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Monday, July 30, 2012


WHat a creative card! Ingenious! LOVE IT!

I must say that last year our little road trip up to DC was a blast I actually still have to scrapbook it EEK I did have a little journal where I documented and put pictures of our trip but I need to give it some justice! Thanks for the chance.

I love Mexico and especially the Mayan Riveria. I would live there if I could. Now I can't wait till my boys are old enough to take them there, oh think of the scrapbook pages from that trip. : )

I agree holidays are all about taking pretty pics to scrap! Great projects - I love this line!

Three years ago, my sister and I went to a resort in Mexico for a few days on the beach. We had a great time there, soaking up the sun, but the bonding lasts to this day! Plus, it's my favorite scrapbook I've ever created.

My trip to Ireland last year was a life long dream. Would love to go again.

i love the vacay card! how cute!
I would love to go to USA!! there are so many fun things to do, great places to see and most of all.. lots of SCRAPPY goodness!!

I would love to take a road trip to Yellowstone National Park to go camping and hiking and then travel to the Grand Canyon.

I just got back from an amazing vacation to New England (New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Massachusetts)!

My favorite vacation would be anywhere a cruise will take us. Such an easy way to travel and see so many different places.

My favorite vacation was one spent with my boyfriend at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. We had so much fun beng silly and enjoying all the park had to offer. Disney World is truly the happiest place on Earth!

My last vacation was to San Diego and it was AWESOME!

My husband and I hit our 10 year anniversary this November and have been looking at cruises. I would love to take a Mediterranean cruise!

What an awesome card!! Also love the layout. We went on a CA vacation several years ago. First Disneyland then Coronado Beach. What a great time we all had!! Shoreline would be perfect to scrap this trip!!

We went to Sweden in 2003, it was do much fun! We plan to take our daughters in several years and take the train up past the arctic circle. Love this collection! Would be perfect for our trip in a couple weeks!

Our fave is always going home to hawaii where the living is easy and aliha spirit looms everywhere.

My dream vacation is a cruise around the world but I didn't have enough money for that. Our last vacation to new york and miami with a little bahamas cruise was very perfect!

Both fabulous projects! Love the titlework on your layout!!

Haven't been on any big vacations here but my daughter and I do have an annual trip to the cottage with friends that is an amazing time!! Something about the cottage that just makes you relax and recharge!! The Shoreline collection would be perfect for scrapping about it! Thanks for the chance to win!

We were supposed to go on vacation this year to Indiana and Ohio but my daughter's marching band director switched band camp to our vacation week. We are totally bummed. On the bright side, I get a week to do a lot of scrapbooking.

my favorites were Maui and Hawaii...dreaming of going back :)

My favorite vacations were this year's trip to the Western Caribbean (thanks mom and dad) and a trip we took previously with our kids to Disneyworld.

I love Chile!. I went in 2007 and 2008...and I would like to return every year!!!
Thanks for the chance!


We spent 18 months in the DC area and used the opportunity to take a 3 week trip up the coast to Maine and back with our kids. Once in a lifetime experience and absolutely fun and beautiful places along the way.

My favorite vacation was when my husband and I went to Alaska! It was a blast. We are now gearing up to take a 2 week road trip cross country before we move to Hawaii. I think this will be our next big vacation! 3 years in paradise! I will take it! :)

Last year my husband and I made a last minute trip to Alaska - it was awesome!

One day I like to travel to Ibiza! Why? Because of the name of this spanish island!

I would love to take my girls to Disneyworld! We plan on going next summer and I can't wait!

I would love to go to Alaska for a vacation someday!

Although I LOVE a relaxing island, my favorite vaycay to date was canyoneering in Zion's slot canyons...meaning I dangled from a rope and conquered MANY of my fears!

My favorite vacation is this past April-my husband, daughter and I took a trip to Disneyland and just had a nice, relaxing time! It was also the first time she smiled at a character for a photo :)

My favourite has got to be the trip my sister won to New York City! Best trip ever! Would love to travel to other big cities in America! Love the Shoreline collection!

I am going on my dream vacation in September to Italy and I can not wait!

I LOVE that gorgeous card and your cute LO!!! We're planning a family trip to take our son to Disneyland!!! I LOVED going to Disneyland as a kid!!! Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful prize!!

