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Monday, July 23, 2012


Instagram is easily my favorite iPhone app! I LOVE capturing everyday moments -- I don't always have my camera with me, but I sure enough always have my phone with me, which makes it easy to document the everyday -- something we lose sight of. It's the little moments that make life great, so it's important to document them as well as the big moments!!

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!! LOVE that album!! :-)

I love catching my kids when I don't have my camera. Like making faces in restaurants or trying on goofy hats at Target!

I LOVE Instagram! & I use it daily. I actually jut took a picture of the heart pancakes I made for the family to start out the week w/yummy love. I've been using it to document & use for my Project Life album as well as the mini's I've made over the Summer so far!

I love instagram!! It's probably the most used app on my iphone. I use it for all the everyday moments and everytime something pretty catches my eye. It's the perfect app for PL, as I don't need to take my heavy camera everywhere with me!!
Oh, and I loooove that Amy Tangerine album!! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love taking pictures of what I'm eating and my latest nail art!

I love taking pictures to capture moments of everyday life, thanks for the chance at this lovely giveaway!!!

I love taking pictures of what I am eating using instagram!

everyday moments that turn into priceless memories!

I love taking pictures of what I see on my everyday life and I find inpirational or beautiful. Love Melissa's projects, so fun!

i like taking photos of my niece..she's my only one and shes the cutest.

I LOVE using Instagram. I use it to take pictures for my Project Life album.

I love Instagram! It's perfect for pictures of my girls...

I LOVE instagram!! This is such a neat looking album and would be perfect for my version of project life I plan on starting next month:)

Instagram is great. I love being able to capture everyday things, like my new running shoes, and this app makes them look like something really awesome!

I love to use Instagram for the little everyday things: food, happy mail, clothes.. So much fun!

I'm looking forward to snapping pictures of my son in restaurants and just out and about. Right now, I'm still on a basic, 4yr old flip phone. However, come fall, I'm finally getting a "real" phone and Instagram will be one of the first apps I download! :)

i use instagram pretty much everyday to take random pics: the sky, the food i hate, my cats, every single thing i want to remember!

I don't have an iphone, but I do have the first version of the ipad so I transfer my photos to instagram. I find that I transfer vacation and nature photos on a regular basis (to use the cool filters and the square shape). Usually I have a specific page or mini album in mind when doing so. (I WILL get an iphone someday!) Thanks for the chance to win!

I take pictures of food and colorful things with my phone.

Great layouts!! I <3 instagram, too!! ^_^

Ahh Instagram. I use it a lot and have a lot of different pictures, but the #1 subject of my Instagrams are pictures of hand lettering that I do

Love the filters, and most I can share my life with my family and friends around the world

LOVE taking pictures of my adopted dogs - love to capture their different expressions.

i like taking pictures of my daily life, but mostly what I post is food, scrapbook layout and pictures of my son.i love instagram so much, can't live without checking it more than 3 times a day. lol

I love Instagramming pictures of my cats! I think about 80% of my Instagram feed is cat photos.

I believe I take more pictures and use instagram than I do actually using the phone lol. I pull it out all day when I see anything I want to be able to remember. I absolutely love it and Love the Amy Tangerine camera album!

I love my Instagram, mostly it is images for my Project 365 but that is usually all food images! Haha my husband knows not to dig in until I snag a picture!

I capture the little, everyday moments with Instagram that I normally wouldn't have my regular camera around for.

I've not played with instagram, but it looks like lots of fun - I might need to experiment - maybe for pictures of food?

I photograph EVERYTHING! I'm home with 4 small kids, so for their daddy to see our daily adventures = hundreds of photos a day!

I love taking pictures of days out when I forget or can't be bothered to lug my SLR with me!

Don't have an Iphone, but I have a niece who uses it and sends me all the instagram pics of the baby learning to walk and other fun activies they all do. What great pics they are. Would love to put all the pics in a fun new album for her, as she's too busy with the baby to scrap right now.

My kids and dog! And my husband. Usually being silly.

I love taking pictures of the everyday things. I also love this album and have been trying to get my hands on one. Thanks for the chance to win.

I love taking pics of all the random things using Instagram. It makes photo taking and sharing so much easier than from a regular camera. And the prints are even better! Love to used them on LOs and minis :)

I love to take pics of my food, my walks, backgrounds, my arm candy, my 2 Jack Russell terriers, so many things.

Instagram is perfect tho capture the everyday adventures/ mishaps and quirkinesses. Documenting our lives photo by photograph :)

I love taking those spur of the moment pictures. My phone is perfect for those instead of having to lug a camera around.

I love to take pictures easily than a clic and share with friends our everyday life.
the pictures are so cool with.
thanks for the chance to win.

I love Instagram! Myself and my husband use it a lot, really just to document the everyday, and then share those memories with friends and family through instagram and facebook... Easily my most used app :D

I love using instagram all the time but especially when what I'm taking is in a less than perfect lighting settling. Then I can play with the fun filters and get it looking amazing.

I love it for the random moments!! The moments when I want to catch my kids doing something without them seeing me are the best photos!!!

I love taking pictures of cool things I find when I'm out, what I've been working on, and food!

Daily photos are a great way to record life:
activities, grandkids, friends, sights and the unexpected. Got my husband on a ladder changing the smoke alarm yesterday - no smiles required.

I sooooo LOVE instagraming!!! I've been taking tons of pics of my new lil baby and it's perfect for those on the go photos!!!

I love using instragram to take pics of nature. That primarily what I take pics of! Love this album! Hope I win :)

Instagram is so fun! My favorite is taking photos of the play scenes my kids think up. It's just a great way to capture all the little moments I would otherwise forget about. Thanks for the giveaway. I love that album!

