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Friday, March 12, 2010


Woohoo! That's my favorite store(I practically live there)!!! I can't wait for the class :D

I know where that store is! I might have to plan a trip to visit my parents:)

Congratulations Lone Star Scrapbooking. This is my LSS. Can't wait to meet Lizzy.

Yippee!! This is my "local" LSS, though it's a 25 minute drive away. But I think I'll have to make the trip for this!

That's totally cool, they are going to love it!!!

Congratulations to Lone Star. I wish I lived close by to take Elizabeth's class. Oh well, the next best thing is I bought a bunch of her (and AC) paper at my LSS).

The Dress is such a great element on this card! Thanks for sharing!

Congrats Lone Star! How exciting for your store!

How fun! I wish I lived near Texas!

I can't wait to meet Liz! Sweet!

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