories were from when I was a kid and my family would vacation with my cousins' family. there would be 10-12 of us in total and we always had a blast.

So far the best vacation was last year when we camped in yurts at the ocean!

When my husband and I first laid eyes on our sweet in Jamaica....with stairs down into our very own pool off of the patio. It's like heaven on earth.

I must say that if I could bottle this Summer I would. My hubby job cut his hours and so we weren't able to go away so I was on a mission to make this a fun Summer for our kids no matter what and having this stayation it has been the best ever. We have gone to places around where we live that we never have,done things we wouldn't had done & with a little search on the computer have done free bowling,found the perfect spot to watch fireworks, a very cool playground all to ourselves, and just so much fun.In the words of my oldest this Summer has been Epic. As my always say everything happens for a reason and we have had the best Summer because we have spent such fun times all together.

I never attend any summer camp, since there's only 2 seasons in my country. But me and friends once attend school camp. It only takes 2 days. We learn lots of boyscout thing. How to make fire, how to stand a tent, how to built our own litter, etc. We supposed to work together in order to complete the tasks given.

My favorite summer memory is hanging out in my backyard one evening with my three nieces... They are such fun to be around.

My favorite summer vacation memory would definitely be our trip to Greece the summer before 9th grade. Ancient historic sights, beautiful beaches and delicious food. It was an unforgettable holiday!

Going to Yellowstone Natl. Park! This outdoors girl loved every minute of it.

I'll never forget learning to surf with my now-husband on our first ever vacation together! Our instructor started to worry that we'd drown after she heard we were from Kansas; even though we were both certified lifeguards at the time. I never did stand up on a board for more than a few seconds, but it was so so fun.

Aha! A super fun & thrilling ride on the ATV with my hubby. It was our first ride on such vehicle and we thoroughly enjoyed the going up and down the slopes thru the forest greens, and over the puddle of water by the beach! Lovely!

Summers at my grandparents cottage :)

My favorite summer memories is the trip that I had years back during University time - travelling to Europe with 4 other friends backpacking style! Fun!!

Wow! That prize is amazing!!! I'm totally drooling :)

We just went as a family to a little amusement park in Oregon and my boys LOVED it! It was their first time on rides and they thought it was the best. My husband and I LOVED watching their excited faces :)

Summer favorite memory is going to Monterey and hanging out at the beach.

My favorite summer memorys are playing with my seven grandchildren. Wonderful prize, I would love to use this for scrapping my grand kids.

Awesome giveaway!
My favorite summer memory was riding the sheikra at busch garden Tampa bay and screaming my lungs out on the way down!

Your blog is very useful for us,thank you for sharing your blog,in Vacation i liked go to hill station or historical place,your blog is super everyone put their experience.

Going up the coast with my family and spending lots of time at the beach. Cheers

The best summer week I spent in tent with my boyfriend and 4 other friends. Although it was raining all week long, we had the grat time. I never laughed so much before :)

last year we want again to Florence in Italy. In Italy they name it Firenze... and we called our son after the great city, Firenzo. (boysname end on a 'O' uselly there)
I think that he don't matter that he went there, but we did...

my favourite memory is when we took each of my children to the beach for the first time- It is always so funny to see a baby tread on sand for the first time- in my experience they always curl up their toes and pull them away!

My favorite memory was the sunshine at Tenerife in May. The weather at my place has been horrible. You'd rather think it was November instead of summer.

These are my two favourite Collections!!!

My most treasured summer holiday memory this year is the time my husband an I spent together with our three children and my niece on a farm in the south of Germany.

Thank you for the chance to win.

Greetings from Germany

My favorite summer holiday is the holiday of this year... 3 weeks in chiavari nera cinque terre (italy). A lot of sun sea beach and "focaccia ligure" and donuts and love!

Watching my sweet girls eating ice-creams on a hot summers day, that they are literally covered in it...that is a precious summer for me... Thanks for a chance at this great prize!!!

Fabbie kit!.. Thanks for a chance to win!.. :D
My fave summer vacation memory is of 2009 when we went to a hill station, Palampur .. I LOVE the extremely opposite weather experiences! :D

My favourite memory of this summer is when we where in Kristiansand zoo and my girl of 1 year saw the tigers... She said.. "ahhh pus".. that means ahhh cat... She startet talking to it just likes she talkes to ouer own cat (he is tigerstriped in his coat).. So sweet... and of course I will never forget my son when he dressed up as Kaptein Sabeltann and got to meat some of the caracters and sail on his boat in full costume... prizeless.. :)

My fav vacation is going overseas and having fun!!! I would take one month lift off if I get all of the goodies above just to scrap till I drop!

