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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I'm so excited about the stamp markers and the Ginger font stamps too- one of my faves!

New albums from American Crafts? *faints*

My fave has got to be the Mini Albums, which allows me to make quick and great personalized gifts like this Holiday Gathering album I made for a host,


Ohhh, love the alpha stamp set! That is probably my favoritest font! =)

Oooh yeah. I am so loving all this goodness!

Ooooh... Bea-u-ti-fuuuuuul!! ♥

Oh, I'm excited about those markers! The heat gun is PINK! How awesome is that?

I LOVE the ginger font!
That stamp set will be a must have one for me :0)

so, so fun!

Those alpha stamps are seriously cute!

Love these sneak peeks! Can't wait to see more and see them in person.

Loving those stamps! Cant wait to see more.

Oh. My. Goodness. Those alphabet stamps are gorgeous! And those stamp pens?! Fab!! And the heat gun is amazing! Wow wow wow! Loving all these sneaks...everything is incredible!

I'm super excited about the new Thickers and new markers! Cool!

stamp markers?! how cool!

the markers & embossing gun are too cool!

OMG! Love, love, love! Love the letter stamps!

So excited about the stamp markers!!!!

OMG you guys are killing me!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE everything and that hot pink heat tool.. I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!

Definitely can't wait to CHA!!! =)

The letter stamp's font is fahhhhhbulous!!!

I'm really excited about the stamp markers! And the new albums! woo hoo!

Yes Yes Yes
Yes to it all
You rock AC!!

love the bright markers for the stamps

Adorable stamps and love the markers!

How cool ...ZAP & ZING with a little spice thrown in (ginger stamps! LOL The stamps are all brilliant cant wait to own them!!! :)

wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

Love the alpha with lots of alphas !

Love the ZAP.. I need that badly ! Zap Zing and markers !! Whoo whee

I love that the stamp set has more than 1 of the common letters. Makes it much easier to stamp words!

LOVE what I'm seeing!
SO happy about the ginger font alphabet stamps! Love that Zap, too and the markers? Such an awesome idea! Yay! :-D

Those are the cutest stamps! Love them!

LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to get my hands on these lovelies! I am loving the markers and those stamps are adorable!
SPCC Creator

wow... love the ZAP!! wonder what am i going to do with my old heat gun.. as this is definite must have ...

Oh no...the CHA sneaks start...and I want it all! LOL

I would love to get my grubby inked up hands on those markers! Wohoooooo

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