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Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'm going with B (Sotheby's Remarks stickers) - very flexible and fun to use!

Love the studio photos!!

C. Ribbon!

Great scrap space!

I'm going with B. I love them too!!

Ohmigosh, Shannon! That is an amazing space. Pottery Barn should come and use your place for their next photo shoot! I obviously need to have you over to organize me! :)

The layout is super cute!

wow, I am soooooooooooooooo jealous of that room. that is beautiful

I'm going to guess she B, the stickers! Hope I'm right ;)

Great space! I think it's c...was going to choose b at first, but c has a lot of coordinating going on, so I think its the ribbon rather than the remarks stickers.


Your room is gorgeous! Since I see so many albums on your shelf, I'm going with A.

I'm going with A! :)

That Scrap Space is amazing!

I think "B" is har fave.Can never have enough alphas. Thanks, ms.cheryl

i have scrap room envy.

I love your space, it's great to see it. I think there should definitely be a few magazines knocking down your door for a profile.
Since there are so many albums in your space, I'm going with A. (even though thickers are awesome, too)!

What I would do to have that scrap space :D
I am going to have to go with A, th album.

I think .B his her fave! =)

My guess is B! And I LOVE her space...WOW!!!!

I'm guessing B. What a great space she has!

I think it's B!

Awesome scrap space. I am sooo jealous =)

Gotta be the stickers! Oh, and I'm totally envious of that fantastic crafting space!

I think it is A. the album. Love your scrap space Shannon!


I'll go with c to be different! Great page, and I love lost too!

Oh. My. Gosh. I am DROOLING. her scrap space is AMAZING! LOOOVE the reds!

I will guess.... C!

I'll guess A. That room is so nice and organized.

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