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Friday, June 06, 2008


Oh it is so hard to choose just one type of thicker since I use them regularly on my pages.

I would probably have to pick the black chipboard stickers, "Hat Box" if I can only choose one. They seem to be the thickers that I reach for the fastest.

Oh but I will have to say that I just finished a project where I added my own glitter to the felt thickers. Used a little Diamond Glaze and then sprinkled on the glitter. It worked wonderfully and took no time at all.

Thickers rock. I like the foam ones {remarks) and I keep them on hand in "cream soda" as it usually matches most layouts OR I can alter it to match my layout SO easily. Have also added gliteer before, but thanks to the aawesome ACDT NOW I WON'T HAVE TO! Love the glitter thickers!!!! Great idea. Can't we all use a little more glam in our lives? I mean, really? Glam is GOOD! ;)

You can't even imagine how excited I am about these! Thickers are my absolute favorite - I love how they "finish" a layout in no time!

i sooooo love thickers!!! My fav's are chipboard because i can paint on, but really i love all thickers!!!!

I love the "rootbeer float" in white... I've bought several ones because I love the way they look as titles !!

I'd love to use these glitter ones !!


OMG - do I have to choose? *insert shocked face here*

Um...er....let me see!

At the moment I am in love with the black vinyl Rootbeer Float....but...there is always a but hey...lol.

My all time fav - which looks marvellous on ANYTHING, would have to be the Daiquiri in the foam. :D

Love the new release too - thanks for feeding my addiction some more! lol


I love all thickers....the foam ones are fabulous! I think they are my favorites but really I love them all!

Favorite? Really? I have to choose? I think these are on their way to being my new favorite, but right now it's the felt ones - yummy!

Are you kidding me? I'm THICKER crazy! I quickly discovered that these would be my favorite supply. I love the variety of colors, fonts, and textures. I especially love the price! These babies aren't expensive and that means a lot to a thrifty cropper :)

How could I choose just one!!! I love them all! They are so versatile and finish a LO perfectly. I have a little "faible" for the glitter ones though with two girls at home...

Love all the thickers -but I do have to say that the foam ones are the best- they go on really easy (and can reposition well too)!

But I am thinking that these glitter thickers (I love all thing sparkly! LOL) will soon become my new fave!!!

I love Thickers, I think the chipboard ones are my fave. I just used the Prancer ones in my latest layout and I fell in love with those!

I love every style of Thickers, but I think the vinyl ones have such a cool texture.

I LOVE all the thickers - it's too hard to choose! But if I had to choose the one I use the most, it would be Remarks in black, brown and white. That is a must have staple for me. I am in love with the glitter thickers!

I would have to say my favs right now are the sprinkles vinyl thickers. I like that they have a little shine.

First of all, your going to make me pick just one!!!!!!! I really don't know what I did before my thickers!!! I love the roller rink with the glitter. No maybe daiquiri vinyl...no, no poolside vinyl!!! I really can't decide!! I just love them all!! They are just so useful!!

I love them all! Love how easy they are to use and all the styles! The glitter ones are my fav though!

These are awesome!! My favorite color has to be green...I always seem to be using them!

I love all thickers, but if it must come down to one, I´d have to say white foam daiquiri, they go with everything! and the sans serif font never goes out of style!

I love ALL kinds of Thickers, but the one that I love seeing lately is poolside, and I can't find them ANYWHERE! :(

I love them all - of course - but I am a big fan of the Jewellery Box thickers. Gorgeous alphabet.

Velvet Thickers in cream are my current fave! http://www.flickr.com/photos/brungrrl/2441545329/

oh. my. goodness. FINALLY! i can't really say which is my favorite - besides, now, obviously the GLITTER that i have been waiting for! - but my lss literally has a wall of letter stickers and every single time i'm stuck for a title i think of that wall and every single time i go in the store i buy at least one package of thickers. i think i need a 12 step program. seriously.

Right now my favorite Thickers are the foam ones. But ask me tomorrow and that could change!

I really love all the Thickers but if I was forced to choose one it would have to be Shoebox in black. :)

I love them all! I think the vinyl ones are really cool.

Sue in Alexandria VA

are you kidding???!! Like it's possible to choose a favorite thicker! These are all too too amazing!! I love the fonts and the colors. I am so happy you're making newer colors. This was i can collect them all. Honestly a layout without a thicker looks empty to me!! I love LAX and sprinkles in black and white so much. classic and fun together! what more can you ask for?

I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't used Thickers yet :0
But I LOVE seeing them on projects and they've been on my 'wish list' for a while now :)
I think the glitter ones are going to be fast faves!

