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Thursday, July 16, 2009


It's between the Jewel brads or the flair, but I think I'm going with the brads!

Uhnnn, I guess it is flair!

Flair, and her table looks just like mine!Yikes!

I'm gonna say House !

Hmmm... that's hard!
I'm going to say the Flair!

gotta be the FLAIR!

gotta be the Flair! I wish my LSS stocked 'em!

I think it's jewel brads!

I got to meet her in South Africa, I think she is the cutest thing ever...!!!

I say A

I'm going to guess flair...because right now that's my favorite. :)

I say B (Flair).

Flair! It must be Flair!

A. Jewel Brads

Yes, the answer is B! Celine is definitely a flair girl and I love her LOs! :)

House, for sure. and let me tell you how FANTASTIC it is to see a workspace - finally - that looks like mine! (Sometimes!)

A.... Jewel Brads!!

I would say the flair!

I'd have to say B. Flair, and Celine, I agree with you, the flair ROCKS!!!!!!!

I'm guessing B... the flair

Guessing Flair... :)

i'm not sure...
i don't understand how a person can pick one.
but my guess would be flair... i think.

I think it is jewel brads for sure!!

After checkin out her awesome blog, it's definitely FLAIR!!

I would say the answer is FLAIR !

Je dirais "B" elle en met partout....


I think Flair!

sure FLAIR!
me too! :)

I think flair!

I'm going with C. House!


wow, you do amazing work :) and i'm guessing the fave is... B - FLAIRS since i'm a little (ok, a LOT, lol) obsessed with them myself!!

I say B. FLAIR (I totally love this one too :) )
thanks for this beautiful interview

My guess would be Flair!!!

I think it's FLAIR!

FLAIR for sure!! :D

i think house!

B. Flair

Since her scrapbooks have "flair" her favorite AC product has to be Flair!

What is FLAIR? (Jeopardy Style) :)

I say B: Flair!!

I am going to say Jewel Brads! They are delish!!

I would say the FLAIR!

Flair - no doubt in my mind!

Celine's favorite AC product is flair (B) ... La Biz La Delf

I'd say flair! She's got it and she rocks it :)

les badges ... non Célinette ????

Flair or House is my guess! :)

FLAIR !!!!
I'm sure it's Flair !!
And I love Celine 's art !!!!

I'm sure it's B : Flair.
Celine is one of our best crafters in France and she's a flair-girl of course !

I am a HUGE Celine fun!!!! I'd go with the Flair!!

Merci Céline pour l'inspiration avec tes jolies pages AC :)

I'd say B: flairs :)


I say Flair (B)!! Good continuation Céline!

I think it's Flair!

Definitely Flair!


I'd say : House ?

I think it is Flair!! Great post about her. It's so much fun to get to know the designers better.
xoxo, Christine

gotta be flair!

I am guessing FLAIR!

Love her style. The answer is FLAIR.

I gotta say FLAIR too!

Flair for sure!!!

The Flair buttons. Glad to see someone else scraps like me!!

I love celine's work!!! (and it is not because I'm french!!)
I think it's flair her favorite product

I would say the jeweled brads!

flair !!!!!

It must be Flair!


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