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Friday, July 06, 2007


gasp it is all lovely!!
loving the paper hard and new thickers, love them to death :)
can't wait! :) :)

WOW! WOW! WOW! I'm in love!! I must have it all....No, really, I must! :)

Yea! More Thickers! Glad to see more of the celebration line too!

Wow! I LOVE it all!!! Can't wait!!!

It all looks awesome. I want it all!

Wowee!! All of these sneak peeks are making me so excited! Yay! :)

Oh my...so excited! Loving everything, especially those new thickers, remarks and newhouse stuff...and the papers too of course. Like I said, everything! Thanks so much for the peek!!! =)

oh my gosh! drooling seriously.

can't wait to get my hands on some of those letter stickers!!

Drool! Love the previews.

I love the remark sticker books, not to mention the new minimarks and thickers. Oh heck, I just love it all!

Oh yum oh yum oh yum!!!! New Thickers and adhesives??? OH YEAH!


All the new line looks so yummy ! Can't wait to have this in my hands to play with ;-)

oh man, you guys are trying to make me go broke!!!

OMG- YOu have just made my day. All stunning products and...adhesive! It's just too much. I love it!

wow!!! can't wait untill this hits the stores!!!

OMG!! tons of amazing stuff!! well done!! ;))

o man, this is just too good to be true! rocking lines once again. CAN NOT wait till they hit the stores in the Netherlands and the fun begins :)


Wow that looks great! Can't wait till it's in the Netherlands!!

OMG I can't wait to get all this new stuff in my hot little hands! and now you have adhesive...wow! thanks for always providing wonderful products!!!

I think I am in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!! ... they are all AMAZING! I am sure I need another job to support this crazy scrapbook addiction LOL ..thanks for sharing -Nisha

nothing but PURE GOODNESS :-)!!!

i am so happy you guys still pump out the stickers. i am excited to get these ones! fun colors! thank you.

i am so happy you guys still pump out the stickers. i am excited to get these ones! fun colors! thank you.

i am so happy you guys still pump out the stickers. i am excited to get these ones! fun colors! thank you.

I love what I am seeing! I wish I was able to attend the CHA and see all of these wonderful products!

As if I did not LOVE American Crafts products before!!!! I so can not wait to get my hands on these:) Thanks for the great new stuff!!

I am in love! I adore Thickers and all the pp not to mention the ribbon sets, ohhhhh so yummy!

looking good! so when will the online catty be updated?

i go on vacation for 8 days and LOOOOOK at what I get to see when I come back. oohhhh thanks for all the sneak peeks SO FUN!


aaaaah I want it all, NOW!!!


I'm in LOVE!!! I can't wait!!!


OMG!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!

VELVET thickers?! I can't wait to rub my hands over some of those. And I'm loving the new fonts! American Crafts is font-a-licious!

oh my...i cannot wait to get my hands on those remarks and minimarks..what fun!

Oh wow, I'm in trouble when this stuff hits the stores! The rubons and new remarks especially! Can't wait! Thanks for the peeks :D

Yippee!! I love it all!

Looove the new goodies .. amazing colours and designs. How do you keep pumping out the fabulous?!

WHEN can I get my hands on those THICKERS!!!! I must get them all!

Can't wait to give your new adhesive a try. Always looking for new ways to adhere things. How is your adhesive on the ribbons?

wow!! LOVE it all - cant wait! :)

everything looks AWESOME!! I love the House shapes!!!

dang! i am just so lovin everything posted here--i am gonna be sooo broke after these products are released! ha! :)

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