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Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Glitter I think - I don't have any and have been feeling the urge to add some sparkle to my life.

I like the Glitter Sets. Lots of good colors and everyone loves the sparkle!

Carla from Utah

OH Thickers Be Still my Heart! The more the Merrier!

Love all of it, what a great idea, boxed cards! but I have to go with the Thickers, love the all!!

Thickers thickers thickers! I am addicted to them! I love them!! I think I hoard them!! You know, I don't want to use those, I'm saving them for something special (I'm working on that problem!!). Thank you for making thickers and the chance to win some!!

The cork and burlap thickers look to die for! Thanks for the chance to win.

Everything !! I'd love to have any of these ! If I had to chose one, I'd pick thickets !

I love all the Thickers, especially the book print set!

The Burlap Thickers sound great!

I love the new thickers and the new glitters look fabulous as well. I am looking forward to more views of the cards too.

My heart is pounding for cork Thickers!What a wonderful idea!

I LOVE the cork and burlap Thickers so unique and new....thanks for the chance to win!

I love the boxed cards!!! These are my go to cards for a nice card for any occassion!!

Wow! I am definitely in need of some glitter and Thickers!!! But if you all make me pick ... I am going for the Thickers. Burlap to be exact.

Adore the idea of the boxed cards, love the thickers and could happily make a mess for hours with the glitter... good show

Thickers and those boxed cards!!

Oh, I love all those glitters!!!

Glitter.......oh my!

Which one product? One? I'm a scrapbooker - I need it all! :)

The glitter looks super fun! I'm also excited for the new burlap thickers!

wow!! those glitter sets look great! would love to win one of those!!!

I like the boxed cards, and the beautiful selection of glitter colors.

Ummm, all of them! Yes I am a Thicker addict, so of course I will need those. But the Box Card Sets are amazing! I don't make a lot of cards but these will get me going! Thank you.

Definitely Thickers, especially the book print one!

Wow! So much goodness! I really like the boxed cards! Glitter is always tons of fun too!

OOOOOO thickers, what could be more fun, and those glitter sets, wow, I just love sparkle,

Oooohhhhh, I like them all. I'm loving all the glitter sets and the sparkle set.

Thickers for sure. I have never played with them.

Thickers all the way baby. I have confessed my addictions to thickers. Loving the book print and cork.

Who can so no to those gorgeous Thickers! Love the book print! I'd love to see those cards in person too. Thank you for continuing to exceed my expectations time and time again! I heart AC!

I love the corkboard, bookprint and burlap thickers. That font is a favorite!

I'll take one of each. Thanks. :) Cork board Thickers. Brilliant!

I love it all! But I think those Holographic Thickers are so fun, and glitter, lots and lots of glitter.

WOW!! look at all of that glitter.... but I think I will be picking up some of those box sets.

Burlap Thickers!! Thanks for the giveaway!

THICKERS! I can't get enough! I'm always using them and I need more! LOL! Everything is gorgeous but definitely I'm a Thicker gal! (^_^)

Thickers thikers thikers ever!!!! but I can't decide which is my favorite

Thanks for the chance!!

Definitely the cards and alphabet stickers!!!!

Lots of awesome new stuff! Love the new thickers and the glitter sets!

Oh my those Thickers are TO DIE FOR!! Love, love!

Your WOW glitter looks so yummy and can't wait to play with them. Thanks for the chance to win some of your awesome products.

Oh, I must have the cork, book print and burlap Thickers!


Thickers! I seriously need a 12 Step program for my addiction! ;)

WOW!! looks fabulous:)

I'm looking most forward to the printed Thickers. They look great.

I admit it - I'm boring: I loook forward to the new thickers :-)

I'm mostly looking forward to the new Thickers, but the glitter also looks so fun, especially the chunky one - so gorgeous!

Thickers!! I am a complete Thickers addict!

Definitely the Thickers!! I must admit - I am a Thickers hoarder.

oh my word...thickers in cork. sign me up!

the holographic thickers are my favorite

Glitter!!! I've always loved glitter, I'm partial to the silver and gold, & everyone always loves new Thickers.

LOVE the corkboard and book print Thickers! Fabulous!

I love the glitter sets. Thanks for the chance.

Oh, I'm super excited about the cork, bookprint, and burlap Thickers!

It's all so great, but I've had a weakness lately for cork, so the cork Thickers.

I like the Glitter Sets!!...Beautiful colors!!

Thanks for the chance!!


I always have room for more Thickers in my collection. I guess you can say that I have a Thickers Addiction. Seriously. I can't stop using them!

Those boxed card sets look darling and i MUST have the burlap thickers! Very fun new product, WTG AC!

I love the new glitter Thickers, and I'm excited about the Wow! sets as well. So much fun!

ooooo I definitely can't wait of the THICKERS!!! Cork , burlap oh my!

definitely the thickers...can't get enough of them!

Thickers...of any sort...alphabets just call my name!

I can't wait to see the corkboard thickers!

Loving the new boxed cards!

Wow! They are all such great products! But, I am a true Thicker-a-holic, never having less than 100 sets in my stash at any time. So I gotta say I love all the new Thickers, especially the corkboard, book print and burlap ones!

So much to choose from! I love it all, but my favorite are the Thickers! Thanks for the chance.

The Wow! Glitter sets, for sure!

I think the chunky glitter looks sooo cool. Of course, I'm a Thickers junkie so... the cork looks too cool for my grandson's pages! I love it all!!!

great new products!!! LOVIN The new thickers, as always!!!!!

Super excited about all the wonderful Thickers!!!

Possibly the boxed cards. But the glitter is great!!

I've never tried the WOW glitter. I'm looking forward to seeing what makes it different.

Oh my! Corkboard Thickers! Definately will have those! Can't wait!

cork thickers..whoop, whoop!

It's all about the Thickers for me!!!! Cool stuff!

Awesomeness! I have recently become addicted to thickers! So much easier than die cutting my titles. I am excited for the new options:o)

Thickers for sure!

love the boxed cards :)

I seem to have turned into a Thickers junkie and while I don't have scads of them, I just HAVE to look every time I go by someplace that has them.

It's a hard choice as to what i'm looking forward to most - book print & burlap thickers, or the boxed cards. Thanks for a chance to win :-)

I love those cork thickers!

Awesome!!!! Love the new products. I am looking forward the most to the boxed cards. They are perfect for when I need to make cards but am short on time (even when not short on time...they are so pretty, wonderful and perfect for a lot of what I make).

I'm a huge Thickers fan and just can't get enough of them! I'm really looking forward to those!

I love those corkboard letters!

I always look forward to new thickers!!

Looking forward to cork Thickers!

OOh new Thickers, love all the colours!

thickers...not that i don't already have enough--there's no such thing as too many choices when it comes to those babies :)

I need a Thicker intervention! I love them and can't wait to get my hands on some of the new ones!

Bring on the holographic thickers!

Ooh, so much fun! If I had to pick, glitter. I would be happy with any of it :)

ohhhhhh that glitter is sooooooooooo pretty!!!! wahooooooooooooo

I always love thickers and glitters, so all of these products are right up in my alley:) Love them!

The boxed card sets are so pretty!

Why Thickers of course! Need more thickers!

Thickers! You can never have too many Thickers!

oooh...all that glitter!!! talk about eye candy!!

Ohh my - more Thickers I must buy!! .D

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