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Tuesday, January 05, 2016


Yeah! Another collection from Shimelle! I really love the colors and the metal clips are perfectly cute! :-)

It is rainy and gloomy here today and the news of this new collection was all that was needed to brighten my day! It doesn't seem possible, but each new collection by Shimelle just keeps getting better and better. Whoever made the decision to bring her onboard should get a major pay increase and a big bonus!

Can't decide between the patterned paper (even that pink is a pink I can handle) and the acrylic shapes!

Wow another stunning collection from Shimelle! I love the bright colours and all the encouraging quotes 'Reach for the stars', 'stay curious','let your dreams soar', perfect for kids pages and that anything is possible.

I love the constellation paper!! I can think of many things to do with that!! The whole collection is so inspiring. Thanks for bringing it to us!
Anne-Liesse Ankeny

What a wonderful way to begin the year! Love the colors and the chipboard shapes are great! Turquoise glitter Fitzgerald Thickers are probably the best. Can't wait to see it in the shops!

It all looks lovely, especially the constellation paper!

I love the acrylic shapes!

Love it all! Especially the globes and dark blue!

This is so far the best collection by Shimelle. I just love the colorful Thickers.

Love the paper, rub on pens, stickers, and the acrylic pieces. Thanks for a chance to win. Michelle t

This is my most favourite Shimelle range! I am totally loving the ephemera and the acrylic shapes!

Absolutely love all of it but I think the thickers are my fave. So many possibilities. My head is planning already!!!

This looks like a fun collection. I love the colors.

The rub on pen looks really neat- I think that's my favorite!

Love the bright colors and variety! Great for all ages and genders. Can't wait to see more. Cute rocket!

I love this collection! I especially love all the inspirational words sprinkled throughout the stickers.

This is by far my favorite collection I've seen coming out this year!! I cannot wait to add this collection to my scrapbook room!

I love those acrylic shapes! Great collection by Shimelle.

I love it all especially the rub on pens & the shadow effect on the numbers page.

I love the whole collection - the colours, the stamps, the rubons, the acrylic shapes. All fabulous. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

I am really loving the color combination! The papers are so fun. I can't wait to see it all in person.

I am super exited about this collection! The bright colors are great, and the multi colored alphabet is my favorite. But honestly I just love it all!

I love it all, but the acrylic shapes, the chipboard stickers, and the color range are amazing. This will certainly go with all the pics that I am wearing jeans. Thanks for the chance.

What an amazing collection. Love the colours scheme and the new rub-on pens are totally awesome. I also really love the flair and the paper ... oh the paper, swoon

The colours in this collection are gorgeous! Love the acrylic shapes!

Those rub-on pens are fantastic. And I am still really loving anything space/star related.

Love the bright happy colors, and those thickers are AMAZING!

Love all of it, I have all of Shimelle's collections, can't wait to get this one too!!

Love the floral washi tape. This is a very pretty collection that will work for both masculine and feminine layouts.

Oh the colour combinations and the rub on pens are fab!

Everything! But most of all the washi tape.

Lori R

This looks like another wonderful collection from Shimelle! I love the colors -- very saturated -- the floral paper is gorgeous and I love the constellation paper, too. I love the versatility -- would work for travel or everyday.

Those thickers are awesome!

I love the gender neutrality of it and the rub on pens!

Love the number paper and the washi tape! Amazing new line.

I love the navy blue in the collection. Shimelle's collections just keep getting better and better. They're so versatile.

Wow, what a fun collection! I love the Thickers, Cardstock shapes, stamps and washi tape.

The color palate is brilliant! What a wonderful way to launch into spring! You have so many great new collections coming out but this would be so beautiful in my adventure book!!! β€οΈπŸŒŽπŸŒπŸŒπŸŒŸπŸ’«πŸŒ•β˜€οΈβœ¨πŸ”­πŸ”­πŸ”­πŸŒŒπŸ—ΊπŸŽˆπŸ›©πŸš€

I love the blue glitter letters and the roll on pens. Love Shimmelle!!!

I think the chipboard stickers are my favorite!

It's such a Beautiful collection :) love the colors and all the goodies!!! Love the flowers pattern, the flair buttons and the clips

I love the hot air balloons and the rub ons and that washi tape. The entire collection is adorable! I can't wait until I can order mine!

Wonderful collection from Shimelle, our very own superhero, Glitter Girl!
The colours are fabulous, and the star and rocket images, but my favourite is the die cut wash tape.

Such a fun collection! Love the acrylic shapes, the stamps, and of course the colorful papers! Congrats to Shimelle and American Crafts for another winning collection!

The globes are awesome!

Lovely! Like the acrylic shapes!

I love the rub on pens and stickers. The colors are awesome. Great collection!

