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Monday, May 28, 2012


I love the look of machine stitches on layouts, but I havo no clue how to use a sewing machine. I know how to do cross stitch and have eventually use it on some cards, but my favorite is the faux stitching with a gel pen ;) !!!

Great projects! My favorite stitch is the easy one, so hand drawn!! lol

Nothing quite like the pizzazz of a touch of zig zag in my world... thanks for the chance to win this great set of goodies!

Super cute! backstitch is my fave ... less room for error!

I love zig zag stitching!:)

just a random line of stitching in an unexpected place is what I like to do :) I have my sewing machine always out and ready.

I mainly do hand sewing on my cards so I would have to say the backstitch.

zigzag is the one I use most...usually around my page or as an accent. Love the inspirational projects.

Well, I tend to faux stitch because I don't have a sewing machine, but I do love the way Shimelle stitched the leaves. I could do that! :)

I usually do backstitching when I need to stitch an embellishment to the page or card, it's an easy one.

My favorite stitch i the zig zag!

my favourite is the zigzag, hand or machine sewn.

Zig zag is my favorite - love it combined with the straight stitch. :)

I think I use the zig zag stitch the most, but it depends on the project and layout. Thanks for the chance to win that awesome collection! :)

My fave stitch is zig zag!
Thank you for the chance to win

It's not that it's my favorite, but I use it the most, the backstitch. It's easy and can be used to make pretty designs. THANKS!!

I just sketch it out and go.....lol. I love the look of the zig zag tho :)

The cross stitch is my favorite!

I like any kind of stitch but the zig zag is the funnest!!

I love to stitch a french knot(by hand), it looks just like a little flower, can be tricky but so simple once you know how....thanks so much for the chance to win!!!

I love cross stitch! Thanks for the giveaway!!

Best giveaway ever!!!

I like the basic zig zag most, but I´d like to try the cable chain stitch and the zig zag chain stitch on my layouts too! thanks for the chance!

I mainly use backstitch, but all kind of sewing on the LO's.. What a nice giveaway.., it would be wonderful to win!! :)

I love a nice zigzag stitch. Thanks!

I love a french knot! I never thought I'd figure it out, and once I did, I was hooked

Thanks for the awesome give-away chance1

I love cross stitch! And today's projects are amazing :) Thanks for the chance to win this awesome collection!

Thanks for the chance to win. I love zig zag stitches.

i love all kinds of stitch, but my favorite is backstitch. thanks so much for the chance!

My favorite stitch is the cross stitch! It's very versatile!!!

I love cross stitch!!! Hope to win your amazing prize!!

i love a straight stitch...nothing fancy..and works in a pinch when you run out of adhesive!

I can't really stich so I don't have a favourite... Thanks for the chance to win this amazing prize!

I love adding a straight stitch or a zig zag stitch to my projects with my sewing machine.

I love using my sewing machine to attached some pieces of paper to my layout (straight or zig zag). Thanks for the giveaway ;)

Love making french knots but the cross stitch is probably my favorite stitch. Thanks for your generous giveway!

ohhhh love stitching!!! I love using my sewing machine to add stitching, regular stitch or zig zag are my faves!!!

oh that's great, I try my luck I would love to work with these wonderful products! I cross my fingers, who knows, two days before my birthday;-)
Kisses, Erika

Love the cross stitch if I were to stitch by hand. Love Amy Tangerine line! Would love to win! Thanks for the chance!

Great projects! I especially like Leah's piece- great colors, cute idea and design. As for stitches, I stick to back or straight stitches since they're so easy but I love the look of a blanket stitch.

Backstitch is my go-to. I like 'em all though!

Thanks for the inspiration! Like most, my favourite stitch is the zigzag, but I also love the hand-drawn straight stitch!

I've never done stitching on layouts because I don't have a sewing machine, but I can't wait to get one to start. I love the Amy Tangerine stitched papers!

Great projects. If I'm using a machine stitch, I love to use heart stiches or zig zag. My hand stitching is usually a straight stitch.

I like the look of the zig zag but don't own a sew machine so it's hand drawn if there's "stiching" thanks for a chance to win.

Love the projects!!! There are so many stitches to choose from. I would have to say the one I love the most is probably the X (cross stitch), but also use the zigzag and straight stitch a lot as well!

I love cross stitch! Thank you for the chance to win!

my favourite hand stitch is lazy daisy. Also love mavhine stitching and really want to master free motion stitching.

i just love the basic stitch around shapes on cards/layouts....looks so stunning esp. on white paper/card!!!

thanks for a super fun giveaway!!!

I love stitching on my pages. I do mostly hand stitch. I have a machine and have really been wanting to do some stitching with it just have not had the time to practice.

