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Monday, May 21, 2012


I current dream is to own the sketchbook line! I absolutely LOVE it!!!

oooh, I am the first to comment, does that mean I win...just kidding...:) My dream and goal at the moment is to just have a happy and healthy family, that's all I can ask for at this time in my life :) and of course winning one of your lines would be great!!

One of my dreams at the moment is to expand our family!! I know God has a plan for us and I am hoping it includes another child!! One of my goals is to be on a couple New Design Teams this year!! I am looking forward to SO MUCH fun this summer!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

One of my goals for the summer is to complete a scrapbook album---I need to get my son's school album up-to-date...

My current goal and dream this year is to completely remodel our master bathroom and bedroom, plus paint the kids rooms. I'm getting good inspiration from my current favorite line - Amy Tangerine's Sketchbook!

I'd like to find a job! And finish my son's Senior album. Oh, and exercise and lose weight. That's all.

I'm planning a weekend trip for my husband and myself to take our motorcycle and go have some fun! Might even swing two trips this summer.

Carla from Uah

My biggest dream is to go on a cruise in Alaska one day. But my gols are to finish a couple of the mini books I've been working on before summer is over:).

I have been lucky enough to see one of my dreams fulfilled...my biz, Funky Finds, that promotes handmade is now a full-time job! To build on that, I would like to see it grow even more so I can further help promote independent artisans & get more people interested in unique, hand-crafted items.

My dream now is to have my own business invitations for events and have my scraproom! I have a loving family and is what gives me strength to be better every day! Thanks for the chance to win!

For right now my Goal is to live the Summer to the fullest w/my kids this coming September all 3 of my kids will be in school & I will finally go back to work after 7 years of being home. It's a big step for us all but I want to make the most of the time we will all be together this Summer & make the most awesome memories before we buckle down for the new adventures! Thanks for the chance.

I dream about finishing our house renovation, we've been living in a building site and doing the fixing up as and when we can afford it for the last 5 years, just the kitchen to finish now then I can carpet the whole house it will be wonderful when it's done, but living with the brick dust, plaster dust, wires hanging, no plumbing, leaks, no ceilings, builders has been trying. It will be amazing to have a place to scrap again, soon...

My goal is to get healthy. I am moving along slowly but surely.

Lots of dreams, I'd love to be on a DT, get published, and maybe even make a little money for crafting. I'd also love to get a children's book published someday. And on a more practical note, one day I would love to own my house outright....no mortgage.

One of my goals this year is to be healthier:)

I am fighting the forever battle of the bulge, I am hoping to stay on this diet and exercise plan!

I recently started a card making company for personalized cards and craft gifts. My dream and goal right is to get better and start to work so I can someday make a living out of it.

My dream is to create more and more : being part of AC DT:!! that's one of my dreams!

to learn and follow a healthy lifestyle.

My goals for this year will be to help my husband and myself lose weight and become healthier so that we will be with our family for a long time. My second goal for the summer is to complete my craft room. I really want to complete scrapbooks of my 3 sons so they can share ther childhood memories with thier children but I do not have the space until I complete this one task. Wish us luck!

i dream of traveling abroad ... pretty much just getting out of cali for a while.

My goal for the summer is to spend less time on the computer, more time with kids and crafts.

My dream is to one day to parachute out of plane, I can only imagine how liberating it must feel to be flying..oh..I hope one day I can get to fulfill this dream!

My most important goal at the moment is to help my kids realize that each day truly is unique and special. In November I had a medical emergency that should have cost me my life...but I am here today, loving life! :)

My dream is to finish the novel that I seem to have been working on forever. Summer is about to start - so I need to work on it!!

My current goal is to buy a house. My hubby and I are working to make this a dream come true.

My daily goal is to be plugged in to God, and to see the world and the people in it through His eyes. I often fail at this, but it is important to me that I at least try every single day.

My other goal is to continue to grow my wedding photography business by providing the best service possible to my clients...seeing them as God sees them. My dream is to be the most sought after wedding photographer in my area because of my talent and attitude towards my business.

One of my goals is to do the weekend to end breast cancer walk every year for my mom and two cousins who are survivors!
One goal is to skydive before I'm 25 (3 yrs left)

My goal right now is to find a full time job that I love!
Thanks for the chance to win!
<3 Katie

My dream at the moment is to find a more creative job in Autumn.
Thanks for the occasion, kisses

One of my biggest dreams/goals is too lose weight. I'm working on it but it's been a hard road that's for sure!