I love the bright bold colors and the whimsy of the designs.

Love the acrylic shapes! And the chipboard stickers, and the rub on pens...lol. I guess I pretty much love this whole line! It really reminds me of my childhood for some reason. And I love that its gender neutral! :)

I am a sucker for flair and diecuts. I love the colors of Shimelle's collections.

the midnight blue is gorgeous!

I love the whole paper collection and love the stamp set. The rub on pens looks very interesting to me. I hope you will show how his works.

Those colors! I adore this collection. Plus, I love the flexibility and variety of products like the acrylic shapes. So fun! Can't wait to play with this collection!

I love the constellation paper!!

Shimelle's lines never disappoint!! Patterned paper is always my weakness, and I love the constellation and star papers. I'm going through a big navy phase right now so those are PERFECT!!

I am loving the beautiful papers and the teal glitter alphabet is AWESOME!! I really like the stamps also. Cant wait for it to hit the stores!

I love the happy colors! Can't wait to purchase this.

How lovely! As usual I go with the papers, but I am also ver very fond of the stickers and the paper clips. Just adorable! Well done, Shimelle!

I love that shaped tape but I really really love the floral with the globes *swoon*

My favs are the washi tapes, the sat amps, and the turquoise Thickers! What a lovely line!

I really really like the Paperclips. But I also love the stamp set and the dark blue paper. And the stickers! Thanks for the chance to win!

Love the stamps

Gorgeous collection! Love the color scheme and the fun patterns. And those acrylic shapes!

Washi tape!!,

Yay, I can see lots of things I want. And I love that there is a new colour of the Fitzgerald thickers, its one of my fav fonts.

I love it all! It's hard to pick one thing. I am going to say the flair badges first bc I can never get enough of them and I love embellishments on my layouts.

Wow - I love everything but I particularly love a good floral.

I am just crazy for Shimelle's lines!!!! This one is no exception!!! I am CRAZY for the flair buttons and the papers!!! Those papers are luscious!!!! LOVE this line!!!

So many choices! I lespecially love the glittery camera sheet and the Washi tape.

I like how Shimelle's collection can be good for documenting a boy or girl. Not everybody has just girls or just boys. ;)

Shimelle goodies are always fun but I'm a sucker for alphabets so that would have to be my pick but everything is great.

I really love it all, but I most love the washi tape and the rub-on pens! I can't wait to get my hands on those!

I love it all! The colours, the icons, the new fun products! But my absolute favourite is the blue constellation paper. Heavenly!!!

So cute! I love the flair and star paper!

Love her collections! That globe stamp...oh my!!! Perfection, the whole collection, truly!!

My favourite is the washi tape, especially the flower one!

Wow! I love all the beautiful colors of this collection!

This collection is the first scrapbooking collection by anyone in a very long time that I really love! It "feels" new and original--something different! The washi tape is so unique--my favorite part!

Beautiful! I love that I can see using it for either a boy or a girl. Those blues are gorgeous and the shaped Washi tape looks fun!

Love this collection! Love love the thickers and emphera!

Oh my goodness that pink paper with star trails is just so gorgeous. I’ll certainly will get many sheets of that one. Of course everything else is oh, so lovely too and I want it all. Great work again Shimelle.

Love this line! Am really exited for the whole line, but love the idea of tiny flair and the shaped wash!

Love that this line works as well for boys as girls! Reach for the stars is a message for all!!! Especially love the rub-on pens. Anxious to try one...

I love the rub-on pens! I've never seen one of these before.

This is a supercute pack! I absolutely love the washi tape it is so unique.

I love the whole collection, the color palette is great! My favorites are the acrylic stamp set and the multicolored thickers!!!!

I especially love the acrylic stamps and the clips, would be great for my scrapbook pages!

This is so cute!! Plus I feel like it resonates her style a lot!! I love that the colours aren't super girly so I'll be able to scrap a lot of photos of my son with this collection!!

I am in love with the color palette!!! It's too hard to pick a favorite product, but I can't wait to use the roller rub-on pen! It will be great for planner girls 😊

I love, love, LOVE this collection!!! The colors are great along with the globes, stars and flowers. The rub on pen is cool too. Definitely want this collection!

Loving the flair and colors of this collection so very much! Beautiful collection!!

I love it all! The acrylic and flairs have to be my favorite though!

Beautiful collection...I especially love the vibrant colors throughout!

Gorgeous! In love with the colors, the different ways you could use it. The papers, the chipboard stickers ohh so difficult to choose only one favorite item.

Love the bold colours and designs in this collection.

I like the acrylic shapes!

shaped washi, acrylics, the theme that's not themey... so in love!!

Must have the metal clips and the acrylic shapes!

Love the overall star and dreamy theme, well done!

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