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Friday, June 20, 2008


Cool!! I go through so much cardstock it's not even funny. What kind of textures will you have?

I think I just died and gone to heaven - AC cardstock!!! Wooohoooo

I'm SO excited you all are offering cardstock now! Yay! :-D

Oh no... I'm envisioning myself going totally broke now.

oh i love this peek

very exciting that you guys are making cardstock now, yay!

oh oh oh! this is great! I looove me some textured cardstock, and now it comes in AC colors!

Okay seriously....you are coming out with cardstock? I am so in heaven right now.


Wow! AC has done it again. All of the collections are inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing them all and the creative projects. I luv sneak peeks!

I want to let you know I am Very excited for the card stock. I use cardstock on everything!!

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