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Friday, January 15, 2010


Amazing, luv the collection, Adobe rocks and I luv luv the Details! so cute and, and made of FELT! oh my gosh, I can't wait to get my hands on this collection!

Clouds :D

Love the journaling cards. The colors and size are great.

OMG Love those journaling cards...and always love thickers!

Again...I'm foaming at the mouth!! Love this collection, especially that adorable flair!!!

I REALLY like this line, fun designs and GREAT bright colors!

i love the little felt accents! so, so cute!!! my head is buzzing with ideas for bridal shower gifts! :)

I love it all! Oh my gosh this line is so adorable!

Oh so cute!

Love the Journaling cards. Perfect for lots of uses!

I just adore the colors! They're classic and timeless.

Awesome! Love it all! Excited about the new journaling cards.

I am in love!!!
I love the "flat" Thickers and the papers are gorgeous!

WOW! Another super cute product line. And again, I love EVERYTHING!! If I had to pick one or two things in particular it would probably be the Thickers and the Flair.

I love that ribbon, those colors are too die for.

I'm in love! Everything in Abode is just so CUTE. I really like the patterned thickers (more thickers, please! :D) and the felt pieces inspired by home...the little toaster and the stacked cups - just adorable!!

I love everything!!! But I need those thickers :)

"Flat" thickers looks awesome! The Details stickers has some wonderful colors, I definetely need those, and the chipboard embellishments has the coolest colors, shapes and patterns!

And of course there's the journaling sheets, love them as well <3

This was a line that suited my taste perfectly!

very cool! ... awesome buttons too :)

those flowers remind me of some felt ones that i bought out so i'd have them forever. that makes me happy to see them again in a different version!

great colors! Love the flair, flair, flair!!!

The colors in this line are fabulous! Love the touch of retro items too!

the flair gets me every time!!! i MUST get the one with the books in a row...i'm a complete bibliophile!!! :)

Love the Flair!

Love the details, and the "Flat" thickers!!! :) Looks like a great new line! :)

oooh gorgeous! I love the bright colors!

Love this line! The thinkers and journaling cards are fabulous!

I can't resist little felt embellies. :-) Very cute line!

Those details are just so darn cute! There's a lot I love about these products!

this is so much fun! i really love the my house buttons and flowers...and i love that paper that has frying pans all over it...too cute!

Fabulous! I'm going to have to start stalking a few stores in February :) Can't wait to get this line!

Be still my beating heart!! Just when I thought I couldn't love another Thicker....wow! This colour combo really calls to me too. Love this release!

how cute! I love the felt retro kitchen accessories!

Are you kidding, polka dot thickers?? How could you?! I'm drooling all over my keyboard...;)

Love the paper on that recipe album. Its perfect-and so bright!!

I can not get enough of those little felt pieces! Yes!

those spotty thickers are to die for!

Those details felties are definitely a must have!

Those felt embellies are so cute! I hope my LSS carries your new product lines.

This is awesoem totally my style lovin it!!

I am definitely a sucker for those glossy thickers! can't wait to see them IRL

TOo much goodness! I will be broke if you keep this up...lovin' the color combos and the felt embellies!

This collection is so adorable! Love the designs and colors. Those felt embellies are sooooooo cute!!!


Love the journaling cards!

Love it all, the colors are stunning, but those Apartment Thickers- they are delightful!!!

love the flat thickers!

Love that Flair!

The patterns and Thickers are amazing! Love the journaling cards too :)

Well, of course I love the new Thickers and the rest but my favorites the new felt Details. So cute! And, I love this color scheme.

I love the color and graphic of this line. Love those flowers, buttons and chipboard shapes in the see through boxes.

Again, I gotta have these details felties! They are just too cute!

I really like the Thickers.

digging the paper! love the colors, the retro feeling and simple shapes.

Love the Flair and the Details, so cute!

I am really loving the recipe binder idea with this line!

I'm a chipboard addict. I love everything chipboard. Naturally, I love all your chipboards!

I love those felt embellishments!!

so so cute!

Lovin every bit of abode!! especially the felt pieces!! yummmmy!

I LOVE this line but especially like the Details embellishments with the toaster, cups, etc. - AWESOME!!

I love it all, especially the flair & journaling cards.

I seriously didn't think you could outdo lizzy's line but I love this too!! I cannot wait to see the garden line!!! I am in serious trouble when they hit our LSS. Xxx

Um. Awesome wow! We moved into our new home in August. Pics have been printed for a while. I was waiting for the perfect product! And these are it!!!!!!

love the colours! The flair and thickers look exciting! can't wait to get my hands on them!

How adorable!!! I'm really loving the chipboard buttons and the flowers. The journaling tags are great, too! Very fun!

Fabulous goodies! Love the felt details and journal cards. Great stuff!

Love the flair and colors of this line!! Terrific! (As usual!)

Love the retro style and the flat thickers!

The felties are A.DOR.A.BLE!!!

I love it all!!!!!!! But, the thickers stole my heart! :)

Oh, Thickers.. How I adore you so!

And, that family recipes album is super cute!

Cute stuff! My faves are the chipboard and felt embellies!

Love the felt goodies! I think it is all divine though!!

This collection is adorable!! Love the journaling cards & the felt accents :)

The felt details look adorable.

Wow!!! I love everything.........especially the little coffee cups! :)

pick me pick me!! I am already in cloud 9 looking at this!!

Hee hee....I am loving those super cute felt stickers! I love the theme of them!


Bright and cheerful colours... I LIKE & cannot resist! My first instinct is I like single thing here, esepcially the paper, the chipboard houses & toasters & the journaling cards!

AC thickers are my favourite alphas on the market! But I also love the felt shapes, the teacups, house, TV, etc...so cute!

More goodies! I love the dotted thickers and both sets of details. This line will be perfect for scrapping our move from Denmark to Germany!

Lovely!! Especially the details stickers!!

The Details for this line are SO cute. I love everything I see here! :)

I LOVE this line, every little thing about it!

Love the little TV - so cute!

Love the "Details"! And from the looks of that photo and the other three I'm hoping the colors of the patterned paper are equally bright! 'Cause I'm loving the bold patterns!

those glossy flowers!!!!! and of course that Flair & Thickers stole my heart from 1st glance. wow. wow. wow.

wow!! awesome line! I really like the Flair!

Kitchen tools and houses, what's not to love? Cute, cute.

As always, the patterned paper. Looks lovely.

I love the buttons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooooo, I'm in love with the felt embellishments! So cute!

Love the colors!!! And love the chipboards... so cute!!!!

Lovin' the recipe folder - that plate/fork paper is awesome. And glad to see journal cards.

I can't decide between the Details and the journalling cards... Abode is definitely on my wish list!

details, ribbons and the journaling spots - im in LOVE! Can't wait until it all arrives in my local scapbookingshop!

Love the journalling cards and the details stickers....and of course, the thickers!!!

Wonderful colors and love that flair and those journaling cards!!

I love those little journaling cards and the felt embellies are adorable!

love the chipboard shapes and the flat Thickers! How wonderful! The colors are fabulous!

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