I think the Sprinkles Vinyl Thickers are my favorite, but the the glitter ones may take their spot soon. ;)

I don't know how I can really pick my FAVORITE thicker because I love them all, however I use the chipboard hatbox in white most often. I paint on them to match my layouts or heat emboss them or even coat them in glitter. I can't get enough thickers!

so pretty! my favourite are all the foam ones!!

OMG I love them all!! Lately I've been using a lot of the vinyl Thickers in the bright colors. But I can't wait to get some of these new ones!!

choose!??!?! mmmm....the felt ones!!!

Thickers make creating a fantastic page easy!! They really get my creative thoughts flowing and I LOVE GLITTER!!!!!!!!

Thickers make me smile. :) My favorites are probably the black chipboard, any font - they are SO versatile, and I love the little bit of dimension they lend to a layout. The glitter Thickers look like enormous fun!!

I really like Thickers, but if I had to choose the only one, I prefered Rootbeer Float. On the other hand, I believe that Glitter quickly goes surpassed these last ones.


If I had to choose probably Remarks or Prancer in white chipboard because they are so easy to alter.

I can't just choose one Thicker to be my favorite. I love them all - love the dimension they add to my pages. Love the different fonts I have to choose from. I guess if I had to pick though, I'd have to go with vinyl. They just have the coolest look to them.

THEY ARE ALL MY FAVORITE! Well in reality I love, love, love the velvet Thickers. Seriously you cannot go wrong with Thickers. The only suggestion I can offer is that you need to produce more, more textures, more colors, more fonts, just more. MORE!

Oh my god....glittermania!! YAY!!! My fave atm is the poolside vinyl sticker...I thought it looked funny at first but soon realized it's potential :D Also, platforms is another font I thought was a lil too weird at start but I lovelovelove it now...! Can't wait for the new ones!!

I don't think I can pick just one! I really love all of them but if I have to pick one, I guess it would have to be the vinyl ones. They just add something different to your page. The glitter ones may be a close second!

I too love all thickers but have a sweet spot for the foam ones :)

Well, I think these might be now. Going to have to track them done, 'specially the sprinkles font.

well, i am a chipboard thicker!
and i love the gift box font!!!
but that's only if i really have to choose just one!

My current favorite is "vinyl- sprinkles-in orange"... the font is not too serious nor too childish and the color is so cheerful and the vinyl is a really versatile material [good for Spring or Winter pages].

my fav thickers would have to be the vinyl....lovin' the poolside font!!

I love all of the thickers, but my favorite is the plain & simple gift box chipboard. Just perfect!

Love them ALL - impossible to pick only one!

I don't have a favorite, they are all great!

only one type??? hmmm, difficult!! ;)i LOVE the chipboard stickers - especially *gift box*, green a the spring and summer!!
btw; they are more eyecatching in glitter!! ;)

I love ALL the various Thickers--but my all time favorite font is Daiquiri foam thickers. Loving these new Glitter alphas!!! Lisa

I love the green Poolside vinyl ones...great colour, texture, and such a cool font!

Ohhh how I love thickers!
Right now my faves are the Foam Daquiri Remarks. I have used them on about 5 or 6 projects in a row now.
And all that glitters is gold, so I am reallly wanting those glittery thickers. Those are gorgeous!

My fave thickers is...well all of them really!! But my real real fave is any of the vinyl thickers! I just love these and each of the fonts they are available in!

Shoebox has always been my fave...glitter, foam, whatever!! it's easily the most versatile font i own!!


i'm still in love with some of the original ones. but, any thicker is a good thicker in my book.

That's hard...I love all thickers, but I think my favorite is gift box in black, just because they go with everything.

I can't wait to get my hands on some glitter thickers :)

I love all of them really, but I am partial to the foam ones, the vinyl ones and especially the glitter ones. just love them!!!

Oh My Word!!!!!!!!
Have to say..I do believe the glitter thickers are going to be my fav...look at that sparkle and shine-sweet!!!

Oh please don't make me choose! I've bought some of all of them. I love the straight stickers, foam, chipboard, & even the vinyl. I'm obsessed!!!!

I love the vinyl thickers, the foam thickers, the felt thickers, and so on and so on and so on... but I really think my favorite is the vinyl thickers!

I love sans-serif fonts, so the new glittery Shoebox Thickers are my favourite!

Thickers + Me = scrapbooking happiness

Thickers + Me + GLITTER = Hold. The. Phone.


My favorite thickers are vinyl sprinkles in red. They are so happy and look perfect on the pages featuring my kiddos!

i just love the foam thickers...any kind! i just love the feel of them.

Definitely the "Sprinkles" font! Any color will do but I am absolutely head over heels IN LOVE with the new green glitter (have a slight thing for green...)

