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Monday, March 26, 2012


I would like my plants that we recently to grow faster. Thank for the chance to win this beautiful line.

Love this colorful collection! Great layouts and cards! Our tulips are starting to grow right now and we usually grow some baby tomatoes.

I love having a little veggie garden...tomatoes, cucumbers, this year watermelon! I would love to make a mini with this line!

Thank for the chance to win!
I would like to have a veggie garden with tomatoes, potatoes, etc. When I was a little girl my father had one.


tulips, def my fave to grow and look at, and how easy...just put the bulb in the ground! would love the chance to win, thanks so much!

We like to grow herbs and fruits whenever possible. We have tried growing strawberries for the last 2 years running but been unsuccessful - i think it may be the altitude we live at. But my daughter continues to try every year! You gotta love her persistence!! :-) Thanks for the chance to win x

Pretty line! I would like for my plants to grow up:)

Right now, we're growing Sweet Pea, tomoatoes, nasturtium, two hydrangea, basil, several succulents, mint, lemon verbena, lantana, several orchids, eggplant, cucumber, mini-pumpkins, coleus, and we just transplanted our little gardenia into the yard because it went from tiny flowering plant to giant bush in a year!

Pretty, pretty projects! I love to plant giant sun flowers in the front yard. They become great conversation starters!

I so don't have a green thumb. I like to grow the kind of stuff that comes up year after year and you don't have to take care of...daylilies are my favorite.

Gorgeous collection! I love all the projects. I like to grow fruits and vegetables since there is nothing that tastes better than food from your own garden. Herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, swiss chard, potatoes, carrots, beets, eggplant, artichoke, oranges, peaches, blueberries, strawberries... just some of the things in our garden.

Oh how I wish I had a green thumb, but everything I try to grow ... doesn't. I can't even grow inside plants as my cats eat them. I've even been known to destroy a plastic plant (grin). But oh how I adore treats from the garden, and my sister is so good about sharing their bounty!

We like to grow flowers and vegetables. Right now we're hoping our daffodils that bloomed early are not hit by frost! I'd love to play with the Gardenia collection!

I like plants that don't take a lot of care LOL!

I'd love to grow a Jason Mraz in my backyard. LOL!

AWESOME projects for today!! Such a NICE way to start off my Monday!! =)
We are farmer/ranchers so we have LOTS of things that we like/need to grow!! We have baby calves being born daily and we LOVE watching them grow and then have babies of their own!! We LOVE to watch the crops grow and the wheat in the feilds is taking off!! We also live on the creek so we have all sorts of wild life baby animals we like to watch grow. We garden and LOVE watching it grow so we can eat the delicious treats we grow!! THANKS again for sharing and for the chance to win!!

baby tomatoes!! Thanks for the chance!

I don't think I would ever have a green thumb, but in an ideal world, I would love to have a garden of vegetables... yummy!

I am not good in a garden. I would love to grow strawberries, blueberries, and other berries.

i don't have a green thumb and plants just don't stand a chance in my house!

what a great line!! I love to grow cucumbers and rhubarb that seems to be my fav!
Thanks for the chance to win!!

I like to grow sunflowers and plants. My backyard is my paradise. Thanks for the chance!

Tulips, Roses and Sunflowers grow in my garden =)

My favorite thing to grow each year is sunflowers. Love watching them pop out and bloom! Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful line.

I don't have a garden, only a balcony, so limited space, but one flower I plant every spring is daisies. They are my favorite!

I love to grow pretty spring flowers! Tulips are my favorite! This year I am planting carrots, green onions, and parsley on my deck. My yard is too much of a disaster to tackle this year!

I love growing violets, they are so sweet and come back easily even in our harsh pacific northwest winters. The use of buttons on the grow love card is very eye catching! Thanks for a fun chance to win!

Sunflowers by far are our favorites.
But we also plant a large veggie garden and plant flowers veggies, flowers veggies so it looks great too !!!

