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Monday, February 17, 2014


I really like the glitter thickers! They are so sparkly!

I love glitter!! The cardstock it's my favorite, i can cut all i need with glamour!

Glitter Thickers for sure, but I seemed to have developed a small addiction to glitter card stock lately. I love the sparkle it adds to layouts.

I love AC's glitter paper. It has all of the WOW of glitter with none of the mess!

I love all the vials of glitter . . . but glitter paper is the easiest to use!

LOVE LOVE LOVE glitter!!!

What an exciting week ahead - you can NEVER have too much SPARKLE & SHINE and Patricia has started us off with her SERIOUSLY SUPER SPARKLY layout :) ... I have to confess that I have not used Zazz YET ... I do have a four pack waiting for me to give it a glittery workout on some birthday cards this week.

My favourite glitter product
{{{OK, I confess it's an addiction}}}
is WOW Glitter combined with DIY Thickers
- a match made in heaven!!!

THANK YOU for the chance to win some SPARKLY CRAFTY AWESOMENESS!!!

PS - while I LOVE glitter, my husband PRETENDS that he is not all that excited about it ... I tend to leave a sparkly trail right through the house :)

My favorite product is the glitter ribbon - while I love all glitter (who doesn't love some sparkle?) I like the glam factor with less mess to clean up! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

I am in love with the glitter markers!! they are amazing!

I love glitter, especially bits of the glitter paper!

Glitter Thickers. So easy to use.

Love glitter! Glitter paper is a must, so versatile!

Glitter... PPPPRRREEETTTYYYYY.. Oh that would be so much fun! Thanks for the chance.

I love all of the glittery goodness! I pinned bith the card and LO!

My favorite is the glitter paper! I love to cut up 3x4 peices to use in my project life. Sometimes I will type up my jounaling and glue it to the glitter paper in strips, mostly i just leave it bare. I just love having that bit of sparkle in my Project Life! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

I like the glitter ribbon. Sparkle without the mess.

I love the glitter paper and Thickers!!!! :)

I love Thickers, even more if they're glittery!!!!

I don't use a lot of glitter (yet!) but I've only heard fabulous things about your glitter paper!

It's got to be glitter Thickers!

I love glitter thickers and glitter tape! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

I AC glitter card stock. It makes it so easy to add just a touch of sparkle to any project.

Only ONE favorite glitter product? Mine is probably a tie between the glitter tape and glitter thickers!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I love me some glittery Thickers!

Love the glittery paper:-)

Great page and card! I love my Thickers, particularly the glittery ones- they give such a great punch to my pages.

I love the POW paper. It cuts so smoothly and always looks so pretty!

I can really relate to this post!!! I believe there is always space for glitter in any project.. :-)
And thus, im in love with the post and the giveaway and im totally exicted!
Talking about favorites.. none does glitter alpha thickers better than American crafts and then i love fine powder glitter. And these find a way into most of my projects!!

I love your glitter cardstock!!:)

I love the glitter tape and cardstck! So pretty!!

This is my type of giveaway! I love anything that glitters and sparkles! My favorite type of glitter product would have to be glitter paper!

I love glitter paper! It always makes the best backgrounds!

I love EVERYTHING glitter! But if I have to choose a favorite it would be the AC glitter paper. LOVE that the glitter stays put when working with it!!! Patricia, your projects are awesome!!!

I love the glitter cardstock. I've been thinking about buying some, but getting some for free would be even better. :)

my fave glitter product is thickers!!! LOVE how they add a sparkle on the title work!!!

I love using glitter! I specially like glitter ribbon

Glitter paper!!!!

I LOVE ALL!! http://scrapminimili.blogspot.com

I love the glitter tape in all colors and the Pow silver glitter paper is a staple in my crafting stash.

Love real glitter and glitter thickers!

I love glitter in a serious way! I love the wow glitter papers, and how they keep glitter in its rightful place. I have been wanting to try the wow glitters. And I am a new lover of the glitter tape. Can't wait to see more projects this week!

Great theme for this week. I adore the AC Pow Glitter Paper - such beautiful sparkle with no mess - I don't understand what magic makes it so but I am grateful for it! The velvety finish of the paper is so great and it is super-easy to die cut.

I LOVE glitter! But it is soo messy so I tend to avoid it even though I dying to put it everywhere! (I craft on the dinning table)

I love glitter thickers!

