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Monday, February 27, 2012


Lovely designs! Really loving the daybooks! Would love to win a set of these daybooks to scrap my favourite moments.

i would like to use the daybook for my LA trip photos.
Daybook is easy to use and pretty. Love it.

Lovely examples of what can be done, I'd use a daybook to put together inspiration, notes and ideas for my wedding

Thanks for the chance to win! These are lovey. Could use them for travel scraps. So handy & cute!

I can't wait to see all of this week's inspiration! These daybooks look like a lot of fun!

I'd loooove to use a daybook to scrap my daughter's pics whan she'll be born :-)

Such wonderful inspiration you have shown with the daybooks!!
I would use mine to showcase our day trips this spring and summer to flea markets, farmer markets, wkend getaways and some summer picnic plans. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Love using them for vacations... I'd love to win!

I love Amy T's daybooks, they are perfect for on the go scrapping while on vacation.

I would make a gratitude journal

These look fabulous! They would make a great journal for my daughter:)

I love Amy Tangerine!I would like to use the daybook for a trip!
Thank you for the chance to win!


OH i would document every special yet ordinary moments/day in my life - family, friends, loved ones that i would never take for granted

I love Amy Tangerine! I would fill it (with the help of my children) with lots of photos from around here, activities that they enjoy etc and then send it to my parents in the UK as a keepsake! Thank you so much for the chance to win :-) x

i would love to use it to document my last semester of college!!

I've always wanted to try one of these. If I won, I'd scrap a little getaway weekend the hubby and I had in Orlando last fall.

Awesome Day books! I say use them for traveling. I am always on the go and to just jot down a few things while I am experiencing it makes it so easy with a small day book.

Oh I so love the Day books! My husband and I are going on a cruise in a month and I would love one to document our trip!

I would like to tell the story of my sweet little girl or my trip to Roma in july!

I'd love to use a daybook to scrap my husband's last participation at the 2011 Chicago Marathon. He worked so hard and did great! And, I was able to get lots of awesome pics of him! Thanks for the chance to win...I can scrap this special moment in his life!

I LOVE the Amy Tangerine mini-albums and daybooks!! I am headed to Indiana this coming May to see my girl cousins and would love to take one of these and scrap our adventures together while I'm there!

I would love to use one to either document our summer or our next big trip! :)

I think it would be fun to use one to make a gift for my sister. To fill it with fond memories, uplifting quotes and pics of us together.

I love the daybooks! I would just fill them with everyday photos of my little guy playing around the house :)

These day books are so sharp! I would use them for keeping favorite inspirational quotes. And I would need a day book devoted to my grandson Gabriel.

I love these daybooks. I am going to use one to document A Day in the Life. These are great books for children to look through once you create an album for them.

Would love a collection of these for my Photo a Day project!

I love to travel, so these would be just perfect for documenting trips! I'm always looking for ways to make it easier to scrap on the go.

I love Amy's daybooks I use them when we go on vacations to scrap on the go. We are going to TX for Spring Break... I need to go buy one soon!

Adorable! I would use mine to document a road trip :)

I love these books, I really want one for my trip to Copenhagen!

oh. my. good-n-plenty. a full set? nirvana. well lets see, one for my terrariums i am obsessed with making. one for my garden. one for spring break. one for the funny things my kids say. and i'm sure i could easily come up with more!

I would love one of these for our upcoming vacation!!

These are so fantastic! I would love to use one for the 5k races I plan on doing this summer! What fun little books!

I would use them for vacations or just a journal. Lately, I have really been having this feeling that I need to write down my thoughts and feelings but I haven't found the right way to do it, these books would be perfect. Their cute, small and I could make them look very sweet! :)

I am so inspired by these day books! I would use one as a craft journal (like the guest designer example), one as a book/reading journal, one for my 2012 goals and one to use with my kids to journal some fun events. Oh, the ideas are flowing!!

I love the idea of creating a sewing project book!

These daybooks are wonderful. Perfect for Project Life type journaling.

I'd love a chance at some Daybooks! I'd use them for things that make me smile and maybe even some quick weekend trips!

I am a college student and don't have a lot of space for storing scrapbooking supplies so these would be perfect for me! I would love to use them for all my college memories.

I would use one as a kind of everyday smash book, one for happy little moments & quotes and some others for trips that I go on. Oh, and one would have to be devoted to my funny, beautiful nieces. These daybooks are awesome! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

I love the Day books! I love the idea of taking it on a trip and adding little things here and there. Then when I am home I can enjoy the already finished album.

Love the day books! Thanks for a chance to win

super cute!!! thanks for the chance to win!!!

I,d use it to write down funny quotes from my kids!

I love these lil books. What an awesome idea. They are so cute and I could use these on my trips to California. Would be great in the go to still be a lil crafty.

Thank you Amy for the inspiration! I had a sewing machine for Christmas and wanted to document my sewing journey too. Very lovely daybook!

I love the "on the go" element of these daybooks and I would use mine for tracking the progress of my indoor windowsill herb garden!!

I would love a day book to document different ways I increase my activity. I would love a visible sign of progress I make. Small steps of parking farther away from my destiny to walk. Taking stairs instead of the elevator ect...As well as records of walks and strength training. A sort of motivational journal. Thank you for this opportunity to win.

