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Monday, June 02, 2008


How very cool! Thanx!

I'm so happy about this contest. good luck everyone. I entered too :)

what a fun way to update the site! can't wait!

just to clarify...it must be a horizontal, yes?

Photos can be portrait or landscape.

Is this contest for us citizens only or can Europe play too ?

Anyone can enter!

This may be a goofy question, but here goes: Is the subject of the photo open to interpretation or is there a specific theme?

is a scrapbook gallery considered a company blog...if the photo is in a gallery for SIStv? thanks so much!

Awesome contest...

Can we just enter one photo? Or are multiple photos allowed?

I'm wondering what the terms of "property of American Crafts" entails...does that mean that I cannot use the photo for other purposes such as on my blog or in my photo galleries?

oh how fuN!
I would LOVE this opportunity!
tara pakosta

I'm going through alol my photos now.. although I do have a special one I want to take too! Just for you guys!!

If the photo has been used in a layout and posted on sbng sites. Can you still enter that photo?

Where do we send them to? I can't seem to figure that one out. Thanks!

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