One of my goals is to keep my studio cleaner. Get rid of those paper piles, and put everything back where it goes!

My current dream is to go to Hawaii next year for our 10th anniversary. my current goal is to finish my sons' childhood albums (They are both in their 30's...LOL)

I dream of being able to go on a fabulous round the world holiday!

My goal is to one day scrap all my pictures. Tall order.

I love the Bucketlist LO!! A few of my dreams include attaining my Master's Degree, a trip to Venice and Paris, and getting a Maltese puppy! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

I just completed a major goal of mine by getting my Bachelor's Degree (at 41 years old). My next big goal is to finish my Master's Degree. Scary, but worth it! :)

I would dream to win the lottery and then have all the time in the world to finish all my scrapbook projects!!

my current dream is to able to purchase a bigger home for my family and doesn't need to go to work!!! Hope my dream can come true.

My ultimate dream is to live a long, happy, healthy live with my DD and DH, and my other family and friends. Everything else in life pales in comparison for me other than that. What else could one ask for? Great question!

My current dream is to make it through the summer vacation with my son since I am a single stay at home mom of a autistic 5 year old!!! Enough said huh! LOL

My biggest dream right now is to keep healthy and be content.

My current goal is to pay off my student loans so I can start saving for a house. =)

my current dream/ goal is to get back to my prebaby weight, which I just had her 5 months ago.. I need to kick my bad habits and get back on the healthy train!!! also I have a dream of finding out where we are going to live this summer, since it's up in the air and we are in limbo, I hate that!! LOL

My dream at the moment is to get a little organisation into my life, so that I can balance crafting, kids, and housework, without feeling stressed that something's being left out! I've been trying all year, and it's working a little, so I just have to keep trying!

My main tip to reach your dreams / goals is to tell other people about them. So often we keep these things bottled inside, and they just seem unachievable. But if you tell people about the things you'd love to do, they can offer suggestions on how to make it happen, and you're more 'accountable' so you make yourself try harder! So commenting here is one way to help reach those goals!

One of my dreams is for our family in the West to go back East to visit my youngest, who is in university there. I've been east, but not that far east. And hubby and my oldest have never been further east than Alberta :)

current dream is to turn my passion into a job and work in the movie industry!

Cute, cute layout! One of my goals for the summer is to get my little (read teeny tiny) photography business off the ground. My dream is to turn it in to a career one day.

Goals? Well first I want to finish my studies and finally become a teacher, and of course be an awesome teacher that is liked by the students ;) ..and one of my dreams is to open a small online shop where I can sell paper goodies I made :)

Now that all 3 of my children are teenagers, one of my dreams is to see them all succeed as young adults and that they are happy!

My dream/goal for this year was to visit my relatives in Brazil. I bought the tickets, now I just need Shoreline to scrap the pictures I take over there :)

Cindy, your card is so cute! I love the whimsy of it. My dream is to be able to let go and actually make a whimsical card too. I am always trying to match and place everything in just the right spot. Thanks for the inspriation.

I have many dreams for my little one, who is due this summer. One of them is to "always be you".

I would love to learn some new skills- like sewing and how to use power tools!

Right now my goal is pretty simpl, get through my spring cleaning before its summer!

My current crafting goal is to grow creativly. A personal dream is to become a grandma... sooner then later :)

I love the Bucket List layout!
My dream for this year is to save enough to buy a new home. Would be so nice to have a yard and some private space! Love city/apt living but I think it's time!

Since my kids are older teenagers my dream is to see them succeed in life and be happy. And for my hubby and I to travel together :)

Being a college student my goal is to make it through college and get some sleep! Not easy to do!!

My 2 biggest goals right now-lose weight and be more organized!

My goal for the year is to complete a scrapbook on the wonderful and interesting women in our family going back about 150 years. My dream is a part-time job that will allow me to indulge in my scrapbooking addiction and give me a fresh perspective on life..

It's funny _ have always been a goal orientated kind of gal, but my two little girls have changed the way I look at life! My dreams now include finding a way to make life meaningful and fullfilling - enjoying every minute and every blessing I have, however that looks today!

Lots and lots of goals here... most of them related to memory keeping. My dream right now would be a Disney vacation for our family!

My goal is to get caught up on my scrapping! I have three mini albums to do and I can't seem to motivate myself to get started. Maybe some new paper will help... :)

My dreams are for my kids to grow up to be good, kind people who are happy and live good lives! That - and to live happily ever after with my husband and grand kids (hehe - they would SO freak out if they heard me say that now!) :D

My goals right now tend to be focused on family - helping my teens find and/or stay on a good path, work on my marriage as we approach empty nest time -- and my creative side -- learn/use new techniques, be part of a design team, etc.

