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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


WOW those doodles are AMAZING!! For me I just love to doodle my name or my kids names & being I'm a pen geek I can get carried away grabbing different colors and tips OH Doodling is WAY too much fun.

I like doodling stars. Love stars. Sometimes just copy a scribble over and over again too. Thanks.

Sometimes I doodle my sketches. I start to add and add things to my sketches until I'm happy with it O_o!! Great video!

What a fun idea, I love it!!

I LOVE to sketch hearts! I do them on almost every project!

I mostly doodle lines and circles. And my name : ]

What a cool video! I mostly like to doodle flowers or hearts!

What a fun video! When I doodle I tend to draw flowers, circles and geometric shapes.

Oddly enough, I love doodling dragonflies! Besides that it's mostly florals and paisleys :) The video just made me fall head over heels in love!

i always doodle hearts!!! omg... definitely hearts!!

cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

Cute video!! I usually doodle simple shapes, like a box, circle or heart then start filling it in with crisscross lines or shading :)

Cute video!! I usually doodle hearts or flowers. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!!

I usually find myself drawing flowers. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

so cool....can you slow it down so I can drool over each piece!

I always draw little flowers and spirals and then vines connecting EVERYTHING! :)

I'm not much of a doodler. I suppose loopy designs, that don't look like much. LOL! I have other gifts. :)

I doodle flowers with connecting stems. I also doodle different geometric shapes. I do the most doodling when I am in meetings at work. Thanks for the chance to win.

What a great idea to have everyone participate in the video project. Loved it! When I doodle I start with a flower and build outward with scallops and dots and swirls. Sometimes it ends up absolutely huge :)

I love doodling patterns for cards or designs for my layouts.

I like to doodle outlines of dots and scallops and lines

What a fun video! I love doodling flowers or just swirls or paisleys.

I doodle lots of hearts and flowers!

Simple things - like hearts, flowers, circles.
PS. You girls are talented in every way=)

Ooh, how fun! I doodle a lot, but mostly it's letter forms or forest scenes. When I realized most of my doodles were letters, I knew I needed to get into typography. Love it!

I doodle circles and flowers and scallops the most.

great video. I sketch cards, does that count?

doodles are cool. i mostly doodle hearts and stars, taking me back to my childhood when i was doodling the future mrs. so and so. hahaha

I draw crazy shapes, mostly!

I love it!
I doodle circles and waves.
Thanks ciao!

Wow these are amazing. I doodle circles and flowers mostly. I have been trying to do some letters also.

Flowers are what I doodle most.

i like doodling leaves and flowers...so fun!
sometimes i get a little creative with mouths...lips and teeth are challenging!

Flowers! Or swirls.

LOVE the video! So fun! I find myself drawing palm trees and ocean waves when I'm doodling. Guess I know where my brain is most of the time! Thanks for the chance!

I tend to doodles clouds and the sun. In fact I made a layout completely from doodles http://scrapinspired.com/2012/03/rain-to-rainbows/

And I would LOVE to win some Sketchbook! I'm obsessed with all things Amy Tangerine! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

what a great video !

When I doodle I for some reasons always draw a cartoony hippopotamus ;)

Thanks for the chance to win - hope it's open for international too!

Loooooove sketchbook!

I love paisley and flowers, my biology lab book is covered in little doodles all over

I like to doodle flowers and hearts! =)

I love to doodle names, flowers and flourishes. I would live to get my crafty little hands on this! Thanks for the chance!

I always doodle and its usually shapes and flowers. Fantastic doodling above.

I LOVE doodling little girls. I have a certain style when I'm drawing them, so they all look alike, except for things like their hair, etc. ;)

I doodle animals. I'm not very good, but they are cute no matter what!

Love it! When I doodle, it's usually something I see at the moment. Quick sketches of life at the time :)

I doodle girl faces and paisley flowers. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

i tend not to doodle that often but when i do its usually just random words in cursive. just trying to make sure i still got it!

i like to doodle letters

How fun!! I love to sketch cute little animals. :)

I tend to doodle flowers. They are easy to make, and look sort of innocent.

i ALWAYS doodle the alphabet in cursive..don't know why but i write the alphabet all in one long line over and over... thanks for the chance to win. I absolutely LOVE the entire Sketchbook line!!