I love the layout & that card is fantastic. My favorite vacation was when we went to Yellowstone Natl. Park.

I'd love to travel around Europe one day!

Our recent cruise through Alaska was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! We spent 2 weeks enjoying the animals and scenery.

I would like to go to Europe--not sure which countries yet. Well, to be honest, I'd LIKE to visit all of them.

I have loved all of my trips to Hawaii. I work 3 jobs, so it is nice to just relax in a beautiful setting.

Love the Shoreline collection! Our next family vacation will be LegoLand...we can't wait!

Any time we visit NYC the four of us just LOVE it!! What a great city.

This summer we escaped to little hotel called Montiboli in the village of Villa Joyosa in Spain and it was perfect! Shoreline is perfect to scrap this kind of beachdestinations...

I love holidays and I Love scrapping them even more when I get home!!! My favorite holiday so far was when my family, parents and brother all went to Disney Florida for my mum's 60th birthday - she is SUCH a kid at heart!!! Loving this shoreline collection :-) x

Favorite vacation is always Hawaii, especially last year when we went with my brother and sister and their families!

My husband and myself rode our Harley motorcycle for 3000 miles, went to Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Custer Park, all over that area. Great time!
Carla from Utah

Been lots of really cool places, but one of the next ones that I'd like to visit is the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

My favorite vacation was a month-long, 11-country tour of Europe in 2010. It was amazing! I can't wait to use Shoreline for my Greece pictures!

It's been a long time since we have been on an actual vacation.......but we live so near the Smokey Mtns that anytime we go up there and get away even for a few hours it's like a vacation :) My best trip recently was to the lake where we spent all day and then went off the beaten path and looked and some places not a lotta people know about....finished the day off with a picnic and had a blast!!

Favorite place was Siesta Key with the family a few years ago! Want to go back!

This summer I went to Italy with my family and boyfriend - without a doubt an amazing holiday :)My next dream is to go to Berlin this summer.

I was lucky enough to get to tag along with my hubby to Hungary last year when he went for work. I did have to spend my first three days in a little tiny farming town, but we did take an extra two days to spend in Budapest. It was a once in a lifetime kind of trip.

My favourite spot is London and i´m going there this fall with my three daughters and it will be fab!! So much fun and shopping, YAY:-)

I'd love to go to London and Paris with my husband to see some heavy-duty history and the fabulous museums and art!

I love to go on cruises. It's a great way to visit many places while staying in the same room (cabin)!

I love heading up for a relaxing beach vacation in Maine!

We just got back from a family road trip that was tons of fun but now I would love a vacation from my vacation and Martha'a Vinyard would be fabulous:)

Best vacation ever- 10 days in London followed by a jaunt across Ireland... literally the entire country. It was amazing!!!

I would love to go to Scotland. Traipsing along hiking path and wandering through old castles. Priceless. Thanks.

We got back from a week-long vacation to San Diego on July 1. Fabulous weather, fun stuff to do in the area! (And Shoreline would be perfect to scrap our beachy photos!) thanks for the chance to win. :)

My favorite vacation was a family trip (12 of us) to the Cayman Islands for 2 weeks. We swam, snorkled, parasailed went fishing & conch diving as well as festivals and had lots of family fun.

My East Coast Cruise from NY to Quebec where I got a chance to see where my grandmother was born along with all the wonderful US history in the ports we stopped at

My most recent fave vacation was going on a cruise to the Bahamas!

My favorite vacation is when I go to Seattle to see my daughter. I love it there and we have such a great time.

I have been on some great holidays but would still love to visit Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal...Then I can cross that off my bucket list!!!

My favorite vacation was a trip to Disney and Harry Potter World before my Dad left to serve in Iraq. Now that he is back we are leaving for the beach in less than a week!

When I was 15 my mother took me backpacking through Europe. That says alot about my mother - how many moms would do that? And how many 15 year-olds would like to go with their mother? We had an awfull and awesome trip in so many ways that we both slap our knees laughing still today 20 years later... :D

I would just love to go to Europe!

A few years ago we took a family vacation. My son was turning 21 and wanted to go to Vegas! So him, his sister (25) and us went to Vegas for a couple of days then rented a car and headed to the grand Canyon. our last stop was Phoenix where DD lives. It can such fun traveling with adult children!!

