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Monday, December 10, 2012


Favorite kind of Christmas tree? One with presents under it, of course. :)

my favorite kind of christmas tree is one that the lights work......right now thats not the case in my house!

I've always love real trees, but years ago we switched to an artificial because our boys seemed allergic. Yesterday we put up a real tree and decorated it with my collection of handmade and antique glass ornaments. Then we heard the crash - it fell over breaking many ornaments that had belonged to my grandparents and great aunt. So now my favorite tree is one that stays up. (We're putting up the artificial one this week.)

Artificial tree

Thanks for the chance!


I real one, I love the smell of it! :)

My favorite tree is one decorated with a hodge podge of ornaments collected through the years, with presents underneath, the lights on, sitting in an unlit family room, so the only light comes from the tree.

Well we have an Artificial tree in our house but when I was a little girl my parents would get a real flocked Christmas tree an I loved it:)

Artificial because I don't have to string the lights on but I love the smell of a fresh tree.

Loving the ornament inspiration!

P.S. I love a real tree, but the artificial are easier!

My family's favorite is the one we get to cut ourselves. The kids love picking the "best tree" at our local farm every year.

My favorite tree is the fake one I have right now, we bought it when we arrived in the US 10 years ago and always brings back memories of our first christnas celebrated here!!!

my favorite kind of tree is the one my kids have decorated.

I love real ones....the real trees remind me of my childhood Christmases! =]

Real trees for sure. You can't beat that smell!

Real, for sure. OH - and it has to smell amazing!!!

I like fake trees - you can put them up earlier and leave them up longer!

Beautiful ornaments! I love real trees but unfortunately I haven't had one since I got married over 12 years ago, my hubby is allergic.

My favorite is a fraser fir. I just love they way they look, and the branches are so sturdy....no trouble with sagging branches form my heavy ornaments!

I like the kind of tree that holds ornaments with special memories. It is not the gorgeous, perfectly decorated tree you see at a store, but it holds everything from ornaments made by the kids, ornaments from places visited, handmade, store bought, eclectic but meaningful.

We currently have a fake little skinny one....but my favorite are real ones that are really round- can't get enough of that Christmas tree smell! :)

My favourite kind of tree is anyone that is decorated with tons of ornaments that have special meaning...whether bought by someone or made by someone...each one holds a special memory!

My favorite kind of Christmas tree is the kind we pick out each year in the field and cut down ourselves... we look for the perfect country Christmas tree that will show off all our antique ornaments, along with the new ones we get each year. Our house smells amazing and we support our local tree/maple sugar farm that is completely run on solar...this time of year brings me back to my childhood :)

I like real trees-Douglas fir, please! The best part of any tree is the smell of pine wafting through the house!

I love real trees!

I love the softness of white pine, and I like the structure and orderliness of blue spruce...buuuuut it doesn't matter too much, because we have a good ol' artificial tree ;-) (which, I have to say, I am very happy with!)

I love a white and red Xmas tree with sparkling lights!
Thanks and congratulations for the cute ornaments!

I love real trees, but due to allergies, we have an artificial. My granddaughters come over and decorate it. Its become a great tradition. Lots of older ornaments with new ones added each year. Everyone in our immediate family has an ornament, and last year we added a new grandson, and next year we are going to be able to add another. Lots of good memories from the ornaments and lots more from our tree decorating party.

My favorite tree is the one that I have! We don't do a lot of decorating for the holidays anymore, so some years we put up the big artificial tree, some years we have a two foot tall one (also artificial), and some years all we manage is my tiny white one for the mantle. I love them all, and I just like to have one put up and decorated by Christmas, whichever one it is!

I like my current artificial tree - already has lights, easy to set up and take down, and still looks nice!

I love live trees!

My favorite is real...but my son has allergies that doesn't allow us having one in the house. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

I gave up this year and agreed to hubby's nagging and put an artificial tree. when my DS asked why we have the fake tree, I had to explain to him that we are saving the environment)) not sure if it sounded convincing though..
THanks for the giveaway!

Favorite Christmas tree huh? Don't think I have ever been asked that before. We have an artificial duncan and it is pretty nice. Thanks for the giveaway!!!!!

Paper ornaments. I can't believe I never thought of that before. So cute!

My favorite kind of Christmas tree should always have twinkle lights!

My favorite is the artificial tree we've had for over 15 years!! It is beautiful!

love a real tree, the fir kind to be more exact...ours is a crooked one this year...lol...thanks for the chance to win!!

Artificial that has the lights already on it. It is just more piratical for us. We are having a huge party for my son on Sunday because he will being leaving for 2 years so we can't put ours up until the people are gone :) We don't have room for a tree and 100 people.

Im not sure i have a favorite type of christmas tree, but i do think any kind looks so magical with lights and decorations.

It has to be a real noble fir for us... cut down together as a family :) Thanks for the chance!

My favorite kind of Christmas tree is one covered with mismatched ornaments, each with a special meaning. My mom used to buy us each a new ornament every year, and since she passed away just after Christmas 5 years ago, I have continued the tradition. No two ornaments on our tree are exactly alike!

I love real trees-those soft firs with the larger bushy limbs... But I left that tradition to my childhood and have opted for an artificial tree instead. I also remember the years of swearing, dealing with crooked trunks!! :)
Thank you for the chance to win!!

I love the noble fir!!

My favorite Christmas trees are the ones that you go out into the forest and cut down yourself! Simply the best!

I love all Christmas trees! :) We stick with an artificial tree though.

Cute! Loved the rolled paper xmas tree!!
My favorite tree is real, but they can be a pain, so I like having a fake one.

I love a fresh-cut Douglas fir. But alas, we have had an artificial tree for the past 11 years because of the ease and convenience.