One of my favourite memories is when I was about 12 and my family and I took a road trip from Montreal, Canada, to Cape Cod MA, stopping along the way, wherever we wanted!!! Fab times!!

We had a great holiday in Bali last year! The most unforgettable part was when we went for the mountain adventure. Tired but filled with so much joy!

My favorite summer holidays was the last time I went to Búzios with my family: mom, sister, niece, stepfather and some friends. I have so much good memories of these days.

Wow, what a great giveaway!! My best memory of our last summer vacation last June in the south of France was watching my kids and hubbie playing in the shore....priceless!!

My favorite summer vacation memory is a trip we took to Cape Cod when I was about 7 years old. It was a great time! Thanks for the chance to win!
~Amy Tara~

Home made peach jam,watermelon and feta cheese by the sea.My mum sitting under our huge umbrella reading and my sister and i refusing to leave the water until late in the afternoon for our everyday nap.sweet memories sooo long ago!!!!

My favourite vacation memory is of my first trip abroad with my partner. It was his first time on an aeroplane and we went all the way to the Maldives. It was fabulous. :)

Going "crabbing" with my mom at Myrtle Beach, SC....that was the first memory of a vacation I have :)And then RUNNING from the kitchen as she put them in a pot of boiling water!

What a fantastic giveaway....my best memory vacation is probably when my daughter Lou was born on the 29th august 2007, best memory among all memories anyway :)
Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Going fishing out on the ocean with my dad!

Quizás sea por ser el último año, pero en 2010 en París con mi niña fue maravilloso!

Best part of this summer, was watching our daughter take part in Shakespeare in the Park, she was an awesome witch!

Awesome giveaway! Wow!

My favourite holiday memory must be from this summer, actually. I took a roadtrip with my husband and our two daughters up to Norway, and we just had a great time, being together 24-7, meeting lots of our dear friends and family.

When I started working again, I could feel how I really missed being with my family like that, but it's also good to be back to our everyday routine and those precious little moments we share every day :)

My favorite memory of this summer is the day we came back and the cats were waiting upstairs for us to say hi.

My favorite memory is that we renovated my craft room! I am SO happy with my new craft room! :)))

My favourite was taking my 2 year old son "glamping" last year on a farm. We were looking after a coup of chickens as part of the experience and he constantly wanted to open the cage and feed them. Of course if they actually came anywhere near him, he'd run a mile!!

<3 your giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, my favourite summer holiday memory was traveling through the United States by AMTRAC for 8 weeks after my Univesity Graduation.
Such a great expiriance. It started in New York (probably my favourite, favourite, favourite, city an this planat), going to New Orleans were I learned to love Jazz so, so much ans Ifell in love with soulfood. Next Texas manly Austin AND Texmexfood (hmmmmm), stayingin a friends house and having tons of fun. Then the beautiful breathtaking Grand Canyon -what a sight proven by hundreds of photos! Next Los Angeles with great concerts, beachtime, hairwrapping at the beach, soaking the sun, having fun. Love, love venic!
Finaly visiting my USfamily in South Dakota!
I never scraped those tons of pics, so your giveaway would be just great!!!!
Thank you - and I realy love your products!!!!

The summer after 5th grade we traveled to CA. We traveled all the way down the coast. That was also the summer that the olympics was there. We had a blast!

My family never got to take "real" vacations, but we camped every year, so that was vacation to me. And I'm now doing the same thing with my kiddos. Fewer "over the top" vacations that are gone in a flash, and more "memory making" camping trips that will last a lifetime. Thanks for a chance to win!

My favourite summer holiday memory was my trip in Morocco, in 2008 :-) great colours, great people, lovely places... I loved this country !

My aunt and uncle used to pick me up on their way to Door County, WI every summer, where we would spend weeks staying at a cabin, swimming, playing putt putt golf, and just enjoying summer!

Christmas beach camping holidays with all of the extended family (grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins) (Yes - I live in Australia and we have summer Christmas celebrations)

Fantastic giveaway! My favorite summer memory is when DH and I got together!