I love all the projects. I like to grow fruits and vegetables since there is nothing that tastes better than food from your own garden.
Thanks for the chance to win!!

I would love to grow vegetables, but I have a very black thumb, therefore I don't actually grow anything at all! LOL!

No green thumb here. :( Right now I'm busy growing my babies which is so much fun!
THanks for the chance to win this gorgeous line!

I'm not much of a gardener, but my daughter wants to plant strawberries, watermelons and "pretty flowers."

I love my garden. It's the only thing that interrupts me from my love of scrapbooking. If I win I could be in the garden while I scrapbook!!! Best of both worlds! Thanks for showing this beautiful collection!

I like to grow California native flowers. They are great for my area.

I grow tropical plants because it reminds me of Hawaii. I have a fairly large variety.

I grow veggies, roses, bulbs, herbs, you name it, I probably grow it. I'm in a garden club even.

Gardenias are one of my favorite flowers. I live in Hawaii where we have so many amazingly scented flowers. My garden is in bud right now; so lucky!

Nice colour combo, always have fresh herbs in my garden.

I try to grow flowers but my soil defeats me! Mostly I grow weeds and roses... Maybe this year... thanks for a chance to win. Love American Crafts!

I love sunflowers and lilies. I have lots of veggies, too, but the flowers really make me happy!

Love planting tomatoes and eating them. Can't wait for warmer weather.

My favorite things to grow are flowers. I just love watching them bloom. All the different varieties and colors are so beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!!

I don't have a garden, but I would love to grow tomatoes!

My confession: Everything I try to grow dies immediately.

i like to grow my vegetables in the back of the house. i love my little veggie place. and i'd love to win this line to make a nice pages!

I love the line- I don't grow anything- anything I have tried dies- we have Mexican Heather at the house as it is the only thing that survives us.

Cute cards, great lo's!! We grow all kinds of things around here. From flowers to veggie gardens and kids. Would love to win this cute line!

to be honest ~ i am no good with plants. id love to grow veggies and other plants, but i would need a whole lotta help - like maybe hire a gardener...heeheehee. but i am good at growing my scrapbook stash! and i think im doing a pretty good job with growing my KIDS - yes, they are growing up just beautifully!

Gardening is another of my favorite hobbies besides papercrafting. I have quite a few perennial beds and a bulb garden.Two years ago the kids and I started a veggie garden It was a huge success but our favorite from the garden was basil. They were huge and delish. we had pesto into the winter months that I had frozen. yum yum thanks for the chance to win some goodies

I don't really have a green thumb but I would love some sunflowers, tulips. Thanks for the chance to win this gorgeous line.

One of my favorite things to grow is tomatoes!

Great projects!
I grow everything...from fruits to veggies, to flowers.

There is nothing better than vegies fresh from the garden. Can't wait for summer to come! Love this new line!

It's a toss up between tomatoes and flowers. I love to eat the tomatoes - but the flowers are just so hapy and last so much longer.

I love to grow sunflowers because they always make me smile.

Such a beautiful, fun collection! I like to grow just about anything but most plants don't like to grow for me!

I love to grow tomatoes, daisies and tulips. Our tulips are almost ready to bloom! I can't wait. Thanks for the chance to win!

I have herbs, petunias & tomatoes growing in pots on the balcony now. :) I really enjoy watching them grow.

I actually have a pretty black thumb so the only thing I am successful at growing are tomatoes!

I love to grow herbs and veggies!

I love our vegetable garden...fresh green beans, new potatoes, tomatoes and sweet corn. Taste wonderful. Thanks for a chance to win.

I love to grow perennials becuase they come back year after year. My favorite is my bleedding heart. It comes back bigger and more beautiful year after year!

I love roses and magnolias.I will be planting my spring bulbs this weekend as it is Autumn in my part of the world

I have a few house plants and take care of them like children...seriously lol but come spring I'm outside growing any flowering plant....love gardening...,Thanks so much for this giveaway!!!

