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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Just too cute!

just love them!!

thank you for the tutorial on the fabric flowers elizabeth!!! i'm definitely going to make these :)

I'm so loving the fabric paper and all the wonderful creations!

Cool! I'll be making one as soon as I get a chance!! Beautiful!

I'll make them for sure I love this tecnique!!!Sooo coool!!!!!

I wondered, after seeing this page done on Liz's blog, how they were made. Pretty simple, but really stunning. Love them. Thanks for the tutorial!

I've been eyeing up those flowers for ages, so it was so cool to see how they were made!! Is this whole 'Craft Room' video thing going to be a regular feature here on the blog? I hope so!

Brilliant video & the results are beautiful. I love seeing all the different flowers Elizabeth has made on her other projects, now I know how to make some :)

this technique looks so easy and the results are beautiful. tfs! BTW...love your line.

FABULOUS video! Thanks so much for putting this together!

Thanks! This is great!

I always wondered how those flowers were made! Thanks for the video.

those flowers are super cute!!!!
and how freaking adorable is elizabeth....

I did hear there will be 12 more! yippee!! My store is already out of these papers though :( sniff, sniff!

Love the video Liz.
12 more ....Hooray!!!

Great video Liz!

Wahoo! 12 more papers. Thanks so much for the video. I can't wait to try!

way cool! going to try these as soon as i find my glue gun...

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These are so pretty, i'm glad you did a tutorial!

These are awesome -- it would go so well with a heritage theme I'm working on - so cool!

sooooo pretty and easy too! by the by...you looked so pretty too! have a great day and keep the wonderful stuff coming!

Thank You so much for this video!! I have been wondering about these beauties!!

ps more videos from you PLEASE!!!!

great video...can't wait to try my hand at making my own fabric flowers!


Love the tutorial on making these stunning flowers! Thanks Elizabeth, the entire design team and American Crafts! What a wonderful team! I can't wait to see what is next! : ) Jill

very nice blog informative, thank you again for its new

A M A Z I N G!!
I'm a seamstress, so I will be diving in and making a ton of these lil gems!! Love it! Thanks for making the video, too :)

I have been wondering about these beauties!!

How would you make this fabric flower?

genia mabelle t e douee bise

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