Right now I am trying to get more organized!

My long time dream is to see the world. just take it one day at a time and to enjoy every experience!

My biggest dream now is buy a house. Someday...

I'm dreaming of a more peaceful life, goal is to cut out everything not needed! Concentrate to this moment!

My goal is for my husband and I to travel abroad for our 30th birthdays (next year!!) and eventually I'd like a new car. And to start a family.

My goal is to spend less time on the internet. :)
My dream is to travel to places I've never been, and maybe some I've never even heard of before.

I have a goal of completing 4 loads of laundry, all the while, keeping my kids from destroying the rest of the house or hurting each other! Thanks for the chance to win! I would love to win any of these lines!

Great inspiration! I'm hoping to stretch my scrapping to try more techniques and styles - I'm dreaming of stepping out of the box more ;)
Thanks for the chance to win, Rx

My goal is to be ready for this baby that will be here in a month! With an almost 3 year old running around, and a full time job... I'm a little out of sorts currently. It's getting there, just slowly.

I'm shooting to get a project published this year and to find a new circle of friends. We moved over a year ago and I have yet to find anyone I'd call a friend at this time in our new location.

My current dream and goal is to make craft my career! I want to make and sell my craft creations. Thanks for the chance to win.

My dream is to be able to do something I truly love for a living.

I want this summer to be a true one - like when I was a kid and it was the best season and every day was a new adventure!

Love it.

My biggest dream & goal is to make a living creating my art.

My ultimate dream is to one day sing on the Grand Ole Opry stage in that famous circle where the greats have all stood. I used to perform around the state...now that I am a mom, I've stopped, and only perform for fun. Maybe one day though... it's on my bucket list!

One of my goals is to get 'caught up' on Project Life. I love documenting, but I'm stuck in March, ack!

I love the idea of a bucket list layout and I just love this one, and the soar card!! I have 2 major goals/dreams......one is to be a published scrapper....in a real live, hold in your hand, print magazine! The other is to be a writer one day.....I really wanted to write when I was younger and my then significant other (who is now VERY insignificant!!) told meit was useless. I have people tell me all the time I have a knack for it....so we'll see!!

My goal right now is to finally own our own home again. We lost it back in 2008 when everything started to go bad, my husband lost his job. Things are starting to look up, my husband has a job now and we'll be trying to save every penny. My dream would be to just go on a week cruise somewhere, anywhere!!! and of course would love to win, thanks for the chance.

My dream is to go travelling with my husband! We've never been outside of the US.

My husband and I would love to be able to purchase a vacation home on the Florida keys. Thanks for the chance to win.

I have so many project goals... but one of them is to be content and enjoy the process-- no matter whether I get a chance to finish them or not. One of my dreams is to have a dedicated room again for my crafting and sewing! We'll see if it comes true!

My dream is to buy a home for my family.A beautiful home next to the beach.

I am lot of dreams, but one...is go back to Chile, because there live a friends very important to me.

Thanks for the chance!


I hope to someday find the time to travel the teach different scrapbooking techniques. It's my passion!

My dream is to build a house big enough for a custom craft space... I want more shelves and storage than you can count!

What a fun theme for the week! One goal I have for the summer is to balance the fun stuff with the have-to-do stuff...with maybe a little more weight given to the fun stuff!

I have a dream to work with disadvantaged teens... I want to give back some of the love and support that was given to me when I was younger.

My goal is to put together a family scrapbook with memories from ALL my brothers and sisters. I have only 3 siblings who still need to send me info, the other 7 have already done their part. My dream would be to have it completed before I go back to visit all of them.

I would love to take my crafty skills to the next level and learn to decorate cakes!!

My most current dream/goal is to find a house!! We're hoping it happens soon...
- April W

my current goal is to clean and organise my scrap room properly so I can find what I want when I want it.....not one week later lol!

Start a family business... and it looks like it is finally going to happen this year!I am hoping it becomes a reality!

My dream is to get my online business up and running with enough income streams that I can quit my job and move out of the city. Eventually I'd like to have a real shop/studio space as well, but for now the current goal is just to replace my current income and move.

A long-term goal is to run a marathon. I am starting slowly. A 5K two Saturdays from now. A 10K in November. Then, I'll leap to a 1/2 marathon. And then a marathon.

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