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Monday, June 25, 2012


My summer plans include: sunbathing, swiming in the Mediterranean and visiting my family! Thanks for the chance to win!

We haven't made any plans...I just went back to work after 18 years as a SAHM, so I am unsure of IF I can get time off...so we hope to do little getaways when we can :)

My summer plans? TOTAL STAYCATION! Seriously! Time to relax, renew, reset, have fun in my art studio, play with my daughter, swim, garden, read tons of books, and just restore our energy and spirits. Maybe a day trip to Disney (we live a few hours away). Just relaxed fun!

oh wow!! would love to win this, look at ALL those papers and the Thickers, so cute!!! we are going to MA to visit family and stay at our house on the lake, looking forward to it!!

We will be staying home this year. We got a cute little baby boy last month!

Our summer plan is to visit father and mother in law and enjoy the sunshine. Thanks for the chance to win this line.

We are taking a road trip to visit family:)

Road trips :)

Love this bright, happy new line!!

Summer plans? Nothing special. I'll be chauffeur to my kids from one camp or activity to another. But, I love the long days! Hope to get some R&R and spend time with friends and family!

Such fun projects! We plan to do lots of swimming and playing outside and are getting ready to leave on a LONG road trip from TX to Washington next week!

So far, my plans include day trips to the shore, and a trip to VT for a baking class at King Arthur Flour! I'm so excited!

LOVE this paper line! The colors are fabulous - perfect for documenting all the fun summer activities! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

My summer plans-running, gardening, swimming, and a visit from family!

My summer plans are to swim and craft!

my plans fro this summer is crafting, going downtown Chicago, dog sitting, and more crafting!

Love this collection. nice and bright fun colors!

The weather here in Englad has been terrible, so if we get some good weather we are planning some family barbeques and some trips to the seaside!

My family and I just returned from summer vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This collection would be PERFECT for all of our photos we took there! Love it! :)

Love this collection!

We don't have any major plans for this summer. Just the usual hanging around the yard or the beach or the park. Maybe a little camping.

Working, taking my daughters to a few summer boy band concerts and then going on vacation for a week with just the girls and the hubby. Can't wait!!!!

It's already hot and humid here in Alabama so my plans include weekly trips to a friends pool with my kiddos, so we can at least try to stay cool.

Time to relax...read books, scrap, siesta!!!jajajaja

Yhanks for the chance!


We have a big July 4th party every year. This year its this coming weekend because the 4th is on Wed. We wont let that hold us back. :) Lots of fun at the lake is also on the agenda!!

We don't really have summer plans. We are hoping to take a couple day trips.

No plans yet, just relaxing, stamping and blog surfing.

I am planni.g lots of mini-adventures this summer. I'm so excited!

I am going to the beach twice this summer. This would perfect to scrap those pictures!!

Well weve already gone to disneyland for 3 days,and now were planning on relaxing in monterey ca.

I can't wait to get my hands on this collection! We're taking a family trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -- two weeks by the beach and lots of photos to scrap!

Enjoying our new home on the river!

We are taking a short trip to visit family, and staying at home the rest of the summer.

I am going to the Olympics and when we are not there in person, watching it all on tv.

Staying home this year enjoying a slower pace and no packing!

Lots of boat, beach and book reading! Love this collection!

3 weeks with the kiddos in Florida in August (no Disney, just chillaxin' at pool and a little golf)...50 days but who's counting ?? LOL :)

I have not sorted out my plans yet but I think whatever it is I will make sure it coordinates with this paper! :0)


We are planning to move!!! But, this paper would be awesome for a cruise we are taking later in the year!! :-) Thanks for a chance to win!

My summer plans are working kids dance camps and going camping with my friends. It's going to be a blast! (And I'll definitely have a ton of pictures to scrap when it's over)

My summer plans: two weeks in New York! It's my first trip there and I can't wait.

heading to PA & central NY the end of July 1st of Aug hope to do some craft shopping while up there. hoping the weather is a little cooler up there.

