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Monday, June 04, 2007


okay you people just plain ROCK!!!

That wrapping paper is to die for I tell you!

Off to bug my lovely Denise at Lovebug Scrapbooking to get me some of that! Who am I kidding? I want it all!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so pysched that you guys have a blog now! Love it! And the gift stuff looks amazing too.. yum!
You are one COOL company. :)

i saw this whole thing at am moore and loved all of it! next gifts will be wrapped in AC.

lovin' the new blog!!

love that you guys got a blog! also, can't wait to get my hands on some of gift!

Just TOO cool!
Here is the new PLACE TO BE ;-)
LOVE it!

Looking great, love the new blog and added it to my favorites.

this sounds like a wonderful idea - now, we just need to get it to arrive here in Australia!!!

I can't wait to see the DT layouts - American crafts is just the most fantastic range - I love it.

Love the gift wrap! I need to go check it out at AC moore.

loved it when I saw it in ac moore :)

Lovin' the blog! :)

How cool you have a blog, love this and love your stuff

Love this little project - how cute!

thank is incredible!!! love it!!!

please, PLEASE make this amazing stuff available on-line...we have no AC Moore! :(

LOVE it.

I wish we had an AC Moore here :(. Awesome stuff!

Oh my gosh what cute stuff!! So glad you have a blog!

that gift wrap is amazing!!!! is there any place online where it can be purchased?

i love your gift wrap!! i saw this a few weeks ago!! love it!

love, love, love this!!!!

Love that you have a blog now! Yay for AC!!!!!

I love it!

this is indeed awesome!
hope this will come to us in Singapore :)

OOOHHH! I want it all but yet Utah doesn't have an AC Moore. Very cute stuff.

OOOHHH! I want it all but yet Utah doesn't have an AC Moore. Very cute stuff.

I love your products!!! There wonderful and so much fun to work with ;-)

Love the designs from American Crafts - so clean, yet modernish. I am dying to use your ribbon along with your new gift wrap!! Looking forward to your blog!!

love the gift wrap..must find it now!

so glad you have a blog....love the new wrapping paper. Awesome. Wish we had some AC moore stores in KY

love the gift wrap...very very special...will be using it real soon!

i'm so excited!!
and we are getting a new AC Moore here! woo hoo! i'll be looking for it.

going to AC Moore TODAY!!!

This new gift line is so totally cute ! Hope it will be online soon ;)
Congrats for your blog :-)

Any place in Utah that might carry it?

love the new blog and very cool on the gift wrap!! I need to find some of that :)

I love your new blog! And I *LOVE* your new gift wrap!!!! I can't wait until I find a store that will carry it. Perhaps the packaging store near me will be interested!

So yummy!!! I don't have that store here :(

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