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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


can't wait to get my hands on these!

I've always loved your albums, and now I do even more!! Can't wait to get one and those 4x6 protectors are so cool!!

I love these and am extremely pleased to hear about the new page protectors in various sizes!

love the new albums-I will be on the look out for them! And what a great idea with the simple 4x6 protectors-huh, how did we live without them before!?

Love the newbies!

Those albums are gorgeous!

Love the new albums...Can wait to buy some...

Love it!!!

Love these albums... and your new photo page protectors are the perfect compliment to the ones that held six horizontal 4x6s. :)

love the embroidered albums-very beautiful!

hallelujah! i've been addicted to your albums for a while and these are FAB!

Love the brown album! And the more choices for page protector sizes and shapes, the better! :)

Oh, these look awesome!

Love these!!!!

Wow beautiful! I also love how you combine horizontal with vertical pockets!

AC has always made my favorite albums, but these outshine the others. I really love the new photo pockets - can't wait to get my hands on some!!

these are beautiful!

I'm loving all of these new albums!

Love these photo protectors. Great for all the photos that need to get in albums, but we just don't have time!

Gorgeous albums! I love all the stitching!

They are gorgeous, like always! But... American Crafts should come up with another travel line, the old one is nowhere to find and it was just too yummy!

Love that you are doing the page protectors for both directions of 4x6 photos!

Lovin' the 4x6 add on pages! Hurry up and get them in the stores!

Love the new variety of 4x6 protectors. These will be great to be able to combine LOs with all the extra photos I dont' have time to scrap. And the new albums are beautiful too.

Love the blue album with pink flowers. Beautiful.

So glad to see some photo protectors that can fit in the album! Thanks for the sneak peek!

Love those new page protectors!!!

WOW! I love the brown one.

I can't wait to find those new page protectors. I snapped up a bunch of the all horizontal 12x12/4x6 pages, but I take a lot of vertical photos. Yay!

Love the new albums -- and the new horizontal and vertical protectors. The 3 ring binders are my favorite because I can work in any order I want and easily swap pages around so that it plays out in a chronological way.

Can't wait for these albums !!!!!

Love the beautiful new albums, and LOVE the page-protectors with room for 4 by 6 pictures =)

eeek, i am so silly excited about these page photo page protectors!

Awesome new designs!! Love everything!

is it possible to fall even more in love with America Crafts? apparently, it is! love this so much.

xoxox Yours truly, Sudie

loving them.

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