Ever since I was little, the Cross-stitch has been my favorite! I used to cross-stitch like crazy!

My favorite stitch i the zig zag!

Thanks for the chance!


Most of all I like straight line stiches made with sewing machine!

I love zig zag stitching!:)
Thanks for the chance!

I love to use zig zag stitching on a card. It adds great texture!

I like zig zag stitching.

I just love what you did, such a great way to incorporate stitching! My favourite technique is zig zag stitching, though I never really gave it a try.

I like to blanket stitch! Makes the edges stand out!

I would have to say the straight stich and the zig zag.. it's a dimension on it's own..

i love zig zag stitches!

I'm not really good with my sewing machine, but my most-often used stitches are a hand-stitched straight stitch, or if I'm feeling adventurous - a zigzag stitch. :)

I love the french knot.....I use it in fabric embroidery and card making!

I'm such a lemming. Zig zag is my favorite, too.

I love the look of zig-zag stitches on a card but I have to admit that I am just a beginner at sewing. A mini sewing machine was given to me by a friend and I am currently working on mastering the straight line! lol.
thanks for the inspiration and chance to win some Amy Tan! I adore her and her paper lines and projects!

Love making french knots.

I love the look of hand stitching but it takes so long to do that I usually only use a few stitches here and there. A couple cross-stitch stitches look great as accents and only take a few minutes.

I love random basic lines done by a machine on my sewing machine!

I love random basic lines done by a sewing machine on my scrapbook pages. Most of my pages have some kind of machine sewing...

My fave stitch is zig zag :) I just starting sewing !

I love the button hole stitch!

Carol B

I like the zig zag stitch the most!!

gorgeous projects!..I actually love a combination of straight and zig zag stitching..and often one over the top of the other for a messy look! :)

I really like to use my machine to sew on my layouts. I like the uniform look better than my hand-stitching. :)

I have lots of love for embroidery and I loved seeing these projects. My favourite stitch is probably stem stitch. It looks so pretty but is actually really easy.

Thanks for the chance to snag some lovely Amy Tangerine swag!

Basic line stitch on all my projects. Would be so thrilled to win! Thanks.

Cute wall hanging!

I love the imperfections of hand drawn stitching! Well, at least mine has imperfections, lol!!

I've always loved the cross stitch, but also a close second, is the blanket stitch.

Zig zagging is my way to go.
What a super give-away.

I love machine stitching although my machine and I don't get along so well! Thanks for the chance. Great giveaway.

My favorite stitch is the zig zag. I love how it borders a page, picture, or just about anything! Great giveaway! Thanks!!

I love to use back stitching on my layouts but will always resort to cross stitch for the corners.

Love stitching so much! I love cross stitch best!
Hope I would really win the entire collection!
Love Amy. T collection to bits
Love AC for the chance to win

As usual, LOVE all of Shimelle's work. My sewing machine is out of order and has been for awhile, so I've been faux stitching with my white Uniball pen. Love the effect on kraft paper. And I've always adored those Amy Tangerine stitched papers!

Oh I love zigzag! If you check out my blog, you will find I LOVE using machine stitching on my projects! :)

I like the zig zag stitch..kind of look prominent on a card.

love the zig zag stitch. thanks for the chance to win this wonderful line.

Since I don't really know how to sew, I'd say cross stitch! Oh, I do know how to make french knots! :)

I love cross-stitch and this Amy Tangerine line!

I love a straight stitch, and a little zigzag thrown in as well. I have no machine, so I like to keep t simple.

I usually free hand some swirly loopy lines on a page and hand stitch. It takes forever but I love the look. thanks for the chance to win an Amy Tangerine line!

I do a lot of hand stitching on my cards and layouts so my favorite stitch is the zig-zag stitch! Thanks for sharing and the chance to win!

I love to do zig zag stitches on my cards. Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize.

I love adding stitching to my layouts and cards. I mean love!! I love Amy tans handstitched tags, crossing my fingers and hoping to win here! My favorite stitch(es) are- cross stitching, zig zags and messy machine stitching ;)

I love zigzag stitching! It's so hip & 'now'! Lol. Thanks for the chance to win!

i do cross stitch but it's difficult to apply on my paper projects so I usually use my sewing machine, just lots of random straight lines :)
Thanks for the chance to win!

I love zig zag stitching but alas, I can't sew one bit or use the sewing machine. So it's either faux stitching or simplest hand back-stitching if I were to do any :)

Thanks for the chance to win the awesome prize.

I love using sewing techniques on my layouts, it really adds an extra touch. Love the projects! Thanks for the chance to win!

i like the zig zag stitching. Thanks for the chance to win.

What a great projects!!! I love to stitch on my sewing machine lol
Thanks for great prize!!!

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