My favorite summer vacation memory was getting all my college paperwork squared away. It was SUCH a hassle for them to tell me I've been living in the same place my whole life.
Thanks for the fun and awesome giveaway. :)
<3 Ashlynn.

Travelling with my family. My parents were both teachers so they also had their summers off and we would go on long road trips every year. Great memories.

My favorite summer time memory would have to be our trip to Sanibel Island last year. It was one of those vacations that are completely relaxing....the way vacations should be.

My favorite summer vacation memories are camping with my grandparents (as a little girl) and now camping with my own family (as a mother). Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

My favorite is summers up north at the cabin! Sunshine, fishing, swimming, fourwheeling, campfires, and s'mores!

My favorite vacation memory is from a character breakfast at Disney World. The expressions on my kids faces when they saw their favorite characters was priceless.

My favorite summer vacation memory is my honeymoon last summer! We went to San Francisco. :) It was wonderful!

We go on vacation NEXT week, so I hope to make some good vacation memories then. But we had a fun and mellow summer, and I took lots of pics, so I guess I already have some good "ordinary" memories!

My favorite summer memory was spending a week every summer with my grandparents at the shore. Thanks for the chance to win!

walking along the river during a completely spur of the moment trip with my boyfriend.

My favourite vacation memory is the sunset in Taormina!A lovely trip with my family!

My favorite vacation memory was 2 years ago, when my friends and I where watching the sun setting on the beach one lazy afternoon. We were having such a nice time, singing, playing board games and drinking pina colada. Our unique kind of vacation!

summer camps as a kid.. living in tents.. going on hikes, and singing by the campfire at night..... I can still remember the sounds and the smells of early mornings with campfire breakfasts and beautiful summer mornings...

One of my favorite summer vacation memories was our family trip to Washington D.C. We stayed at a hotel in Crystal City, Virginia and they have this cool underground mall area. Underground was a restaurant called Hamburger Hamlet and I swear we ate dinner there every night. They have the BEST chicken caesar salad and cornbread. Yum!

Camping or the beach??? Hmmm...it is a tie. But I remember playing Yahtzee by Coleman lantern on a concrete picnic table under a net enclosed tent by the lake. Good times.
AND I AM IN LOVE WITH BOTH COLLECTIONS. If I don't win, I will HAVE to order them, cuz our LSS closed last week. BOOOO!!!!

My favorite summer vacation memories is finding out we have termites in my house. Oh no, that's my least favorite memory, haha! My favorite summer memory (really this time!) is spending my whole birthday doing fun things with my hubs!

Disney with my family!! It was a really fun time with immediate and extended family :)

I guess a fave is going to the beach. Every year we go to the same spot, same hotel, etc. But, everyone is different each year, so it changes from year to year. It is always full of fun and relaxation, swimming and beaching. We love it each and every year. It is a great getaway. Love both of these collections too, wow lot's of goodies in them. Thanks.

My absolute best vacation memory is the year we hopped onto a train and traveled from Nebraska to California. The different rail cars were SO interesting to us kids and to walk between each car a thrill in itself as the train moved along at what seemed at the time lightening fast speeds. And to see a different vista outside the window every morning just astounded us.

I went camping for the first time this summer and it was so much fun! What not to love about smores and campfires? Thanks for the opportunity to win the entire Campy Trails line. I could really put it to good use scraping my new memories. Fingers crossed!

My favorite memory was taking the kids on a 5 day cruise to Canada stopping at a few places on the way. They had a great time and loved every minute of it! I had lots of pix to scrap :)

This year's favorite memory is my son learning to surf!!!!!!!

My favorite summer vacation was in 1999. I went on a 10-day road trip all over the southwest with one if my friends. We had the best time and still talk about the trip to this day! Truly a trip of a lifetime!!

My favorite summer holiday memory was the first holidays with our little baby... That was great!

Taking a trip to London as a junior with my highschool English Honors class. The trip was amazing!

My favorite memory was driving my two sons from Ohio to Maine for a family reunion. We took the long way visiting a Kazoo factory in New York and Ben & Jerry's factory in Vermont. The best part of the trip was the electronics ban. Usually the boys would watch a movie or listen to an ipod. Instead we listed to CD's, The Princess Bride book on tape and talked and laughed. They saw the wonderful beauty as we drove because they weren't glued to a screen. It was so blissful we did it again this summer.

we went camping with my dad and paternal grandparents every summer...we always stayed at the KOA campgrounds and we travelled all over the US.

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