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Monday, March 29, 2010


I love flair---looking forward to a great week

I love Flair, can't wait to see all the inspiration!

Love how you used the Flair. But...I can't read all the journaling and I'm a Pittsburgher..... so how did you like Primanti Bros?

love how you used the flair :)

What a great layout! Looking forward to some flair! yay I can comment again!

What a great idea! TFS =)

Wow - awesome layout! I would love to see what ya'll do with Flair!

totally tried one of these for the first time last year!! (only managed to finish half) this is fun!

thanks everyone! :)
JPScraps: we loved Primanti's! It was delish! :)

I just saw the movie She's Out of My League last night. This restaurant was the backdrop for an entire scene! How funny to see it on a layout hte next day.

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