I tend to doodle stars and flowers. Not as talented in the sketching department as I'd like to be!

i like to doodle little doodles, like hearts, starts, smiley faces! :)

I like to sketch new quilt patterns!

I always love doodling flowers, clouds and sun! All the fun cheery things in life!

I'm big on doodling hearts and flowers. Love the Sketchbook products!

I absolutely love to doodle names and quotes!

I mainly doodle geometric shapes pieced together to form a larger shape.

I tend to doodle flowers & swirls the most.

Super cute! I doodle shapes :)

When I doodle it's usually little flowers. =)

How fun was that video! Thanks! I fond myself doodling circles and hearts.

Doodling isn't my forte (that's why I stamp). But I do doodle some. Animals and flowers are tops on my doodling list.

I always doodle butterflies and letters... I guess I'm still trying to perfect my handwriting

Love the video! I will doodle some bumble bees with sweet little tulips & clouds...

i love doodling the word "love" and hearts but i usually end up doodling what people are talking about!

I'm always doodling my name. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

I love to be drawing sketches for my pages, I have always kept many at home! Kisses!

I usually draw flower and circles. Thanks!!

I'm a flower doodler most of the time but every once and a while I'll switch it up and doodle squares...or puppies.

I mostly doodle names. Mine, my fiance, my children, my dogs...

loved the video. i always seem to doodle eyes (i'm afraid to figure out what that means!) and flowy, abstract, one pencil line designs

I'm a graphic designer, but don't draw too well by hand. But, when caught doodling, it's usually flowers. :)

I always doodle stars.

I doodle sketches, flowers, trees and other

Flowers and hearts is what I usually end up with.
I never intend to DRAW anything but when I hang up the phone there is the proof.
Thank YOU.

Flowers, always flowers. Bye Irene

I LOVE all of AMY's stuff!! I'm crazy... I start doodling, and end up witing emilie loves jason (my darling husband) over and OVER again like i'm a teenager all over again!!

I loved video!!! I doodle hearts, flowers and names! xoxo

My favorite thing to doodle is swirlies...just swirly lines all over the page or flowers.


thanks for the chance to win!!!

I never tire of writing "Mrs. Sheryl Coe" on everything, followed by paisleys, hearts, sunshine, scalloped edges and plenty of flowers. Anything happy and perky that puts a smile on my face.

In other news: I most recently drew an entire family tree of the "Vampire Diaries" story for a friend to illustrate who was a vampire, werewolf, hybrid, and who was R.I.P. It was a brilliant masterpiece that sadly found the trash heap.

I doodle flowers and owls the most, although I have doodled many a bunny in the last couple of weeks!

Great video. I am honestly an awful doodler - looks like a kindergartner did it. So I tend to stick with the basics - faux stitching, spirals, simple daisy-like flowers, etc.

When I doodle, I tend to draw buildings and shapes like arches, or geometric shapes like squares and rectangles that form a pattern.
Would love to loosen up a bit and use more fanciful forms!

Nowadays, when I doodle, it's usually a design for a scrapbook layout or card. :) So that involves squares, circles, flowers/stars, and lots of squiggle lines for "patterns".

When I doodle I doodle flowers, not sure why, just do. Thank you for the chance to win! ;)

Seems like lately I am always doodling owls, since they are my daughter's favorite icon right now! And they're something i can actually draw!

I like doodling frames around pictures!

Hearts!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

love love love the typography!

I love to doodle geometric shapes and letters.....

What a neat idea! Loved it! For some reason, I end up doodling houses. And I'm not very good at it either. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

Great video! With me it starts with circles that turn into flowers that morph into leaves and so on and so on........

I doodle leaves and flowers - sometimes stars!

i like doodling flowers and swirls.:)

My doodles don't look that great... but when I do, I find myself doodling flowers.

I like to draw freeform doodles that I can decorate with glitter glue and embossing... sometimes I add tiny bling bits.

Reminds me of when I was a kid with a paint box. Free to create without any rules.
Remember to get back to that again.

I like to practice my alphas..oooo and squiggles and try to make stuff out of them.

I like to do swirls.....love swirls!

I doodle just about anything when I have a pencil near me, but on my layouts I only doodle lines around the pages (around three lines). I wish I could make great doodles like those... That's why I looove the stamp on this line!!
Thanks for the chance!
(fingers crossed)

I like to write my name over and over when I doodle:)

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