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Thursday, December 10, 2009


That is the COOLEST photo on your computer!

Love the pic on his computer!! What a great guy!! Nice to meet you!

Ok Richard, I am from Zillah, WA and I have a very important question for you. Is there anywhere around Salt Lake that compares to Miner's? Whenever we go to Yakima to visit family we always have to stop and get a Miner Burger and shake (one that you drinnk with a straw, not eat with a spoon!) Miner's and my family are the only things I miss about living in the valley.

Richard - your designs rock and your family is gorgeous and I miss your Christmas music.

I too had to comment on the screensaver cuz it's really really great!

OMG, so handsome! great products AND eye candy! Thanks AC!

Hey Joli - You're right, Miner's is hard to beat. I haven't come across the shake you can drink with a straw, but I would recommend JCW's by Thanksgiving Point for the burger.

And thanks to everyone for the comments. The picture on my screen is one of the engagement photos of my wife and me that my talented friend Gavin Cox took of us in downtown Salt Lake.

Nice to meet you, Richard!
Wish my scrap area was as clean & tidy as your work space! WOW!
Hmm...if I should clean, then "maybe" I'll have more creative flowing...nah! LOL!!
Keep up the wonderful creations!!!
Happy holidays to you and your beautiful family!

Richie Rich!!! I'm so glad you are listening to the John Denver and the Muppets Chirstmas album. I miss you!

ps-I see you are by the "girl's room" window now. Hope you are liking that location. It's fun to see everyone come in before everyone else does. btw-you take the best pics, it's so not fair!

Hi Richard! Nice to meet you!!!
Your designs are super!!! You are a great!!!!!
Happy holidays to you and your wonderful family! The picture with the hat is gorgoeus!!!!

Big kisses

Be still my beating heart! LOL!

Nice to meet the talent behind your great products AC!

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