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Friday, August 25, 2017


I have the first set and I love them, can't wait to get this set. It will make for more interesting pages. Yay?

they look like they can be good for anything will have to try them and tell my scrapbook friends about them

When is a card size set of these coming out? I feel like a lot of tools are made for scrapbookers or cards costing me more money by having to get two different tools costing me double the money. Why can't there be a combo set for those of us who scrapbook and make cards? Or combing tools like the heat wave and the fuse? I spend a large amount of money on craft supplies weekly,sometimes daily if I am honest and I am tired of better versions coming out after the first version. This is a billion dollar a year business industry and I think as crafters we need to get more vocal about this. That we will be even more careful in spending our craft dollars until this is fixed. I mean I am incensed about the Cricut doing the faster machine and then a few months later coming out with the new maker. Enough. Please consider the crafters first,then your bottom line.We have a lot more choices in manufacturers when I started doing this at 7 years old in 1967 making a scrapbook with my Mom. I will be doing a lot more homework and purchasing less until I see this is being resolved.Sorry for my soapbox.They didn't just do this because first set so popular. They had to have this in the pipeline just to get it manufactured.

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