My summer plans involve having a ton of fun with the kiddos while searching for a job...

love that hit of navy and the tall thin thickers

My summer plans will be working all summer LOL and perhaps a few fun daytrips with hubby to DC. :) Oh, and watching the Olympics, too! :D

great projects! love the new line! We are planing to fishing for 2 weeks in northern ontario!

This summer I am working an internship and looking for full time work! I am also spending lots of time being creative and hoping to get to the beach a few times :)

You bet your buns I wanna win this line! LOVE!!! My summer plans include survival! As a SAHM of 4 seriously active kids I've already spent the entire month of June running to drop off, pick up and watch kids in various activities. I am definitely going to need a scrapalicious break when I'm done with all this!

our plans this summer are to spend as many days possible on the beach or at the park ... basically away from the house and with lots of photos.

Love the bright colours of this line! We will be spending most of July visiting my Dad on Vancouver Island!

Our plans are to stay home and save money!! BUT we plan to spend some time at the lake!

We will be having a staycation this year. It wiill be filled with daytrips to the Wilds, beach, the fair and the hot air ballon festival. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

My summer plans are going to Disneyland as often as possible, and finding a job!

We are Stayationers (is that a word?) We will be actually exploring our city and being we are in NY I can't think of a more awesome place to do so! We are planning to head to Coney Island next week THAT will be a blast as my kids have never been & I can't see their face when they see the Wonder Wheel!

Counting down the days for vacation in August, a week at the beach. A few little trips in the meant time and trying to keep cool.

Hanging out with my 5 year old son, swim lessons, soccer, VBS, a trip to the beach to see family and some fun in the sun!! Love this line, it would be perfect for our summer photos!

This summer I'm moving to New Jersey, so I definitely need this Shoreline collection pack to document my first travels to the shore! :) Tganks, American Crafts for the great collections and chance to win!

I plan to do a lot of crafting and getting my bedroom painted and decorated! Love the line... just bought some of the papers a few days ago!!!

Me and my husband our taking our first road trip together to California from Minnesota! The double bonus is I get to meet bestie from online for the first time in Los angeles!!

I NEED this collection!!! I love the matching thickers!!! The bright colors!!! EVERTHING!!! My summer plans are pretty much staycation kinda things...my oldest is in school over the summer so we are staying close to home.....trips to the mountains, the lake, bbq's and picnics....we live very near the smoky mtns so almost any trip there is like a vacation! Thanks for a chance to win!!

My summer plans include visiting Boston and spending time at the beach and the harbor. All of my beach and sailboat photos will go so great with the Shoreline Collection!! :)

my summer plans are not set in stone yet but i want to fully embrace summer and do fun things like go to the drive in and see a pops in the park concert! embrace the sunshine and playfulness of summertime!

My summer plans include beaches, water, north woods and a county fair! Would love to win!

Plans include sitting outside every day while my boy enjoys pool time. Would also love to do a few road trips!

It's going to be a pretty mellow summer - I'll be traveling to Florida shortly to nurse my mother back to health after knee replacement surgery. Then once back home, we will roadtrip with the dogs to the Bay Area and as a finale, I'll be joining in on a few crops at Scrapbook Island in beautiful San Jose!!!

Pool with a friend and her boys, wine and reading in the evenings on the deck, CHA, maybe a long weekend somewhere for DH's birthday.

Currently vacationing with the hubby, another vacation in August with the whole family, and lots of hanging out and relaxing in between

Wow! This looks like a great collection. Our summer plans are to go visit out of state family.

My summer plans are to do as little as humanly possible...unless it's fun!!

Summer plans are to go boating, travel, party, relax and music festivals. All which I plan to scrapbook and make mini albums.

LOVING THOSE THICKERS SO CUTE. Summer Plans are to drive the mid-west Kansas City, MO to Indianapolis, IN to Chicago, IL to St Louis MO and back to KC. Road Trip!

My summer plans are to have a baby in six weeks! Thanks for the chance to win this great new line! Loving the colors & retro camera effect!

We don't have any special plans. We are going to try to squeeze in a couple of weekends at the beach around soccer and camps.

