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Thursday, March 19, 2009


mine are just in a big white basket, laid on their side..but these are great ideas..may have to change..thanks for showing!

Oh how I would LOVE to have three Cropper Hoppers packed full of Thickers! I keep mine on there side in a plastic container that is shoe box size.

all wonderful ideas!

I would absolutely love to have a storage problem for my Thickers! I don't have enough to even offer a suggestion - I currently keep mine in a plastic container that is 12 x 12 size. A girl can always dream right?

currently i have most of mine strapped into the pocket on the top of my XXL tote (cropper hopper) because i cant stand the idea that i attend a crop with out a large portion of my thickers. i'm not doing as much outside of the house lately, so i think i'm going to start utilizing Linda's idea and keep mine in a standing 12x12 organizer or 3...

also, i too like to keep mine in the original plastic sleeve when they're not in use. instead of slicing the package at the bottom, i just peel back the flap at the bottom and fold the sticky part onto itself. that way, the adhesive on the packaging doesnt snag at the thickers and the flap will still hold the sheets in when i'm moving things around.

*drool* i'm gonna go and touch my thickers now....

Oh my goodness...seeing all those packets of Thickers makes my heart skip a bit. It really does. I have nowhere near as many sadly, but the ones I do have live in a magazine folder on my shelf. I like to get them out and just look at them from time to time. And often when I'm doing a layout I sometimes can't bring myself to use them coz it'll mean I have less left to use in future. I have a problem, don't I?!

I used to keep all of mine on a Clip it Up too, but had to keep unclipping them everytime I went to a crop, so now they're in a bag all of their own. One of my friends has a large ring through the tops of hers so that she can just flip through and find the one she wants.

cutting a slit at the bottom is a fantastic idea!! thanks for all these great solutions :)

I have mine on my Clip It Up sorted by color! :) Thanks for these tips!

I love all these ideas! Mine are currently in page protectors inside a regular binder from the office supply store... but I may need to shop for more and get another binder because I see these HUGE collections of Thickers and suddenly realize I don't have enough! :P

Thhhhhickerssss... now let me wipe the drewel from my chin. :) I just store all of mine in a long basket so I can thumb through them easily. Thanks for all the ideas!

Oh so fabulous! I would kill to have that many Thickers! Thickers are my weekness!!!!!

Oh how I love THICKERS!!! I keep them on a jump ring and it hangs on a peg board. When I need them or am headed to a crop, I just grab the whole jump ring and off we go! :)

Nice to read other storage ideas. Magazine containers work well for me.

I keep all my alphas and numbers in 12 X 12 X 2.5 inch drawers and my Thickers go in a drawer marked special Alphas that has all my really nice ones.

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