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Thursday, January 28, 2010


me for sure...i've been dating for 8 years now and my boyfriend would never make me an scrapbook album...specially not one as awesome as this one...hehe

um, me! Can you send that to my hubby? I would really appreciate it :)

I would love for my hubby to give this to ME!! hehehehe!!!! ;)

I know my hubby would like it...but I'd want to use the coupons myself!

Adorable! It would be perfect for my DH!

Just like every one else, my hubby needs a little (ok, a LOT more) TLC. Since the arrival of our first babe, he claims that he is no longer important. It's just that the little one is so helpless, at times.

This is so fabulous - what a great project to make and receive. xx

I'd love to have these coupons to cash in!!

My daughter would love this coupon book. She is very pregnant and in need of some special attention!

Wow! This is amazing! Cool idea! Good stuff really!

How about me...awesome coupon book!

So sweet, layering the thickers looks great!

Great book Piradee. The best part is that you can give it as a gift and then you get the pretty coupons back once they are redeemed..ha!

OMG, these are incredible! Think I'll be stealing this idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

thanks everyone for all the comments!!
& Dusti.... you're right on, can't wait to get these back :)

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