I love all things sparkly! The glitter tape is one of my favorites.

I love glitter card stock and thickers

I love AC's Glitter Card Stock...it's cuts easily and beautifully with the Silhouette!

The glitter tape is SO fun to use! I love it!

I LOVE Glitter Thickers! Thanks for a chance to win some (more)!

I love the Zazz! Glitter glue and glitter Thickers!

wow i absolutely love your layout and card, super sweet..love the diy thickers and the glitter paper love them ..xx

love love love glitter thickers! they go with EVERYthing :)

Oh can't have too
much glitter! Bring
it to me okay, I'll
bling everything!
Carla from Utah

Love, love glitter paper..

I love any and all of the thickers that have glitter on them. I think it just totally jazzes up the page!!

it has to be thickets :) you can never go wrong with glittery thickets :)

I love the glitter paper so much!!

Thickers! Thickers! Did I mention Thickers?!

Love those glitter Thickers!!!

Absolutely love the glitter cardstock!

Love those thickers - woo hoo!

I love the glitter zing - especially the gold.

these are seriously amazing Patricia!

ohhhhhh i love the look of that glittery paper~~~ how fun would that be...wonder if it would work in my cameo too???

I love anything glitter. Probably my favorite glitter product is the glitter markers. They add so much definition to your project.

Everybody could use some bling in their life!!

glitter paper is so versatile. Love to cut shapes and letters on my cricut.

Oh super cute!!
When it comes to glitter, you can't pick just one!

Love that glitter ribbon! THanks for the chance to win! I'm wanting to try some glitter paper with my Silhouette.

The glitter paper is my favorite ! It's so versatile and I can use it for so many projects ! Thanks a lot for this beautiful giveaway !

Love these projects, simply gorgeous. I really love Glitter Glue Set Zazz ♥♥♥

Love glitter thickers and glitter tape!

Glitter paper for me...yummy!

I love alphabets and papers. marta

These are truly magical! Love it all. Thanks for the chance to win these sparkly goodies!

I love anything glitter!!

I love my Thickers! But I have been using the card stock lately!

Hard to decide what I like most. Love them all. The glitter paper is so beautiful, and also the glitter markers. Just want it all!!!

Gorgeous projects, shaping up to be a really fun week! I think my favorite would be the glitter paper, very closely followed by glitter tape.

don't think I've made a card yet that didn't have some glitter on it. Since I'm just starting out with this "hobby", I don't have a lot of supplies yet -- just some stickles, glitter dust and markers. The glitter paper looks mighty "fine". Might have to try that next :)

What a fun post! LOVE that card! I think glitter cardstock, and glitter itself are my favorite glitter products! Can't get enough though!


Lovely projects-the card is seriously awesome! :)
My fave is probably stickles, tho I've heard good things about 'wink of stella' pens & have been wanting to try one...

I'm hearing Glitter Thickers is best so I really want to try them!

I love AC's glitter!!!
Thanks for the chance!!


I love the glitter paper! I use it for tons of projects

I was not always a fan of glitter (too messy!) BUT AC changed that with glitter Thickers and that glitter tape . My fave would be gold thickers...and gold tape...I have a thing for gold right now!:)

Love the glitter ribbon!

I love the glitter paper! You can cut out things with your cricut machine or use your punches. Thanks for a chance to win!!!

Glittery thickers are one of my very favorite supplies!!

I'm totally a fan of all glitter thickers/alphabets. If it would not sound so strange I even would hang them up in my room hihi

Thanks for a chance to win!!!
Ellen H.

Love glitter paper!

I love glitter Washi tape!! So easy to work with, no mess, and I love how it's so pretty

I just love glitter and bling, and being a mother of a very girly girl 5 year old, just doesnt seem like we can get enough. Thanks for the chance!

My favorite glitter product is your Zazz glitter glue. Love that stuff!

I feel like my pages are a little naked if there's no glitter!

the glitter ribbon :)

I definitely love glitter thickers!!! I love adding them to my pages!

glitter thickers. they add the perfecta amount of sparkle to my pages!

Glitter Thickers!!! I love them and All Thickers!!!
Great projects so far, it's going to be a great week.
Thanks for all of the glittery inspiration .
Love American Crafts!!

Glitter Thickers. They always add just the bit of pop I need for special layouts.

I looove glitter so much! Glitter tapes are my new love.

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