I love growing plants that will bloom again the following year since I am not one to get outside a lot due to allergies but I love to see the beauty of plants!

Love this collection! Each spring I love to see my flower garden come to life throughout the season...but the one close to my heart is the daffodils planted in memory of my father.

What a gorgeous line, such cheerful colors! I like to grow anything that involves minimum input from me (I'm not much of a gardener- it would eat up too much time when I could be crafty!). So far lavender bushes and rosemary have been my most successful low-maintenance garden projects.

My absolute favorite are helping & watching our two little girls grow...tee-hee. Landscape-wise, my husband & I planted two flowering trees & it's so rewarding to watch them blossom & grow year after year. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely collection!

I love growing vegetable and flowers.

I'm growing flowers and vegetables in containers.

great layouts and collection. I love to grow flowers and vegetables. The soil is not that good so I grow them on flower pots.

I love planting fresh flowers in the spring. Among my favorite are Gerbera daises. Thanks for the chance to win!

How beautiful. Well, even though we still have periods of snow, my tulips and daffodils have managed to push their way through toward the bits of sunshine that we've had. I love gardening - both veggie and fruit. It may sound silly, but the colors are so vibrant - it's so important to take the time to smell the flowers, don't you think?

I really like growing fresh herbs. They are easy to grow and add tons of flavor to meals!

The last card is brilliant with this friendship referring so great.

So cute! I am waiting for the temperature to get warmer so that the ground can thaw! I can't wait to see some green foliage again!

my family have a big country house and a big peace of land to grow all sorts of veggy and fruits to make sure we have anough till next summer :) I like to plant tiny tomatos and then i do sundried tomatos yammie!

I adore dahlias but I wish they didn't just bloom in the fall, but I love moss too, tried to cultivate some between my brick path but it hasn't taken hold yet.

I have a lovely perennial flower garden in the front of the house, which I take pleasure in. My son and I also started a small vegetable garden last year and our efforts were a big success so we are going to plant again this year!

Love those bright colors in the Gardenia line.

My favorite is my pink hibiscus!

i like to grow veggies in my back garden, and I'm starting to plant margaritas in my garden :)

starting to grow margarita flowers!

I like to grow my plants, and this year we are trying with veggies: melons, tomatoes....
thanks for the giveaway...

We have a small vegetable garden with tomatoes, squash, peppers & okra. We just finished planting this weekend - I can't wait for the fresh veggies!

I love growing tomatoes! There's nothing like a home grown tomato! Thanks or the chance to win!

Gardenia is such a pretty line! I love to grow flowers but especially roses.

We have a great vegetable garden every spring. I love the tomatoes.

I like to grow my collection of supplies!!

Thanks for a chance to win. I am not a big gardener, we have flowers, daffodils and hyacinths that come up every year. That's about it for me.

er... im not really into gardening... haha.. but i like flowers in various colors and big trees :)

cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

I love to grow herbs, flowers and fruit. Really anything! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

I love to grow Hostas. You cannot mess them up!

Beautiful line=)
I live in an apt so I have pot flowers - hope to see them blooming soon=)


Unfortunately, I kill almost every I come in contact with, but with the help of my husband we should have a pretty sweet vegetable garden this year. I am going to attempt to plant some tulips this week. Wish me luck!

We used to grow herbs on our window sill - maybe we should start that up again!

Basil, basil and more basil!!!

Right now we have zero space at our apartment, but with our real/whole foods way of eating, we will definitely be growing veggies, some fruits, and herbs when we move.

my favorite thing to grow is zucchini! they grow so well and I have a delicious chocolate zucchini bread recipe.

I love to grow all flowers! I have an acre and a half planted full of flowers and two gardening cabins in my yard! Nothing makes me happier than to be outside gardening.Scrapping is my second hobby! Thank you for the chance to win some of your beautiful papers and embellies. They would be PERFECT for scrapping my yard!

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