I have one of those skinny pencil trees, which I love. Plenty of room for ornaments and the angel topper and PLENTY of room for presents below!! =D

I love a real tree, just love the fresh pine smell...♥

I love a pink shimmery tree with vintage ornaments!

I love real trees but hate stringing lights. So I have decided to "like" my tree with white lights and gold/red trim, and continue adoring my mother's yearly real tree with multicolored lights and ornaments from years past.

I love me a fresh christmas tree that fills up the room

I love real trees but my pre-lit tree does great! No stringing lights, no watering, no mess.

I love real fir trees, but we have artificial now because of the furbabies. I am glad however that we finally have a pre-lit one!!

My favourite tree? It would be the one in our house, a fake tree, dressesd by my kids.

I love real christmas trees!

These are beautiful ornaments!
I love real trees--just got one this year after many years of the fake kind! So excited :)
Thanks for the giveaway!

I love a fresh Frasier fir tree.

real christmas trees most definitely! colored or white lights. ones w/ lots of room on the branches- not a complete triangle :) & cutting them down in our MT mtns....a must!

I LOVE my Americana Decorated tree!! i USE RED, WHITE AND BLUE and I LOVE the way it looks!! THANKS for the chance to win and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

I love a real tree but with three small children they want to put the tree up as early as possible- a real tree would be bare by Christmas if we put it up early

All Christmas trees are beautiful, but I like the ones that change colors. And with fake ones, you don't have to worry about them catching fire as often.

Carla from Utah

My favourite christmas tree is the one we have in our house with all our special decorations on it!

Artificila trees are more practical, but I definitly preffer the natural tree, love its smell and the natural !!

I love real trees, especially when they're decorated with all of my kids' handmade ornaments.

Love a real Christmas tree. We are sporting the fake variety this year with a Disney ornament theme.

My favourite tree is the one my girls decorate every year with all the ornaments they can find at home ...
Thanks for the giveaway.

I like th Alpine trees even if they are artificial.

Fabulous ornaments. My favorite tree is one decorated with all our homemade and special ornaments.

Here in Peru we used artifical trees. A few days we put the christmas tree in my house we always like to do it together as a tradition.
That's a special moment to talk and laugh.

My favorite tree are real trees with ornaments that have sentimental value! Love the ornaments today!

I love a fresh blue spruce with lots of
twinkling lights.

i love when a Christmas tree is fully decorated. Like the one from Disneyland. You can hardly see the tree branches!

My favorite Christmas tree is a Blue Spruce. It is the only kind of tree we had when I was growing up. I've had a few as an adult but they are very hard to find in South Texas. They are one of the best selling Christmas trees too!!

My perfect tree would be one covered with pine cones, berries, rustic jingle bells, and everything country and natural!

My fave kind of tree is any real green christmas tree because I LOVE the smell of it!!!!! but we have a fake one because the real ones dry up too quickly and a small baby this year, who I don't want eating it up

I love my artificial tree and I decorate it in a patriotic theme in honor of our soldiers who proudly serve our country!

My favorite kind of Christmas tree would be a live tree that smelled oh so good but never dropped needles. And then it should have the lights already strung on it & be positioned & balanced in the tree stand. I don't think they make this kind yet, do they?

My favorite tree is fake with lights that my husband shleps in and out of the garage for me.

I love noble firs!

I love our Douglas Fir tree that we get every year...one of the best parts of the holiday season is after my 5 kids go to sleep..I just love looking at the tree with the lights on..it is such a pretty, calming sight. Happy Holidays!!

Always have to have a real tree. Every year we get a Douglas fir...love there shape and color! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love all of the ornaments, thanks for the inspiration.

Loving these ornaments!! Fantastic!!

I like our fake tree!! It is oh so pretty at night all lit up!!

My favorite Christmas tree is my Barbie tree. It is filled with Barbie ornaments and is so pretty I often leave it up year round.

Neat theme this weak! I lean towards a fake tree since it's reusable.

I love my living fur tree.

My favorite tree is the one I own . It is artificial but it has lights on it . So easy . Thanks for a chance to win .

I love fresh cut Douglas firs, but have an artificial tree with built in lights. It's pretty too and I don't have to water it :)

My favorite kind of tree is one that is decorated by all of my kids - they are scattered far and wide so it is a rare moment when they are all home together - decorating the tree is something we hold dear. I love all of the hand made ornaments and the beautiful purchased ornaments - no designer tree for me - mine is a labor of love!

My favorite tree is incredibly full with no splotchy spots and decorated with all of our yearly ornaments! Mine go back to 1978! :)

I love, and we have to have each year, a beautiful Noble Fir for our Christmas tree. I have really large ornaments and need the spacing between the branches for them all to display!

we have a lovely little silver tree that isnt too big but big enough to fit our current collection on it, it is very sweet.

I love real trees but just got an artificial a few years age. When I burn my pine scented candle, no one knows the difference! Thanks for the chance.

i would love a real tree, but with a baby and a cat, it has to be a decent fake.

We live in urban Australia so definately choose the artificial tree. Dreaming of a white Christmas with a real tree one day...

We love a Con color! It has longer needles and smells like citrus & pine. So pretty!!

My favorite tree is artificial, has clear lights and is covered with sentimental ornaments!

My very favorite tree would be a lovely, fresh tree with that intoxicating fragrance of fresh pine. It would be covered with old fashioned bubble lights and the ones with the big lightbulbs. The ornaments would be a collection handed down over time; sparkling glass and silver (gold, red, green, blue...); handmade by Grandma, Mom, Dad, Aunts Marylove, Minnie, & Malissa; and best of all, the cherished creations fashioned from chubby little hands in school or Sunday school (the big "secret present" moms look forward to). Yep, that's the best kind of Christmas tree.

gotta go with REAL! :)

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