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Monday, November 19, 2012


I'm not quite sure what my plans are, yet! But I'm sure whatever I do, it'll be a lot of fun!

My holiday plans are to spend time with my friends and family. This will be me and my husband's first Christmas together as a married couple, so we have talked about starting some of own family traditions.

My plans are to spend time with my family as my son is home from college and that just makes it very special!!!

I will be with my family in Southern California, which we have not gotten to do for the last two years. So I'm excited!

And I LOVE the layered tags in this collection!

My plans are to spend time with my family and friends.

I haven't made any concrete plans yet, but I think we'll stick to our new family traditioner- trips to the zoo and the botanical gardens, lots of holiday movies, and everything else simple and serene.

To spend Christmas with my family than off to Tennasee to visit some old friends.

wonderful collection. My plans first was moving out and having the holidays with my family in my home town but my moving plans get delayed so I'm expending the holidasy with my dad, mom, and sister here. :) We have to decor the house.

Family time! We'll have a small celebration here with just the three of us and then we'll catch up by phone with our extended families.

Spending time with family and relaxing!

Our holiday plans are (1) host Thanksgiving for 13 people and possibly have an overnight guest and (2) have a quiet peaceful Christmas just us and church and my parents over on Christmas Day

Spending lots of time with family!

I'm doing a 2.5K run/jog/brisk walk (probably brisk walk) with my friend on Thanksgiving morning so we can feel less guilty when we stuff ourselves that evening!! Going to enjoy being with family!!

My holiday plans are to celebrate with family and friends all through the season! TFS!

We are traveling to Denver to spend the holiday with my brother, sister-in-law and my 5 month old nephew. I can't wait to share in his first Christmas.

My holiday plans include celebrating our first Christmas as a married couple! :)

I always need more Christmas paper....those pockets would be awesome in my December Daily!

With my birthday being only a week before Christmas, my holiday season is busy, busy, busy seeing lots of friends and family to celebrate it all!

We'll be hosting our parents this year and if all goes as planned, it'll be our 5yr old's 1st Christmas at home.

AHHH! Love the puffy mini stickers!

I think we'll be skiing on Thanksgiving and Christmas this yr!

This collection is so cute! I'll be spending the holidays with my family and my boyfriend.

I plan to survive, and of course enjoy my fair share of egg nog and hot chocolate.

We'll be traveling back home for the holidays! Love this line.

We are spending Thanksgiving at home - my parents will come over for dinner, and then my older sister flies in the next day for the weekend. For Christmas, we'll drive to the in-laws for Christmas Eve, come home that evening, and then do Christmas morning home before heading over to my parents....my whole family is coming in, so there will be lots of chaos and lots of fun!

We are staying home so our boys can enjoy the magic in our own home this year!

getting together with family! thanks!

just spending time with my little family, love this line! thanks for the chance!

Just to spend time with my family. Get into the holiday spirit earlier this year is my greatest wish.

My plan is to try and have both sides of the family (mine and my boyfriends) together for Christmas so no one is home alone. We love Christmas so much and have so very much to be thankful for this year! Thanks for the chance to win - I promise to share with my BFF if I win ;)

I am not sure exactly what we will be doing... we could be celebrating Christmas in the hospital having our second baby as she is due right around Christmas! It will be extra exciting this year :)

Thanks for the chance.
Chelsea C

I am so excited for Christmas to get here because my son, DIL and 2 granddaughters are coming to Florida to spend Christmas with us.The baby just turned a year old so it will be a magical time. I would love to use this collection to scrap the memories. I especially love the kraft sheets.

My daughter and husband have talked me into a new holiday adventure - a trip to a tree farm to cut our tree. I can't wait to see the pictures and scrap the event.

What a cute holiday collection! Our plans are just to spend lots of time together as a family and enjoy our holiday traditions! The best!

christmas this year is with my mr.'s family and they like to travel so we'll be in puerto rico this year!

Everyone's heading over to my mom's house this year--always fun to have the kids together! Thanks for a great giveaway!

My plans this Christmas are to spend lots of time with friends and family. We'll be having dinner with my sister and her family. Love this time of year!!

My husband and I are spending the hi days in NY with my family!

family time in the mountains :)

our plans for Christmas aren't finalized yet, but they involve spending lots of time with family and friends -- and even a wedding!

We'll be home for Christmas, and I'm looking forward to having some time off to catch up on a few crafty projects then! :)

I bought two turkeys yesterday for a total of 30 lbs. We are hosting dinner on the 24th and the 25th so lots of cooking at home is on the horizon! Thanks for the chance to win.

Beautiful layout and card made with this fabulous collection. Our holiday start Dec 19, we will be home for Christmas to spend time with family and on the 26th we (DH & kiddos) are taking a mini family vacation to a state park here in Texas.

Family, family, and more family. I can't wait to eat together, watch movies, see the lights, and cuddle up for the holidays.

My plans are to spend time with my family:) Great line, I love the tags!

just my darling hubby and i celebrating a cozy and romantic xmas together and my hubby is going to make an amazing cake for us to enjoy

Thanks for the chance to win!

