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Tuesday, April 20, 2010





This is one of the CUTEST ideas I have ever seen!! Plus, Joey is beyond adorable!! WOW!! I love the hat, the banner, and the treat bags!! Holy moly, you hit a grand slam with this idea! I ♥ it!!

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday Joey! It looks like you celebrated in style!! :)


Wow! I did that for our dog's 1st birthday complete with games and "doggie" bags for the guests (her 2 buddies from the neighborhood). Is your dog a Shiba Inu? Looks a little like my Angel.

Too adorable!

oh this is just too cute... my daughter's bday is on thursday, i think i may steal your idea for the banner. I love that you used circles around each triangle!

This is the cutest thing EVER!

LOL- So adorable Paige! I love the doggie party hat. :)

Wow, makes me want to get a dog so I can throw a pet party for it. Haha! What a great idea!

I think he was really enjoying his party Paige! Look how he posed for pictures and didn't shake the hat off his head, like my cat would have done!

This is the cutest....love!!

Any dog will surely be delighted on the puppy party you throw for him/her. Also, the party hat fits perfectly on the dog. He looks so cute and cuddly.

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