Love these Day books! so Handy! i would love to have one too!

I would use a day book to record anything that would inspire me throughout my day. I generally take pictures of everything that inspires me. If I had a day book I would mount a small picture and record or document my thoughts in the book next to the picture. I would then refer to my daybook for inspiration when it is time to create.

I would LOVE to win a set of Day Books!! I would use them to document our travels. Thanks for the chance!

I love the daybooks! I've been using the original one for a 29 Days of Love album this month, and I think they'd also be great as travel albums or an art journal.

I love these books and really anything from Amy. I'd love to make a book for my husband showcasing stuff I love about him for our 25th wedding anniversary!

I already have one, that now I'm thinking about turning into my pregnancy journal. I have been SO bad about journaling with my second pregnancy...

I have had my eye on these. I think they are fabulous...and would so love to have one. I would use mine for planning my summer vacation. also to capture those special moment on the vacation...thanks for the chance to win..

I recently placed all my mini albums in a more accessible place and the kids love having access to them. I definitely have to make more for them to flip through!

what an interesting way to journal! i love this! thank you for the chance to win...

The daybooks look like lots of fun- I would probably use it to record my volunteer tutoring or projects with church.

Every year we go to MT & CA to see our moms. I think I would use it to document the craft stores & eateries that we have discovered on out trips.

I would use them to scrap our spring break trip coming up. Thanks for the chance!

I would use them for travel journals. Like short trips, Vegas, Dad's cabin, etc....

I'd love to use one to house all the leftover instagram photos I have from Project Life!

awesome!! i'd use my day book to write the funny things my kids say! i can't keep track.. LOL

I love them! I'd use to describe my 2011!! thanks for the chance!

I have a few ideas....a craft journal, a fitness journal, maybe a new years resolution journal?

I would use one to document my husbands pearls of wisdom. He has a ton of these and they always make me laugh out loud. I use another to document bits of inspiration and ideas and another to share daily nuggets. Plus I always need more to document our travels...

Would love to use a daybook to show the little road trips my hubby and I do. It's also a perfect size for week in the life! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

I would love to document my weight loss journey and my house renovation. These books are absolutely darling!

I'm taking my 2 girls to visit my family in Las Vegas in about 4 weeks and would love to have them to help me keep my memory straight. =D

We are going on a month-long vacation to FL this summer and one of these would be perfect to take along to record memories!

I love Amy's idea of a day book to journal my crafts, especially those I give away as gifts. I'd also use them for vacation keepsakes. Love these!

I'd love to use one to document my daily life.

I would love to create a book to document my daughter's figure skating carnival!!

I would love, love, love to have an Amy Tan
Day book!!!

I think these would be great to track our very extended weekend trips and week trips to visit friends and family.

these are adorable! id use them as brag books i could carry around and share super-mini layouts of my kids =)....much easier than lugging around scrapbooks....heeheehee

I love these books! I would use them to documenting my favorite hiking trails, my favorite desserts, and my favorite places to visit.

Wow! I'd use these daybooks to document our trips during our 1 year move to Europe. Luggage allowance is tight, so these books would be great for scrapping those memories!

I would use it to keep momentos and memories together of my 3 daughters. These are great! Thanks for the chance to win!

I could use these for so many things! Inspiration Book, to document all the little munchkins in my life, a daily diary... i could go on and on!

I'd use it for trips :)I absolutely love the Amy Tangerine line!

Wow, these would be great for mini vacation albums or a December Daily album or a kids' school pictures album. I think the possibilities are endless!

I would like to use them for minis! So cute!

I would use them to document my EVRYDAY life on the farm, as a mom of a busy 5 yr. old and my dads road to recovery after open heart surgery this past friday!!
THANKS for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

I would love to try one of these. Not sure what I would use it for yet but I think it would inspire me in some way!

i would love a set to record my classes...i teach at 2 LSS and it would be fun to keep samples of all the product i use and then photos of the finished projects!

I'd use it for my upcoming scrapbook retreat!

So cool! I would love to create a little book for my son of his fav current toys! Also one for him to write & draw in!

Just a little hi from France. I just wish one day I can find some Amy Tangerine products in France. You're so lucky ! Everything is so original ! I'm looking at your blog everyday ! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas !

Great inspiration!!!!

I'd love to do a week in the life album in one of the day books. They're so cute!

I am really looking forward to this week of inspiration!! I would use this book for my upcoming trip in June!!

i would use it for my trips!! Love the daybooks!!!
Please, pick me!!!!

I LOVE these books! I would use mine to fill them with all the instax photos I take of my little guy!!

They're fantastics! I would use to write my favourite little moments of life. :)

I would absolutely love a day book for the mini trips we take!! That would be awesome!! :) Thanks so much for the chance!! Can not wait for all the inspiration!!

my fiance and i are recently engaged, so i would definitely use the daybooks for wedding-planning related things - a home for all the inspirational photos ive found in my massive collection of bridal magazines :)

I would love one of these to track my progess in getting ready to run my 1st 5k. I love the look of these, the possibilities are endless!!

I have an upcoming trip I would use them for!!

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