I would love to visit Disneyland this summer. They have just opened Carsland and updated their new entrance. So wish I could see all of the changes! Thanks for the chance!

I want to use this collection to make mini albums with memories of beach, hiking, camping and boardwalk with my friends and her girls who are visiting the US from Taiwan for gifts. Hope we all remember these fun moments.

I lived in Vancouver for a long time and I would love to go back with my hubby and two boys to show them how beautiful it is over on that side of Canada !!! Beautiful layout and card,love the title work !!! and I would love to play with the Shoreline collection !!!!

No vacation for us this year - but I would love to rent a cottage on the beach in Maine for a month. I've never been there, but it sounds like total relaxation to me!

We have had lots of mini vacations this year going to the beach in our travel trailer. But we have booked a cruise for next February. The boys are going to be so excited. It will be our first cruise. Can't wait!!

My favorite vacation was from childhood when we would spend weeks on Fire Island, NY in a beach house we rented! So fun!

Carol B

I would love to go on vacation to Cancun Mexico & to Las Vegas! I haven't ventured outside of Canada and when I get the chance I'm definitely going to those two places first!

I've wanted to go to Hawaii for a while now, but I don't travel very often. However, my daughter just mentioned wanting to go to Hawaii out of the blue (she's 6)- we've never spoken about it before or anything- so I think it may be a sign to figure it out and get ourselves there sometime soon! Time to take a risk and have a great adventure!

OHHH! Super fun projects shared today-esp. that enjoy card! I have enjoyed going on many vacations since I've been married (5 years ago). We go on a honeymoon every year--this year is the Bahamas! I hope next year we can go to Egypt!! THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

Anywhere with a beach is good for entertaining the boys forever.

favorite vacation was a vacation with my extended family. fun to watch all the cousins hang out together and bond.

I will love to go to Italy for vacations with my family in a near future. My grandmas family was from there and I always want to go and visit.

my favorite vacation was to Costa Rica with my immediate family a few years ago- totally unplugged and relaxing!

our fave vacation was when my hubby and I went to Australia and New Zealand together with NO kids!!! its was amazing!!! I'd love to go to Fiji someday!!!

Love that card! I traveled to Europe my Freshman year of college (a week in Italy and a week in Paris). It was the most amazing time, and I would love to share it with my husband and daughter.

Love Paris!

I'd love to win Shoreline to scrap photos about our vaction at a beautiful lake in Quebec, Canada last year and the ones I plan to take next week!

Hoping to snag a week at the beach at the end of August!

Any trip that involves a National Park is a vacation for me!

A road trip across the country was one of the best vacations my husband and I have been on...so many amazing memories!

My favorite vacation was the last family vacation we took in 1999. We drove out West, with no agenda, stopping along the way when we found something interesting. Lots of fun!

We just had a reverse vacation where everybody came out to visit us and I got To play the tourist locally.

My favorite vacation is the trips to Italy we've taken

My all time favorite vacation was when we spent a week in San Diego with my DH and 3 kids! It was so nice to just lay around on the beach and not be racing around at an amusement park, and spending some real, uninterupted quality time with our kids!

I would love to go back to Hawaii. It was certainly one of the best vacations I've ever been on.

My favorite vacation was our land and sea cruise through Alaska three years ago.

I would love to go to Japan Disneyland together with my husband and son or maybe at Camotes Island at Bohol, Philippines - great beach!.

My favorite vacation I've been on is probably our sunny and relaxing week in Cabo, Mexico...lots of lounging around beaches and pools and morning yoga at the resort fitness center!

My all time dream vacation would take place in Japan!!!

One of my favorite vacations is a yearly trip to Seattle. My friend, Tammy, is a great hostess :) She always plans a bunch of fun stuff and we find something new in & around the city to do. I love it!

I'd love to go somewhere tropical with crystal clear water and pretty white beaches!

My favourite vacation would be Bali! I love the beach and warm weather! Also looking forward to a vacation to Fiji

My favorite vacation would be Alaska and Japan. Have been wanting to go there for years. For now, I'll be looking forward to visiting Vancouver, Seattle and Portland next week.

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