Great job keeping these awesome products new and exciting! Already looking forward to the next release!

all of the thickers are awesome! so hard to pick a fav! love the chipboard ones! but the glitter will, im sure, soon become my fav!

Right now my fave thickers are the glitter Roller Rink ones in black. They really make my lay outs pop!

Right now I really love the foam Thickers. But I'm really liking the glitter thickers. I love all colors but my fav right now is green.

I'm also a fan of the Root Beer Float vinyl letters. They rock! Can't wait to see the glitter stickers!

Lovin' the new sparkles!
My all-time-favorite is daiquiri, in every color there is :) Why? It's fresh and goes with everything! That is probably why i have it sitting on so many of my layouts and projects LOL

How can I possibly pick a favorite? Every time you guys do a release, those become my fave! :) The past few weeks I have been really drawn to the poolside font. Can't wait to get my hands on some of the new glitter fonts!!

Oh, it's so hard to pick a favorite. I guess I'll pick the black cardboard thickers. I love the way they end up looking on my LOs.

Okay I really can't choose. I love them ALL. I'm a Thickers addict!!!! They're so pretty...

Ok, my faves have always been the foam ones, but recently I bought a few of the vinyl.... love them. I'm sure I'll love the glitter too, since I scrap all things about my dd and she is ALL ABOUT THE BLING!!!!!!!!

well I LOVE thickers, like everyone else I know!!, and so it's easy to choose a few favorites, you know, those ones I turn to again and again!! I think my absolute fav is the white chipboard Platforms, but I also love the foam cream soda in almost any color. I am sooo excited to get my hands on these new gliter ones, yay! we all love a little bling!! :) Thanks for the chance!

I really like the foam thickers still. I just love the texture of them!!

That's a hard question. I love thickers. I only discovered how much I love them in the last few months. It is hard to pick a favorite. I really like the glitter ones, cuz you need a little bling...however, my very favorite are the vinyl poolside thickers. They are so retro looking and the vinyl just reminds me of the 70s and I'm a retro kinda gal.

Even though I have not yet seen them in stores, I would have to say those pink glitter thickers look pretty cool!

still loving my black foam daquaris... such a versatile font. dress it up. dress it down. daquari goes with anything.

I love them all...especially the foam ones. I also love the price of these. With the price of gasoline & groceries these days its so nice to find scrap products at such reasonable prices. Thanks !!!

Anything with the LAX font is my favorite. I just LOVE those! I also really love the ones that come in less common colors - yellow, orange, salmon, etc.

My favourite thickers are the brown foamy ones...can't remember the name b/c the packaging is long gone and I think I'm down to a couple of letters that no longer spell any words LOL. But thickers in general are the first thing I reach for!


I love Roller Rink Thickers and the Daquiri Vinyl would have to be a close second!

love me some thickers!! my faves are definitely the foam ones! :)

Anything Thickers is awesome, and the new bling ones are amazing!
I like the Rootbeer Float font the best, but the new LAX font is sure to become a new favorite! Thanks for the opportunity to win some. :)

Oh it's impossible to pick just 1 thicker as my favorite, I love them all!!

I love all of the Thickers..that is what makes them so fun, the fact that there are so many different kinds. Choosing just one would hurt the other Thicker's feelings and I just couldn't do that. :)

i love all thickers equally! they are so fab! but if i had to choose i choose the green vinyl thickers as a favorite because they add such a fun texture to a page! thanks for a chance! jen t.--mjk02@verizon.net

My favorite thicker is the vinyl poolside in black or white because they can look classy or funky depending on the layout.

I just can't get enough Thickers.Bring em on!Love all the glitter.

nice products! :)

Thickers look great; my current favorites would be the glitter ones because they look awesome for titles on layouts!

I love them all! But my favourite is any colour of foam Daiquiri because the font is perfect for a longer title on a 8.5x11 page.

Sorry, but I cant decide. I am absolutely in LOVE with Thickers. I've had different colours and types and love them all!!!

Love them all. My fave now is jewelry box.

I love them all but I guess my fav is the foam ones. I like how you can cut them up to make other letters when you run out.

I just recently started using Thickers and I am HOOKED !!!!!! My favs are the Daiquiri & RootBeer Float Fonts and must admit Im partial twords the Vinyl. Thank U for asking.

Norma Kennedy

I've loved each and every set that I've ever gotten. :D

I do like those green Sprinkles you show up above. I'm a sucker for green! :D

choose just one??? are you kidding??? I love them all!!! and now glitter too??? OMG...bestill my heart

So cool! I hope they have these at Archiver's, I'm heading there tomorrow :) My fave Thickers are the White Platforms - so versatile, you can color them, ink them, stamp them, cover them with paper, I love it!!!

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