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Monday, January 14, 2008


I love every and all albums that AC makes, but that 6x6 size is just perfect for a little mini about something sweet! ;) I love 8.5x11 too since the majority of my pages are that size.

I voted for 12x12...
love that I can put in ALL the sizes into that one album - mix & match.

I voted for 8.5x11. I scrap that size and find that there is very little to choose from for that size. But I do love the modern albums and how they come in all sizes. :)

I like all sizes, but voted for 12x12. I especially love your ring binder albums, so I can have pages of all sizes in the same album. Makes my life easier to have one size.

Please just keep making your albums!!! I use all the sizes!!!! I adore them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I work with the 8.5 x 11... Don't DC them!! I LOVE THEM!!!

I love lettersize the most..But I've fallen In love with a new size for mini albums 9x6..love your albums so it would be great to see AC in this size too..

I voted for 12 x 12, but that's only if they are the D ring type. I like that I can put different sizes into one album!

I also love the 12 x 12 D rings... it holds all the other sizes so I can scrap whatever size page I feel like and I know it will go in my yearly album "no problem".

I love ALL the D-ring modern albums...love that raw chipboard look with a flash of colour! I haven't seen any 6x12 albums by you guys...is that something that's in the pipeline?

no matter the size, i think the D-ring system is the best. pages are easy to turn. they fit lots od pages and they don't come apart. i like that they are sturdy!

i love the 8.5 x 11 size, but the 12 x 12s are fun cause you can mix and match sizes.

I love your D-ring 12x 12--I just got my first one last week. :-) The only thing is they seem a little unsteady if stored standing up (not lying flat). The pages sag, as if they don't have quite enough support. I would expect that with a 3 ring, I guess, but the covers of the actual album seem too, also... I just wonder if they could be made a bit more sturdy.

I really do love your products, and I know I will buy more! Just something I noticed, and your post was perfect timing.

I'm an avid 12x12 scrapper but sometimes I like to break out & try a different size. I love your modern D ring albums because you can fit other sizes into it. I would like to see more 6x12 though, this is such a fun size!

Actually, I wish you had more 8x8's :0)So that's what I picked.
But I've used 12x12, 8 1/2x11, and the 6x6, too!!

I love the D-ring albums, so great! I do wish you had a 9x9 size.

Please, please, please offer a 6X12 3 ring album. Your albums are the only ones I buy and 6X12 would be perfect to round out your collection. This LO size is so versatile and really becoming popular, but there are so few options for storage. Thanks!!!

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