Great collection, my summer plans include catching up on all my scrapbooking and enjoying time with family and friends. Thanks for the chance to win. :)

We are headed to Aruba for a friend's wedding!! So excited. I lov ethis new collection so much. The papers, the stickers, the paper rosettes, the thickers and the stamps. The colors just pop! and are even better in person :) Love working with them so far, but I could always use more!!

We have no plans for this summer. Hopefully the weather here in the Netherlands is great so we can go to the beach and do other outdoors activities with the kids!
What a lovely line this is. Great colors.

Sandra :)

Planning on being the best Gammie to my 1st grandchild in July, it's going to be a great summer! Love the Thickers!

Love your page- the circles are great! We're doing a mixed bag trip at the end of July- I go to CKC with friends while DH & DS go visit our parents. Then two of them join me at our old hometown and while hubby works out of that office (we moved out-of-state for his job- same job, different location) for a few days, DS and I will visit with our friends. In Aug or Sept, we'll hit the beach for a few days with the parents.

oh my gosh LOVE LOVE that line!!!! We will be moving first and then hoping to start getting some beach time in!!!!

We're heading to the midwest soon to visit Husband's family, and then later on in the summer, we're heading to the coast to enjoy the beach with family on my side! It's going to be great.

Summer plans include crafting, crafting, and more crafting AND hiking, biking, swimming, camping, day trips, and a trip to visit family 2000+ miles away.

Well after a really hard but extremely lucky year (diagnosis of womb cancer and a hysterectomy that seems to have caught it all - fingers crossed), then an inspection at the college that I work at (went well - wow), I'm going to have 3 full weeks in the sun doing not much at all except perhaps playing with my crafting.
The collection looks really vibrant - congratulations on great summery design.

Our summer includes going camping this weekend for about 5 days, then it's home to get to work on basement renos. Yay! Other than that, lots of time at sprayparks and pools!

I'm going to California on my vacation, so these beachy papers would be perfect!!

I am gonna spent 2 weeks on vacation somewhere in Europe, well I am from Germany, so not that special!! But we don´t know where to go yet!! :)

Enjoying the Florida Sunshine and Crafting!

WOW this is SO awesome :) Love the line.
My plans for the summer is a trip to Italy with my parents and boyfriend and just enjoy that I don't have to go to school :)

This line is amazing!!! I'm so in love with the bright colors. :) Our plans for the Summer are to find a new house! I can't wait...

I'll be enjoying the Florida sunshine for two weeks.

Don't have any concrete plans - just whatever fun happening comes along! Have my scrap room ready for those free moments. Thanks for the opportunity to win a gorgeous kit!

looking forward to lots of card making this summer!!!

Lots of beach and pool time for us this summer.

I'm moving to Florida this Summer! which means I will have a lot of beachy photos to scrapbook!

We don't have any summer plans. A few beach days, hanging by the pool, catching fireflies, birthdays to celebrate and relaxing until school starts back up sounds good to me!

The POOL. And doing a summer camp with my kids. I love this line!

My summer plans include swimming, boating and baseball! Thanks for a chance to win.

No real exciting plans this summer as my daughter is raising a pig for FFA so we have to be available to take care of it and so we too will be doing a staycation for most of the summer. Hope to do a few fun summer activities. Thanks for a chance to win a great AC collection!!!

June was our crazy month, now that it's almost over I plan to spend July relaxing at the pool, playing with the kids, and scrapping nap time away! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

we've had a TON of things going on in June--camps. July is visits with family, should be a GREAt summer--thanks for a chance to win!!

mostly staying home and working in garden and then canning, freezing etc. I am going to see my sister in August! which will be so much fun!

I'm a teacher so my summer will be cleaning, organizing, babysitting my nephews, chauffering my grandparents and a trip to Myrtle Beach. Hopefully i'll have some time for scrapping.

I am loving the colors in this line!
We plan on going to the pool, splash pad, and zoo a lot!

I'm going to spend lots of time with my friends. And going to Italy soon=)

oh so beautiful!!!! I'd like to use this kit for my trip (that begins tomorrow)... :D

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