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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Oh my goodness! I'm totally WOWed!!!

YEAH! So happy to see Kelli here. Thanks for the super fun cards!

That giraffe card is the cutest and most creative thing I've ever seen- fabulous Kelli!!

These are really cute!

these are just adorable!!! loving the giraffe and those spots.

OMG I LOVE THAT GIRAFFE. THEY ARE MY FAVE!! Soooo adorable! Love love love.

Really great cards!!!

those are super cute cards!

Okay, so Kelli Crowe has been a longtime favorite of mine. But that giraffe card is SO cool. I pretty much love anything she makes...

LOVE those cards, Kelli!
You are so creative, girlie!

Kelli Crowe rocks!

Oh Kelli - what fun! These are great! Thanks for the inspiration!

Oh my, that Kelli is so darned talented! I love those cards. :)

those are the cutest cards ever

Kelli rocks!

Gorgeous!! I love it when Kelli funks it up a little! ;)

Fabulous cards, the giraffe is just so adorable!

WOW! I love those projects! Great job!

WOW Those cards are such a great inspiration!I love your work Kelli!

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