Our plans are as usual: to celebrate with my Mom, siblings and my Sister's family. :)

Very fun colors in this collection. We spend time with our family during the holidays.

oh wow stunning line!!! LOVE the papers, the thickers, of course and great remarks embellies!!!

this holiday we are going on a family trip the day after christmas and I can NOT wait!!! just our family together

Probably a quiet Christmas with just my husband. The family is getting together for Thanksgiving. I guess I'll have to do all my scrapping with Thanksgiving pictures.

my plans are being at home, with my family, make the traditional lunch on dec 25th with all of my family, and just enjoy the season :)

I'm planing to squeeze every bit I can out of this christmas - so I have already started celebrating :D Good food, friends and lots and lots of crafts. We celebrate Christmas eve as the main event and we are spending it with my in laws. That means lots of good food and lots of laughing :)

Whith my family at home!

Thanks for the chance!


I plan to head north to the big woods of Minnesota to be with my family. To see my brother I haven't seen in over a year. To play dice game and charades and laugh till we cry! To just be with family and enjoy each other!

My husband and myself are off work the week before Christmas, so we can do whatever we want together! And his birthday is in December, so we are partying all month!

Carla from Utah

My plan is to spend as much time as possible with my brother and sisters!

For our Holidays it will probably be filled w/fun activities which actually start this weekend as out Elf is coming back for a visit. We also plan on heading to the city and see all the amazing decorations they have. I can wait to see the Macy's and Bloomingdale Windows.The Holidays are always so much fun but the best part is seeing the magic sparkles in my kids eyes!

staying home Christmas Eve and having a family christmas. Then Christmas day heading over to my grandparents and my in-laws.

My holiday plans include time spent with my family. Wow...this is a huge collection!

Getting both my husband's and my families together while still giving each side their own time with my four kids! And always lots and lots of food!!!

I am spending Christmas with my three children for the first time in twelve years...with 2 kids in the military and one very career driven it isn't very often we can all be together. So, looking forward to it!

We're staying home this year instead of doing our usual trip to the Dells.

This year my boyfriend and I are spending the holidays with our family. First, we will lunch at his parent's house then for dinner, we will be at my parents. T

I love the variety of papers in this line & the embellishments are to die for. It's going to be a quiet holiday season with just me & my husband.

This years holidays will be filled with old and new traditions- my mom is getting re-married a few days before Christmas, and as always we will have Christmas Quiche before exchanging gifts on Christmas morning.

My holiday plans are to welcome my girls home for the holidays and spend as much time with them as possible.

What a generous giveaway! My Mom is coming to visit tomorrow, then we're all going over to Louisiana (we live in East TX) to my Aunt's house for Thanksgiving. Happy holidays to everyone at AC!

I am making holiday dinner this year! Nothing fancy just a turkey and all the fixings!

We don't have any other plans than spend time with our family. It will be great as always.

Spend time with my family...and scrapping too!!!! ;)

Our plans involve a lot of family time and lots of great food. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in some scrappy time too!

I am cooking for the hoards. Then relaxing with my kids home from college. Maybe some shopping, but I hate the crowds.

I'll be home for Christmas (and not just in my dreams) So fortunate to get a week off to visit my parents, sister and extended family and friends in Oregon.

We're staying home for Christmas this year and both my sons will be home from college - can't wait for all 5 of us to be together! My parents and siblings will be here too.

Our family plans already set and we're having them over at my mom and dad together with my sister and brother. Definitely super fun with all the kids together!

church, family, gifts, dinner...all the best things

Lots of family time. We just remodeled our home, so we are looking forward to a Christmas in our new home with our 2 girls and brand new baby boy. Thanks for the chance!

I plan to spend time with my family and to get a ton of scrapbooking done. Thanks for the chance to win. The collection is gorgeous!

going to see my bf in germany!!! happy holidays!

A fabulous collection and projects! Cannot wait for Christmas and spending time with family!

To me Holidays always mean family get togethers.

Super cute, loving the patterned paper and layered tags!
I plan on spending as much time with my friends and family this Christmas and I have a lot of baking planned too!

Love that line! My holiday plans consist of flying home back to Canada so I can visit with my family. One becomes more grateful for such visits when the distances between are great...

We are spending Thanksgiving with family and friends, whom we love dearly. We eat, play games, watch football and laugh all day.

I plan on spending lots of time with our families, near and far!

We're soaking up the sun in Bali! Love this gorgeous Christmas collection!

love all the red and black!

I will be trying to breath deep, and enjoy the season. I always seem to overbook and with so much to do, the month flies by. Now, more than ever, I want to savor the season!

Hoping for some good relax and craft time!

Spending time in Northern Minnesota. We always have snow when we are up north. Great collection. Thank you.

The holidays mean family, food and fun!

Holiday plans? F-A-M-I-L-Y !

Just found out today that I will be having my c-section on the 27th of December!! So we will be celebrating the holidays at home this year instead of traveling to Kansas City to be with the whole family!! I wasn't prepared for this, but it will make this year more memorable!! =) THANKS for the chance to win and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

I'll be spending my holiday season at home and spending some time crafting!!

We are still trying to decide what we will do. I think we will be staying home this year. This means more scrapping time. This line will be great to play with.. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Our holiday plans include lots of family time!!! Yay for grandparents, siblings, and cousins!

We are staying home this year, but I am getting ready to gear up for my annual big baking weekend!!

I hope to soak up as much love, fun & laughher w/family & friends as possible, this holiday season. Oh...and get lots of crafty time in too! Thx for the chance to win this fabulous collection!!

My plans are spending xmas with my lovely in-laws. It's our first xmas with our new baby too. Can't wait!

Spending Christmas with my family at my MIL cottage in a lovely village, having a family walk after lunch and general just enjoying our time together.

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