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Thursday, April 02, 2009


very cute idea!

C'est vraiment trop joli!!!!!

too cute kelly!

I love the flowers... the bouquet is so very cute, Kelly! And the Coke can is the *perfect* touch. :)

these are so fun and cheery!!

omg i love it!

Lovely !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good idea

so, so cute, kelly!
i adore those flowers-so happy! :)

KP, you are just too creative, my friend!
LOVE those flowers! I WILL make myself some. :) Thanks for the inspiration! :)

what i love is that when you've finished enjoying your flowers, you can use them on a layout - so lovely Kelly!

Such cuteness!

Them them Kelly - super cute!!! :):)

What a FABULOUS idea!!!! SO CUTE!!!

They look just gorgeous. I love the vase ;)One little detail I noticed...US Coke cans have 20ml less liquid than Australian ones. Who says the USA is the home of all things supersized!!

Love this, Kelly - and the coke can is the perfect vase! :o)

i love this! I was looking for a cute idea for table centerpieces. this just might be it!

Great idea!

That is way cute..and they'll never die either! I'm so doing this with my flowers!

I loved this so much, I had to share it on my blog!

So super cute!!

wonderful! i love it.

i set a link to your posting on my blog.

thank you.


Aww this is amazing!! If you don't mind, where do you get your buttons? Thx!

love, love, love this idea! a great little "pick me up" gift to surprise a friend with, too!

Hmmm...I was just searching "how to make a button bouquet" and found this. I had forgotten about it. I think Miri needs one of these for her room... ;)

I made bouquet of sunflower bouquet made from plastic.But your work is unique.I want to learn different scrapping ideas.


Oh my, I LOVE this -- really clever and pretty, without being overly "fussy". Thanks!

Amazing idea - going to get some felt so I can have my little siblings make that for Mother's Day. :)

Wow!!! very resourceful, clever and nice.

What a cool and very colorful bouquets of flowers. I love the way you create this fabulous flowers. hope to create my own flowers. thanks for sharing. keep posting!


That spring bouquet looks pretty nice.


Love your work,thanks for sharing this interesting project.


Interesting stuff.I will make a try to do this for my collection.


Its looks interesting.And Its very easy trick.I will make this in my home.Thanks for sharing this trick.

It seems fun doing this very cute and adorable flower spring bouquet. Thank you so much for sharing this. :)


Great idea! Thanks for sharing it. It's not only super cute, it will also help lessen our garbage. ;)

Very creative and probably a wonderful activity to do with kids. Thanks Kelly! :)

Oh, just beautiful!!!
Could you upload the flower's patterns?


I am definitely making these as center pieces for my daughter's flower themed birthday party. A wonderful idea!

Great tutorial, everyone love it.... i will make it. thanks

Amazing post shared by you. I agree with you that nothing in springtime without flower bouquet. I will try out for my home in this season.

It's look absolutely gorgeous. I love the this tutorial. It's really great idea for table centerpieces. Thanks for sharing this one.

Nice Spring Bouquet shared by you. It's lovely and creative idea to do such types of job with easy ways.

Wow.. It's really beautiful spring bouquet. It's look like original spring flower. Great job done by you.

Wonderful tutorial shared by you. I like your way to represent this one. It's really beautiful.

Besides the blog just being awesome, this page is too sweet! This blog is fantastic.

hi can you send the templates

I'm going to try this!

I've got the materials ready: just a little change using foam flowers, hope it will come out pretty!!!

Por favor me manda o passo a passo eu amei esse buque irei fazer lembrancinhas p/ o aniversario de minha mae.Bjus Moro no Brasil,em Pernambuco

better late than never! just found this via mcpop link! terrific idea

Where can i find the buttons and flowers not in a kit?

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