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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Celebration and Everyday lines :) Although I am in need of the baby line with all of the baby showers coming up! :) I love it alllll...

I remember getting a birthday gift in an AC gift bag last year and being totally WOWed by it. I don't see it here in this post, but I definitely recognized it as being the same pattern a sheet of patterned paper from my extensive AC stash. lol

My fave? I love the bright colours of the Celebration line. :)

I wish I knew more people having babies, I adore the Baby line!

So fun! Love the idea of expanding into gift wrap/gift giving - yay!

These are fabulous! I think I would use the baby line for all of my gifts! It is so hard to choose just one...I love them all!

The birthdays for sure. There are always those happening or the ones that are just because!!

oooooh my!
I LOVE the cookies box!!!!
I really need them!

Um, I can attest to the beauty of this whole line, having bought a TON of it recently. It's almost too pretty to give away for presents, seriously! I'm hoarding it at the moment for 'special' people. ;p

I'm a sucker for Christmas wrappings...so mine is the christmas collection! I Love them so much!

These are all WONDERFUL-love them!!

Um, I want them all. :)
Let's see - I could totally see myself using the Celebration and Everyday lines SO much!
Like I said though, I love them ALL! :)

all of them !! gorgeous

Well of COURSE this makes perfect sense! I've often thought that AC papers would make great gift wrap - I've never seen the real stuff in action, but I think I'd go for the Celebration line - no babies or weddings in the near future, but plenty of birthdays coming up!

Please say that these gorgeous ranges will be coming to Australia - they are really great! I love the celebration range - I could see if being used for all those kid's parties we are forver going to. :)

awesone !!!!!! I love everyday gift !!!!!

fantastic, love every paper you use !!

wonderful creations... thanks for the inspiration

wow... your bokes are absolutly fantastic... thanks for sharing this idea !!!

The baby line! The colors are so soft, and pretty, and it has brown hues in it, which makes it suitable for little boys as well... however, my next favorite gotta be the everyday line, the patterns and colors look so effortless-ly chic!

I love the elegant line!

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