Most of my instagram photos are of my kids and whatever they happen to be doing at the time. This summer has been photos on the beach, eating ice cream, and playing in the park. What a super album! Thanks for the chance!

I like to Instagram my shoes and all the little things about me in my life. The boys get my big DSLR mostly.

anything and everything!! :) thanks for the chance!

My Instagram photos usually involve some type of food.

I take pictures of everyday moments that I would never (or rarely) go get the regular camera for. Sometimes I aim for quirky, just because . . .

I'd take a pic of my middle child going to see his dr so he can go to kindergarten.

i love being able to capture pictures that i would normally miss if i was trying to pull out my digital camera - its literally a camera at my fingertips! im always snapping pics of my french bulldog and my fiance :) thanks for the chance to win!

I would take pics of spur-of-the-moment things like funny things people & pets do or how they look!

I have all kinds of instagram photos, most pertaining to daily life. In fact I am working on an instagram mini right now using an Amy Tangerine daybook :)

I unfortunately do not have a phone that allows me to use instagram! It makes me so sad to see all of these awesome pages and photos using Instagram. I do take plenty of photos, though and love that album! Thanks for the chance!

I don't have a phone that has instagram now but in the near future. I do love how the pics look and cannot wait until I can take some. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!!

I like taking quick snaps of my daughter, or everyday moments.

I have 4 Chihuahuas and love taking pictures of them and their antics. Would love to have a new photo album to show off their pics.

I love taking pictures of my kids and their antics. Nowadays, I usually have to do it in stealth mode, because they're 10 and 13 - that camera-averse stage! So I pretend I'm on my phone surfing, and I slyly take a pic. ;)
Technology is a wonderful thing!

I love to take pictures of nature.
Also love receiving pictures.
My sister just had a baby in Europe and within 5 min. we had pictures of the new babe.
Amazing how it keeps us in touch.

Call me a narcissist, I love taking pictures of.... Myself!
Lol.. But I do shoot lots of photos of my loved ones as well: family, boyfriend & BBFs...

And of course taking countless travel photos of the places I've been to are a must-do! *Wink* ;D

The album is awesome! Hope to win! ( ^3^)

I love taking picture with instagram.....mostly I take pictures of the things I drink?? Might be a coffee or might be a beer, who knows?

I love taking photos of my dog and nature!

Food, my shoes, and my fat cat are what I take the most pictures of.

I use Instagram to capture moments when I don't have my big, bulky camera in hand. And it's the easiest and fastest way to share with friends.

i love to take random shots of anything... at work, eating, people or shadows... love shadows :)

Sneaks of whatever craft project I'm making :)

I love to take goofy pictures of my son

I am addicted to Instagram and take photos of practically everything. But I particularly love to use it to share my Project life pages.

Thanks for the giveaway!

I love taking pictures of my son's bedhead every morning!

I enjoy taking pictures of random things that you would normally not think to take.

I don't have a smart phone to do Instagram but I would love to take pictures of things I see/do throughout the day.

It can be anything, you simply know when it's an instagram moment. Love the creativity of personalising the picture.

My daughter and her friends being silly - at 11 years old they won't let me do it much longer!!

Instagram is by far the best app on my phone. I love the convenience, creativity, spontaneous aspect of it, plus for me, it has enabled me the confidence of sharing my art & gorgeous everyday moments with people. :)

Instagram is perfect for those precious everyday moments that make my life unique- my meals, outfits, family and friends, and the many little adventures along the way.

I using it for when I'm out and about and want to snap a quick pic. Thanks for the chance to win an awesome album!

I use Instagram to capture everyday life - the moments & memories that may otherwise go undocumented.

I'm relatively new to Instagram, and I think my kids actually use it more than me. It's just fun to catch all those every day things that otherwise might go unnoticed.

I love this album!!

Great album. I love to take pictures of those everyday moments when you don't have your big camera out. My cat gets a lot of photos taken on instagram too!

I love Instagram for a variety of reasons, but my favorite is the spontaneity of life...fabulous food out on the town, city lights or just being silly. It's definitely one of my favorite things! [Now...if only there were a way to print them off an Android!]

Thanks for the generous giveaway!

Using my iPhone more and more because it's always with me. Now I need to get going with these great ideas!

I really like taking pictures of the everyday moments.

Everyday moments that mean sth to me or my family. Also, things that make me happy and that i'd like to share with friends.

Instagram is my favorite iPhone app!

I love taking pictures of every day events, and I also love giving sneak peaks of what I'm working on, scrapbook wise, before I blog them.

My Instagram feed is filled with pics of my son, various flowers and plants, and some other things I love like books, my bike,a nd my camera. It's so fun!

I love, lurve, loaf instagram :) I admit, I don't really participate in the social side of it, but I take, print, and scrap my photos all the time!

PS: I love that album! So adorable!

I love to take photos of the little girl I babysit so her mom doesn't miss out on the daily activities and funny moments.

Yeah! I love to take sceneries and everyday life events!

cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

I don't currently use Instagram . . . but I'm tempted!

Love instagram for those every day moments that are happening this summer!! So many things to take pictures of!!

I love the idea of Instagram and just downloaded the app. I will probably use it to take photos of friends and family.

Carol B

Love this APP!! It's my favorite on my iPhone! Love taking photos of my children, everyday moment in our life!

I usually use instagram to take pictures of what I eat.

How great to have an instagram week! Totally addicted to Instagram for Project Life and artsy photos for my layouts. Love the filters and frames!

I love taking pics. of crafts or just fun things that I am doing!! Thanks for the chance to win these goodies!!

I love taking pictures of my cat, Tebo.

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